So I hear that I think I can get away with racism which is utter nonsense – the reality is that these guys spend all of their time doing nothing for extreme violence in my direction and the reason is usually that they do not like themselves and their history of being raised in bad neighbourhoods, so they want to be me and their problems can only be solved when I if they use my public life to live on easy street using popular culture – this then gives rise to a need to investigate and get violent around absolutely everything I do in order to ensure I am sharing any means by which I earn a living so that they might have achieved that effect, if they are not doing that, then they become more concerned with the other behaviour I describe as my party piece, which involves giving prerogatives of injustice to Politicians in order to tell me I am to be suspended socially from completing any academic work, so that I can be allowed to only when they have been able to dominate me socially and culturally, the Politicians will co-operate with it in understanding they will later spend tax payer funds on it to start them off with an existence, leading to a result where they feel that they are never wrong and can never be. So they do it knowing there is racism and various other evils in their societies but do it on National Media like their lives depended on it every day, so I simply thought it made sense to pin them up as well and now there is nothing they can do about me if I named them golliwog or Nigger or white trash etc. The reasons I never talk about it is of course that I have come to consider the other alternative explanations they give for practicing their intense violence on me all of the time as property and of course this game will change if they turn up to me and take a physical swipe at me as well, but this part remains my property and is to stay that way.

It is not that much of a problem as such, it’s like I have mentioned before that I now spend a lot of my time making sure Liberals and Socialists feel burgled every single moment because of all these bullying and I get the sneaking feeling I am not the one that actually invented this process. They do speak of a way of making everybody happy as though it is a way they will accept; I.e. there was a time I was of good temperament and didn’t care if people ripped up my public life to get rich and famous but they have been doing this for the last 12 years every blessed day and if I am to recover my temperament I will need a holiday from their stupidities to recuperate which I will never get as far as they are concerned because it tends to mean that they will not have the level of access that they currently have to my property at the moment. So I do not have that much of an issue with the old idiot in the yard person to be concerned about, just the sense that they can get involved with me at will and turn my tummy all day long, then start to show up their stupid muscles on a regular basis depending on how hold their stupidities are getting but they were asking about a way to make everybody happy and that way has always been as obvious as a process where they use their stupid lives and the way they see the world around them and not my Royal sense of war and peace, raising me of which they can pay for or indeed my public life, to make fame and fortune and decadence for themselves. They usually make out complying will be difficult which makes it impossible for me to understand what they are complaining about as well – I mean when I shut them out, what happens is that they end up as Journalists and Celebrities and TV Personalities and Politicians that have just be returned to the bad neighbourhoods they came from, so I really do not see why I should be the one getting all concerned about it. They need to clear my space; this is the solution to the fucking problem just as they had asked earlier.

I do not have a case with these matters on the whole, it has always been a clear condition most of the time, that these things are all possible through lies and insults and very violent gossips based on blame and the solution has always been the same process of setting them out as the reason for your problem as well but there is really nothing that they can do about me, so telling them to clear my space will suffice in my case. I need their stupidities kept off my Book sales and business Empire as far as it can get. It’s never been a big case on the whole; it’s the same story of getting to barricade my livelihood and everything that matters to me and letting me know that they know I desperately need them to stay away from it but that they never will unless they get what they want, especially when fat and when fat and black and regularly wear Sun shades to sleep with girls and chew snacks and show up at Popular culture all of the time – and do not all like it when I know what matters to them and show them it is where my disobedience can work its stuff the best as well.

I hear that I am a dictator as a result, I am not a dictator for my part either; what these people do is realise that I understand the world according to what I see and then develop a need to get so much pleasure from playing games that amount to the eyes being the window to the soul and being able to see mine all the time and find out what is happening in my mind for the fun of it all of the time and if a stupid black woman sees me from miles away and runs across the road to get involved with me when I do not know her a million times, she will do it a million and one if I step outside of my door the next moment after, while the whites just do it because they want to have better sex, of which most people are aware of the degree of problems that having sex and having it that way has created in this Country on my account all together – then we see them turn out to beat their wives all day long looking for more. We also hear them claim I have no respect for others on one hand and then on the other that they didn’t previously understand Islam but now they know it is the kind of religion that will help them deal with scum like me. In terms of the former, what they do most of their time is create a process where I set out accounting for my business and the Americans make statements about why my right to trade is a bad thing and the British finish it off by making sure my Office does not feel like one, if it can feel like a lace I go to spend time on a business that has been bastardised since the owner cannot look after it instead, while the latter is the one where we find Muslims behave in ways that suggest you should not leave things to be desired as it creates problems for everybody but Christians just believe that picking up problems that cannot handle is actually a religion, whereas the Bible teaches us to be diligent in what we do and then goes on to teach that the Body is the Temple of God and must be treated that way and then goes on to teach that reacting in a negative way when people treat you badly still is sinful; which means that there is no way you can be poor by being diligent at what you do and no way that your body can get treated unlike the temple of God if you have money to provide for it and no way you can leave things to be desired to create war for everybody if you do not react badly when people treat you badly – so what we have here is a group of compulsive lairs whose stupidities the idiots that have no wish to spend time on the jobs that actually pays their salaries rely on to play these really stupid and violent games with others all day long complaining about respect or the lack of it. So far it has calmed down a bit, stories about the mess I make of their stupid cultures and societies; I was starting to plan a course for a certain group of activities I engage in which suggest that each time the jobs that actually pay their salaries are threatened, they tend to show some regard for the things I do to earn a living, I was starting to work out a campaign for it all together. Their excuses that I am entirely deserving of this kinds of behaviour because I am a great fighter and should fight for everybody has never really changed and the tendency for foolish ugly Women to seek their insanity by making people unemployed through the help of Political idiots who have need for a trappings for power for decades because people refuse to have sex with them continues to fledge with it too, alongside their insane blame culture that they think others are completely unable to develop a counter measure for and we see this blame culture turn up on Media if the victim is weak enough to let it happen as it were to make them famous, while the process of Christians leaving things to be desired which creates problems for everybody continues to remain another case of blaming the victim as it were.