Now I hear there is story that I never ever take seriously the matter of race and to deploy my great understanding to making people feel comfortable to that effect but I have no idea what people expect me to say about racism anyway, the reality is that if I have to deal with a case of you will go home today and deal with neighbourhoods that want you throat basically, then such a person is not supposed to go home in peace, since they so it apparently because they belong in a race as it were. I have never really considered it an issue; they however will say nothing I do or say adds up, never mind the fact my refusal to tag along with their needs means I have opened up the UK to flood gates of all kinds of scum that used to follow me around in my younger years to get into the Country on my account – the truth about the latter of course being that if I told them the idiots concerned always do what they do anyway and they need to stay out of it, that would never have been a piece of advice considered with a degree of regard and then it gets worse for their Politicians also have a habit of seeking other peoples personal life which is why they want those things to do it so much as it were, they want me to discuss race therefore without paying attention to how exactly I am likely to discuss it. In terms of the former however what I do does add up unless they are talking about how most black people tend to support their idiots in politics that are always bound by some unknown code to respond whenever there is a fool in town that wants to be the father of young people who uses their youth to get rich with popular culture and has a legendary disobedience going for him, such that it is when you have told him not to do it with your person or public life or possessions that it becomes his main preoccupation or perhaps they are talking about the fact that their general lack of respect is off the scale so that it has now come to a personal space problem as it were – either way, I am not particularly interested in them, my book sales are my route to a holiday away from their stupidities and whatever it is they want to see blow up will blow up over it as it were and of course it is ever so easy to disown people anyway thus nobody knows what is making it so difficult for them as such, they only have to do it once. That said, these are a group of idiots you can only avoid, whose stupidities will not mess with your mind only when you look professional in everything you do, except they have a need for searching people and you cannot be professional every single moment of your life, so it has to turn to the other side of the story which is best expressed by their need to ensure you are important today but without the money because they are trying to be important tomorrow with your money in order to cause you harm about which they want me to discuss the race issues to make their stupidities feel comfortable too as it were which is clearly what they want to do with their time and are not at liberty to deploy mine as well i.e. these are a group of fools who are only good for it when you oppress them as there is no means by which you can look and act professional every single moment of your life aka you are not one of them socially, Politically, culturally, academically, professionally but their need to better themselves at your expense has now led to a personal space issue that is getting more violent; it’s nothing but misogynistic fools that gloat over my Body because of my temperaments every single moment of their stupid time and have come to a point where they will tell any lies and do anything to touch and handle it.

It’s like that old story of lets create some suspense and dig him for wealth inequality on media that they have come to love so much; I mean wealth distribution is the biggest farce in the whole world – these fools want to live in a capitalist society, they want to live in a merit society but they want others to distribute what other peoples own and it will never ever make sense but they have found ways of destroying people’s property over it, they have found ways of spinning off racism to distract their victims so that they can do whatever they like with people’s property and it goes on and on and on. When we are being nice we say it’s stealing when Politicians do it for them – stealing by the back door, so the way out should be for the Politicians the treasury, so that the public can decide what to do with them as well. When we are not being nice then the reality is that these things are never wealth inequality, wealth inequality is a form of revenge, revenge used on those who have not respected them in a way that would make them feel comfortable with other people’s property and even personal lives and because of that the great irony is always that they want wealth but they destroy wealth to make their point and when you work hard and become successful they want to punish you by means of sharing your property and pillaging your health as well – so it is their nature besides the one behind the wealth inequality in the first place which is built around the fact that they cannot do without having what others have and in a merit society where people get wealthy by market forces and a case of financial numbers, we can see why they are always a front to everything we stand for and everything we are then becoming obsessed with Politics and government office as well in order to feed their greed and dishonesty from a point where they cannot be questioned. So it does not trouble me in anyway; I already know the measure of a wealthy person that has worked for his or her money is a matter of the destruction of their story which suggests that wealthy people just exist and have no sense of being born somewhere growing up somewhere and heading somewhere, have no sense of culture and society in order to replace it with a question of how much energy people have left to indulge the violent and evil side of society when they had become wealthy. All they do really is stealing and finding