Now they say I am a very ungrateful person, which is utter nonsense, what really is happening is that people think it is a worthy past time, an acceptable activity to do aspects of my work whenever they find them and it means that everything I do to build up a sensation that is my Books which is likely to invite people to find out what the contents are is being done by somebody else that really loves me. I found that this is not an anomaly and that it is the main basis on which Celebrities and media goons follow up advertisement to ensure somebody else is working for their money while they have fun and claim it is the pleasures of existence all together. Hence before we go our separate ways, I need to secure respect for my Books, which they say I will never get and it comes down to a case about an Intellectual Property Administrator and not some goon from hard bottle to deal with here – whereby I am thinking anything they do to handle my work will amount to Publicity that allows them to work for me which I can create fun into, so as to ensure the process has been exacted where others are working for me while I have fun – dragging them back to fix the problem is time consuming and not financially rewarding. I do not think the matter is a problem, just bearing in mind that the situation is one where my Books go to highest points of Media and Government where the sales are dead and buried and its very abnormal stuff, since the reasons for the wars that we see in this world are plenty, I do not wish to make my own contributions as well. They say it’s all my people making trouble first of all and then also that I am cynical about celebrities when they are a lot of help for me; utter nonsense of course, since what has happened is that friendly celebrities are always getting hurt by paparazzi that work somewhere between a relationship they have with me, so I turned the whole paparazzi between me and celebrities thing into a team and am about to get rid and replace those with paparazzi that comply with normalcy a little bit more than that. It’s not true that I like celebrities either and the confusion it is said, is that I like celebrities and I hate celebrities and nobody knows which is which whereas the reality is that Celebrities need my Books but do not buy them and want to prevent others from buying as well, need my Books but just want to see me suffer a little, need my Books and attack my finances no matter what they have because they are being cynical and hateful, so I do not like celebrities if I am not liking celebrities that are friendly to me and the media that takes up a position between this friendliness to hurt me and hurt them being handled as well is what they are complaining about at this stage like it is some right they have, indicating there is a lot of narcotics and all sorts of nonsense going on behind the scenes. Eventually it comes down to advertisement I do not want them to make and they do say I am insane since I now want to stop people making advertisement but first of all we are looking at the Marxist block shutting my Books out of neighbourhoods to build up a disposition for making stupid advertisement that cost little and make millions with my public image and as mentioned earlier, every time I explore the reasons behind this slashing of my business empire for themselves, it turns out the main motivation is to have fun in life while less powerful people do all the work – if this fail, then the whole process of Books which is the business I am involved with being attacked ad destroyed will ensue, through advertisement about the housewives that really like me but will not be caught dead reading my Books when they wish to use it to get rich; thus it looks innocent when house wife that likes me character appears on an advertisement on Television but if I do not want it done, it is never innocent or a good thing; it’s me working while others nastiness have fun for money at my expense excusing it with wealth and social inequality while it is really stealing and possibly worse. The under belly of it is usually expressed when I am told that I want to put people down so that I might win a fight against them when I go up against them, which is utter nonsense but even then such claims are usually very rich coming from goons who need Politicians, block head politicians to be exact, to hold people back financially for them, so they might gain some financial advantage that means they do not lose a means of paying their bills when they spend other people’s time looking for a fist fight without reason save the fact they are bigger. A grade Jerks who obviously had it all sorted out hence the basis on which the passed the exams on the A grades and so on, showing up around my concerns to pass around abusive and insulting threats and it’s not just the services they are providing, like when their mothers have to get into a habit of abusing me until my voice is heard on the streets which can be sold onto City centre idiots as a prerogative of power, it also involves putting themselves between the super-rich and everybody else and showing up on media every day to ensure that others do not join the super-rich unless they had joined first and they will provide no other services but; it has always been a story of the fact that no matter how many times you push up peoples blood pressure for pushing your own up as a result of the fact being a woman means there is no imperative to get into a fight, being a women means getting away with behaving as stupidly as possible and she can cling to your property and use such an advantage to own it in the long run if she wants with a big mouth, they will keep doing it – so at this stage I should be killing people by pushing up their bloody pressure but it is not happening for reasons of the same block head Politicians intervening to give them excuses that have a lot to do with social and financial inequality that they think was created by what those who are successful spend their time on and not what they spend their time on, hence they are still able to do it: they then follow it on still with more stories about how I am the one getting involved with them when everybody else can see that every idiot in the local communities as led by