The Iran and Nuclear weapons question with respect to what I think is not a complicated one as such; from my point of view, I would handle it in a way which ensures every country that gets involved with them while they have not explained to the world what their foreign Policy has become now that they have got uranium to play around with gets into trouble. It is a big thing to have uranium to play around with while seeking to have a foreign policy as well that has not been explained more so and therefore it is up to them and not up to the rest of the world to sit down and guess. We can guess for good intentions of course that they wish to use nuclear power to make energy and want to draw contrast between that and the position of countries that make weapons from it, but it is up to them to tell the world and run a foreign Policy in which this is a huge item, the world is becoming impatient and they do not seem to understand. The issues on the other hand are one of those matters that we encounter when we have to deal with stupid things we human beings do whenever we come across power; if you develop and settle in on an intellectual base with which to govern your country, people in the middle east always love to think that it is as a good as it is because you are stealing their followers and leading them away from God when in actual fact people have their own choices and then when they fail at government administration copy your stuff without any permission whatsoever because they feel there isn’t a thing that you can do about it, if we therefore imagine that you were the nicest guy on the entire planet as such, it applies never the less still that the extremists in your own country will not tolerate those kinds of back door servitude but it is still never something they wish to stop, change or improve - much the same with Africans, except that those believe there is a lot happening in the middle east that they intend to learn from and make improvements therefore to their own version which will ensure it cannot be surmounted. The nuclear weapons story is a typical example of how they jump from one issue to another because of course Countries with Nuclear weapons know that it exists only for bluffing, I mean the ones that were deployed during the second world war were of course the smallest ever built but their deployment was madness enough alright. Why would Iran want nuclear power in order to build weapons which purpose is only for bluffing? To be exact, no body is threatening the existence of Iran.