The old story of men and their girls making a statement about how my case with Politicians is not exactly clear but we have always known that men are always angry and men are always frustrated and men are always in search of a flesh they can squeeze when agitated and men  have always been  afraid of everything but above all, men have always sought out somebody they can take their problems out on - so the assumption made around my public image that I need more information on the effects of my actions is another part of their insults that need to stop or we will have to decide by what method it does. We have always lived in a society where this is a main feature of male behaviour, it’s just that we have reached a stage where they are on a roll and when I walk down the streets take my small business out of me on a daily basis as well. They wish to tell a lot of that old story of how I am not genuine over my position concerning migration especially from the EU, whilst all they want to talk about concerning theirs is to do with people’s property their eyes have seen and therefore hearts must be satisfied with as a result otherwise there is an evil happening in their society that they will become part of when people refuse to co-operate. So that while migration has always been a tool in the hands of the fundamentally disobedient, nobody knows what they expect the rest of us to do when the Politicians are the fundamentally disobedient anyway; this is usually where they tell me that it is my fault first of all and then also that nobody really knows what fundamental disobedience really is whereas everybody is actually aware that in terms of the former it cannot be my fault that they want to do fundamental disobedience and get into government office to sacrifice my Empire as the means by which economic recovery will be founded with a big mouth that speaks about a certain perverted position they wish to top up and will because they have the power to winding me up all the time as we all know it will end when I cut it up and make the process really cheap so those bad company can follow them around while I write blogs about it too – in terms of the latter however it is quite simple to see that the communities and the businesses and the things we wake up to expect should occur for an economy to exist happens in a condition where we government operatives are not aware that it is; so I find it impossible to locate how Politicians will achieve economic recovery by fundamental disobedience and I am quite prepared for the squander that comes with their stupid women, the access they have to my personal life through  building a version of me that they control on media and a world economy they will build over my Empire with a big mouth only.

Of course it isn’t true my alliance with women is doomed to failure; there is no alliance with women, only people telling me like only they know how, that I exaggerate the level of security that I can provide for others whereas the truth is that they are the ones doing that for me when my Court is free for all – now I have this task of making things a lot safer than they are around here presently and do not intend to be nice about it for my part too. The men do say things are escalating around me and it is utter rubbish as well; there is no escalation only the extreme lack of respect that leads to a process where people go off to a shop to mess with the security guard that is smaller than them in order to attain a sense of feeling convenience has only stopped being amusing – when there is an escalation I will tell them about it; for instance when the need their Celebrities, media idiots and revolution fools and Politicians and society goons have to rob and steal from my Royal Estate on a daily basis leads to a process where their neighbourhoods is in total control of mine and they can do nothing about me too for good measure; I have warned them before about the fact that doing it will always mean there is nothing preventing them from going into the homes of young couples and pensioner and single parents and so on and that they like to complain about the Police alright but I know why the Police do it as it were. So they do need to get off my temper; I like to say they are not my Cat and I have inquired enough, nobody wants them either – I have not got time for their freedom nonsense and even if I did they have taken that all up, need to stop screwing with my Job and my products and try to save the insults so it does not blow up in their faces; when I do the thing where I think about a process where my Dad worked long hours and somebody insulted him for example, I am doing my stuff not their stuff – for their part especially public transport operators, the need to see me get stabbed by a prepubescent teenager who wants to see what a knife does to flesh man will end in a massive conflagration before they put their money where their mouth is and stay the fuck away from me – they are not my Cat. So it will be said I missed the point of questions about my selfishness considering I and Prince Harry and Prince George share a certain social fan base and I appear to be the only selfish one, which is utter nonsense since the websites were created properly and with very good reasons as it were, just like the story of how I don’t want to get along with Men of which there is no should I should when I already share fraternity with the Heir to the Throne of England – they have nothing to offer me and for those who get involved because they need to anyway, nobody knows why they do when they do not have their copy of my Books. It’s like their female counterparts becoming the centre point at which it is said that I try to cash into while being gratuitous towards the Late Mrs Thatcher’s legacy but of course there is only Businesses and Industries brokering and developing my Equities with me and it is more concerned with a Royal Estate I got from the Queen than it is with the fact Thatcher was once a Prime Minister of the UK which does have an effect on my Empire too I should say all together but then again women appear to love their insults so much when channelled at me and I really enjoy showing them that if I were a man they can mess with which is why they love to target me so much, then there is every chance I will want to change that.

