It is suggested that my views about Islamic extremism is not out there for everybody to see but in actual fact what needs to end is the things people do to provide Islamic extremists with followers so we can find out how people will sit around them to listen to the teachings of Allah when they have promised to kill them if they make a mistake. Of course they always say some mistakes are greater than others but I suppose it will also therefore apply that they were the ones that were set aside and assigned to do Allah’s things for him for he cannot do it by him self, hence when they say vengeance belongs to Allah it really belongs to them.

So generally they always want to know what my definition of blasphemy is but it has always been a process of subverting the glory of God, either by words or deeds and so the result is that for most of the time that a blasphemy occurs and people die if we trace it back to the roots of Islam it applies that this blasphemy is a function of gospels that those who have a vision have not been preaching, so that there is ample chances for people to subvert the will of God when they are not out there spreading the message of the vision that they have, which means that the blasphemy is their fault – so they should be out there spreading the vision and the message and then there will be no blasphemy. To which I am always told that when precious messages are spread around the world it is offered up to people the opportunity to make a blasphemy out of it and this I will never understand; how it is that the message comes from you and the blasphemy comes from them but they make a blasphemy out of the messages. It is the same with the Politicians in every turn most popular example being talk of what people will not do if they refuse to do their jobs. It does not apply; there is really no such thing as something people will not do if you refuse to do what you are supposed to or something people will do if you do what you are supposed to. What you do is what you do and what they do is what they do period.

To which the message I get all the time thereof is that I set out to make as many mistakes as I possibly can and then decide that what I learn from it should become a message of gospel. In actual fact what they are referring to is that of the media taking up my work and travelling around the world to make sure people hear it a while and then it is dead in their hearts because it brings about so much problems and the good life disappears for anybody who likes it; which is something they do by first abusing my privacy to acquire the work and then doing damage to my finances like they always have the audacity that can kill to handle peoples lives and property all the time, to ensure I do not catch up until they are finished. So for most of the time it is the effects of these things in the Muslim world that people make out to be blasphemy when it is not about them at all.

So the media thing develops therefore all the way to a process where they seem to do nothing else but being stuck to International media where they pillage my earnings so badly I am penniless every single day about which it goes without saying I have had enough of them and will give no more time for it, they understand where I stand on the matter of their irresponsibility, most common of which is that every stupid girl or boy does not think money can be worked for unless they have somebody threatening me and have access to an important thing of mine like my book sales with which to run errands between me and extremists every day, even when some of them have fame and fortune or media jobs that pay them well too. So they generally believe it is something that I will handle with a sense that they deserve to keep what they take or deserve to have some of what I own but it will never work that way and what will determine whether or not it kicks of is their inability to stay away from my book sales. They know where I stand on their irresponsibility and how I feel about it right through to the natural environment. Of course they like to think the meaning of that stupid media is that whenever anybody comes up with something to do to earn a living they take it out and do it for them on a daily basis and other such wickedness when they cannot of making sure everybody else is doing it as well so it might mean nothing for the owners at the bottom line – no word of it to Politicians of theirs who support it and want a public life as well about the wickedness of it all as it were. These days their mantra like they had planned is that people like me cannot make it in the real world and so this idea that people should go along with what I expect to be a cesspit of allegations that are of a sexual nature or are about some form of hidden assault to come to light and help to keep things for me until I claim them. This is not actually the case of course since the truth is more to so with holding government office from which I expect to get paid at the job based on how much money I am able to release from the Royal Property attached to it and so what they have proven is that it is possible for people to do high profile government work like mine without being paid and I have no idea what we are waiting for then as a planet if that was possible all along - so I always say they will never go away until they make it into something else, bearing in mind of course that it is a form of human rights abuse that I do not wish to know anything about but they are bent on making into a part of my personality. We have spoken about the matter in other ways and that had to do with how they have what I do not and therefore have more money than I do and are therefore better than me, better than me like the idiots who have money that I can account for better than they can as it were, looking for trouble. I do not suggest as such that it is that much of a problem, only that they seem to create this community out of what they have done i.e. they know they can never be more famous than I am and so have created a community where I am famous and they are famous but in that community they are less famous, so as I have said it will not go away yet until it becomes something else the idea is that one community will crush the other at some point and I simply want as many poor people to be a part of my fame as there is space to conatin them so they can burn in hell or something. It seems to be the matter of the old mistake of putting up all I own as surety for allies and friends in the hope that the world is what it is and money is made when people work for it -  so it seems they always want democracy but want nothing to do with the rules, infact they want to break that as much as possible then seek out sacrificial lambs to slaughter so the consequences does not affect them and of course doing so they say involves me with that big mouth.