queer media fools want to play with me, likewise the Politicians and likewise the Celebrities when I have important things to concern myself with and then they tell me it might be counterproductive for me to allow people develop services of bulling a Church person in order to build prerogatives of abuse and power that can be sold onto city centre idiots as the route to success but I have lost the health with which to hold onto the Public image, which is utter nonsense, since I only need ensure they had stopped playing around with me as one of the ways I can retrieve my Public image from them whenever I wanted it and they do say they have backup, which leaves me wondering what they are complaining about since putting people down was originally designed to ensure I spend time with what matters to me while ripping up the lives of moral people to sell on as prerogative to City centre goons is supposed to have been destructive in every way, getting on my nerves as well – this is what feeds into the claim I am the one getting involved with them when nobody has ever seen me get about interfering with their popularity madness to force them to listen to the gospel of Christ and everybody knows Popular culture is a world away from mainstream living both of which are a world away from an Arch Prince’s Office; showing they know their playfulness is vandalism in the making and it is the reasons they have a backup as well so that their victims might not have a say – it turns out that the purpose is to ensure that their target victims lose something important which if they do not pick up and own will see somebody else pick up and own instead and then we hear them blab about it all amounting to some form of power when nobody has seen me playing around with their grooving partying 1960s to 1980s derived lifestyles nonsense, that is a product of that stupid personality that allows people to take their careers from them at will, so they might blab about racism all the time: I mean they claim I have done it partly anyway, which rather refers to the one about measures that ensure they do not build those popularity pipelines and stretch them from the US to Japan across this Estate talking nonsense about being the lost tribe of Israel as well. So, do I believe I need to keep working on these things as per I have not achieved what I set out to do? Of course not, I have achieved what I set out to do but these are goons who have difficulty understanding that writing Books should not cause my whole body to hurt and feel sore all the time and it’s an example of when that stupid seniority madness has gone too far but about which this is clearly their own lives and they are not complaining on account it’s time to find a place for it or seek out facts concerning a process where one does not actually exist; it feeds into the corruption of the British Military issues where a royal order is not a Cadet concern but one that concerns Chief of Staff – which is not to say I am of the opinion that when people have feelings about a thing they should act on it, it’s just to say it’s a fact that should be considered when doing so. Their case is obviously that I’m struggling with their problems while I have no respect for them which is utter nonsense; their problems will be the one where women are an issue is their experience but mine is that women are not and the bone of contention like Obama or Mandela, is that they do not like to be wrong and will move the world to ensure they are not when their opinion was never required here, making things very complicated for me – in the end even the Women who boast about being able to beat up certain types of men like me do not get people stuck in that twisted cycle that is work all day that does not actually pay, involving the fact Men always dislike what celebrities get up to while women always tolerate and like it, thus Women are not a problem and they have their own opinions that are am not interested win while they are able to understand what I have said very clearly. It’s like when we hear them speak of how hard they had to fight for their rights and how I must be made to suffer making sense of it; while reality is still that the anal sex always feels better when they are being persecuted which is not necessarily an indication that they are doing the right thing all together. They will likely say I am not doing the right thing all together myself too, which is an old story: the bit where my personality is not a product of sleeping with peoples wives and they needed to stop lying, my temperaments are not a product of lunacy and they needed to stop lying, then my party piece where they are always free, provided they will not be complaining, to set out their media jobs as the means by which any goons with little respect for my age shows up to mess around my whole life, since it is obvious that as long as media ensures they are not broken, they will keep coming back for it again and again and again until they make a habit of the process. In the end the insults are all very well but it’s like the popular culture music and films that can only do something about when I say it did not receive my consent, while they would have taken the money anyway; it still prevents them from being organised crime idiots, still means they pay the taxes and a sense of respect afforded by a healthy respect for my space can be bought, whether or not they are deploying my public image to make money and cannot therefore pay attention to their jobs if bullying me is more important: I mean the tools used for the bullying they usually claim are necessary for holding government Office and for public control, always necessary for controlling crowds and keeping media jobs but we all know it is spent nowhere else save the attacking of those who have the effrontery to own things they have never owned or tasted – I mean they do not matter, they are not important, pretending what they will get from me as a result of these activities is time to make something of their stupid lives. We hear the problem to be that I have the secrets to riches which I do not want to share with others but we all know the big question over this complain is whether it was before or after I wrote a 295 paged Book that they can buy.