So they have become really keen on telling stories about how I have trouble coping with women that are survivors but I would never know anyway, since I have lived with feminists all my life and am perfectly aware it starts out with a need to go off and get some from society men and you always end up asking if it is the one where they gave their bodies and got money in return and soon we will see them return with the scars to pick on moral and religious people and the reasons it happens is because they are pure evil and moral people are being persecuted by them and this is the part that never gets mentioned – so this kinds of stories are not things I have time for anymore, they really enjoy the insults which if I knew how they made would invest in some of mine too but above all, it is behaviours like that which is set out on a regular basis to rip up my business empire and finances and make out it is amusing which is the biggest source of grief for them too. This has never been an unusual matter in a larger sense; we all know what happens is that they turn up to provoke you and then some turn up to get the problems fixed because of their wickedness and the fact you beat them like they have never been before and established normalcy with it and since then Politicians have gotten involved and they have found a means to secure conveniences and get rewarded for every process of abusing you – after which they start to pretend that if push comes to shove, you are not aware people get confused about the fact the ones that fight your battles usually do so they can chase your anus and penis and make fun of you, while the ones that fight you usually want to be celebrities or local neighbourhood criminals that use you to build their alternative careers, so if you hurt people from both sides, they organised a targeted betrayal and you fall in the end anyway – so I have no idea which part of keep the insults where people appreciate them and stay the fuck feminism away from me these foolish women and their media and fashion fail to understand anyway. We see those insults all the time and not long after they want social compromises because they cannot look after their anus and I am at a point now where I am fed up and them celebrities will keep off my finances the way they wish to do it or the way that I wish to do it but they will keep off it one way or the other – I am ready with the other side where I make compromises when I want, so the Politicians can turn up and stand here and do it encouraging crowds and communities to rip up my finances and business because they know where it is and doing so would constitute a convenient option. I have made myself very clear here; these stupid women will end up in a place where I shut down all that nonsense on the left and on the right and empower their enemies to become more than they have ever been, then wait for them to turn up and do that stupid fame thing in my face one more time, so we can find out how it will end too but I would prefer it if I need see them around my Empire and its Book sales and finances again – the reality is their loutish society has always existed with the foolish men that work it too and there is no time I just listen to the radio while I am at work or during the day whereby I don’t end up seeing that all they do with it is rip up my public reputation and my Book sales – so I am well justified about my actions here and would like it if they comply and put their money where their mouth is too. It’s never true I fail to do what I should at the right time; it’s the great old story of the fact women are fundamentally vulnerable when it comes to violence and grabbing stuff but when people see those who have a problem with the idea women should be able to settle their financial well being in good time we claim it’s their civil rights, so I might end up in this position dealing with their violent celebrities as well, while they end up with conveniences and civil rights. It’s the same old story where I am trying to work and people are getting into a habit of turning up at a security job to seek an altercation in order to steal how I may react to it and if they break the body in the process, they will take up the job and do it and I will supervise for my part as well; like one of those things people tell me I cannot do but turn out to be wrong and it is obviously not the one where the company was willing to employ them we are talking about either, so it is how the gang fights usually start as it were. Not that it is the sort of stuff that matters; it does not matter to me because the issue is largely for me a matter of a certain aspect of my markets meaning that I have to settle this problem of celebrity squander and the access with which they can do it and that means shutting down that nonsense on the left and right and making their enemies along with those that like to hurt them more powerful than ever before – it’s an old story about how women don’t want people moving into their right hand to do popular culture but until she has a black eye so somebody can get close to killing a person it will never improve, somebody will want to use her stuff to do things all the time right up to that point; so it is something that is happening everywhere. In their defence that say it is my fault that I fraternised with them without the permission to do so but give it half the chance and we will hear them talk about religious people and their position and point will come through all scary; absolutely no respect whatsoever to be imagined as it were; like the reasons they have come to hate me so much because of course every time I am at work, there are always people that come round to my place of work to play with me while I am at work – general prognosis if somebody told me they had a security problem would be to settle the issue in the neighbourhood because that is where all the security problem would come from and there are only two groups of people that steal things and get away with it and one group is celebrities while the other is neighbourhood thieves; absolutely no respect whatsoever when a 16 year old turns up to make me feel if I had a living room and he knew about it he would be feeling comfortable in it whenever he wanted and then there are the parents as well doing it and raising their children to feel like teenagers that want to stab flesh man that is by the way the security guard they go to the shop to mess with because he is smaller than they are and you can never work out where they get that stuff all together anyway – so I had to leave them with an understanding of what my temper is like and the many things that may go wrong if people feel comfortable in my living room and my chest is about to explode – they are not neighbourhood thieves and they are not celebrities and nobody will know as such therefore from whence they devise such stuff if the story of having a dutiful wife on one hand and a well kempt mistress on the other and screwing with people’s lives and property to find the money for it were to have been eliminated from the picture – so when I am done with work and walk outside to stand at a Bus stop with an Angry racist, they cannot seem to drive their cars by without showing they wish to find out what would happen, assuming it is a big problem when it has always been the perfect expression of how they have always wanted it to be while blaming the problem on others. Their Politicians do say my position when it comes to the protection of vulnerable people and especially women is in doubt but it really isn’t; I have mentioned before the fact the most important aspects of the economy we want so much operates in an area of living that we government operatives know nothing about and they still cannot understand what I mean is that people need neighbourhoods and without it they cannot grow and will never give up the ones they have for anything in the world – so if what you do carries the highest level of risk every single time, those neighbourhoods will get torn up and the people inside of it alongside; it is what is happening in the middle east which we all have the eyes to see thereof; they do get to say I talk and put people at risk them refuse to commit to anything but we all know they say that when it is convenient too all together since any normal person can see that if they are telling me that the fact I refuse to commit to anything is the reason bad people hurt people, they should not be standing there telling me still, before they then get off to make out it is civil rights as well.