ways to deal with the law in the process too, stealing and nothing more. I do not think it is a problem as such, these guys are morons mostly – I mean all they do for money is the culture and society that exists in the locality of a business concerning which they are the greatest participants because of which their eyes are firmly fixed on any new thing that comes into the companies and Industries in which locality they exist and if it does not serve them will be taken and destroyed and the owners personal life destroyed and peddled to make popular culture so they can do things for each other in the neighbourhood block and that is how we end up with these really dumb people making lots of millions with music CDs – they have continued to handle my work and give me a sense there is nothing I can do about it, so I have had to get myself prepared but for now the story of setting out some suspense to dig me for wealth inequality is past its sell by date, it is not their body and the next time they have a go like that I will up my game on them what I have done so far as it were; it’s like those times when they enjoy it way too much for their own good, the story of how I bewitch HM to a point where she cannot see anything wrong with anything I get up to. So it’s a simple matter of Mc Donalds HQ is at Brighton Beach, so the whole purpose of what I do has to serve the boys and girls of Brighton Beach and if not they will rip up my business and pillage my personal life to peddle certain comforts and make popular culture fame and fortune in order to do things for the hard done by people who live around there and to that end are always keeping me away from Mc Donalds with every single media appearance they make which they make as an obsession due to a need to target me over having softened me up if I were not a soft touch in the first place and the reason they need to do it this way is so that can find plausible ways of passing off the claim it is all my fault; it is the reason I need their National sense of fame so I can find out which life and which world they would have stolen my career as it were if I know everything about them and everything about their Country, I do not bewitch The Queen. The point is that they are morons and the things they do which results in more destruction of other peoples wealth the more wealthy they get is because they don’t know any better but I personally am fed up with them handling my possessions to make themselves into a barrier that stands between me and Industries I know nothing about while they have always existed in and so on hence currently the most viable way of stealing my career as it were, I am only saying people ought to bear it in mind so that they do not let the behaviour they see messing around all the time affect them in terms of career; I mean its ever so impossible to work your numbers and sell your products when another is deploying your equities somewhere else and accusing you of passing through others to get to somewhere great and important, it happens because they are morons keeping you out of Industry over claims they have always lived in it and you like to get involved when you know nothing of it – so when the Politicians get involved the whole process of making sure their threats results in a condition where they are leaning further and further to the right to handle me reverts to destruction of society and culture and civil rights for every property of mine that they damage. To paint an accurate picture – people do not just have the will to destroy peoples possessions just like that, the will in this case is governed by some 20 girls that lived in the neighbourhood where a Company sets up shop and so 2 of them become popular culture celebrities just because they need to punish you for working for the Company, so they have realised that if they work the wealth inequality story while they get rich and famous, nobody will get to ask them how much of their wealth they share with the poor but everybody will continue targeting you and whatever companies you are working for as well – so it happens because they are block heads and morons and people need to stop acting as though they have made the money they have in any other way save involving stupidities with other people livelihoods so they can become outstanding managers of their own lives in order to peddle the good feeling in other people’s lives and do something for their cultural organisations.

They do say when I say these things I put myself in jeopardy of what Mr Obama can get up to which I don’t; his idiots and his NSA fools are giving me thoughts of taking a stand to explore and find out how they and their agony aunts and talk show insults are going to do those things they yap about all the time, at the moment I have not felt a major propulsion towards it yet but the anus and penis insults could do a lot of help it on as it were with their big mouth. Every fool with a parent that does an insulting and abusive talk show on day time television is always likely to join their stupid security agency and feel he is supposed to spy on me and do anus and penis insults and it is giving me thoughts too, so I have no why they like to make out what I say and do jeopardises my health and safety and security on account Mr Obama exists anyway – am very soon going to have to take a stand somewhere to find out how they are going to do to me all that nonsense they brag about for which I have had to put up with their intimate insults all these years as it were. Apart from which they are morons and in terms of career their behaviour does not necessarily have to affect anybody; some people do tell them of course, I am not the first, they do hear people tell them the NSA is operating in unconstitutional manner and intrusive ways too but my experience is tirades of insults on Media and threats that are as a result of the insults softening me up and so on and this is what I will take a stand for one of these days so we can find out how they are going to go about nigger doing it too.