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The real problem in these matters remains the same; here in the UK my prime problem is still a group of men American women aptly describe as "feeders", especially the violent ones who work for Politicians that feel they can use them to bully people but most of the boasting and destruction comes from the ignorant ones that breed the violence and work repressions, while thinking they will not be made to pay in cash for anything they damage, otherwise they can cause regional tensions because no body really can. However my concerns exists within the juxtaposition of their two categories: first the Politicians who had their place in the land accorded with privileges of power, office and the highest paid civil service jobs in the country but get off it to hunt me around the place, then extend it to others because it was impossible to get glory out of my life (I have no idea how idiots that get into power through classified anarchy expected to get such things from the life of an Arch Prince anyway), to gather glory onto themselves destroying anything they have seen of my life, which generally appears to me like they want somebody that will beat it out of them so they can get around seeking an everlasting fight in a quest for privileges of injustice, claiming it to be a matter of the confidence they need to do their jobs, the Local ones on the other hand just like the celebrity culture fools and get rich quick freaks are to waste 50% of peoples resources pushing me into a corner where they can ensure they have their backs against the wall and anything done to find a way out will be used to rule them, then spend of the 50% about 5% providing for themselves to make themselves comfortable for the task of ruling such people so, then waste the remaining 50% having power to control peoples lives and as we see all the time owners of resources they despatch in such ways never get a look in, not even a 1%, to pay their immediate bills for example-and I do not refer to idiots that tag along with them, their fate is entirely deserved; now my main problem with this is that their boasting really makes me angry but it is the fact they do it because it is something they have heard people do and thus have felt they need to have some of that feeling doing it to me as well, hence choose to do it to me but so that I might not defend myself Political idiots will get involved and expect me to give up defending myself and so will business idiots as well as though these things are not the economic problems we have in themselves in the first place. 

The real danger is not what the world thinks but the possibility of what is happening in Libya setting some kind of local precedent here in the West. And if at current prognosis, such a precedent will never be set, the issue is what the condition of those who are dying in Libya when the Local dictator has been unable to set a new precedent is except Genocide; the question stays as it was-who are responsible for pushing him to the point where he refuses to leave power to this people or leave the Country? In like manner every country has its own vices and they always feel whenever I do anything about them, I am susceptible to the female versions of them that are terribly insolent because they feel it is always powerful enough to blind people to their property whenever they want it and are always coming to the UK to link up with their local versions and to get connected to the Royal family, considering themselves to be the women who are culturally and naturally predisposed to bully men of reason, on with and through reason, since you cannot be one unless you have much to loose and do not have much to loose unless Politicians are always destroying the local economy and barging open your doors to have powers of the mob, while also preventing you from getting an education until they are getting glory from your life and thus they find a way to be in Position to serve the current Heir to the British Throne (which is why they are likely to get along with their men to cause even more problems because I never want to see them anywhere near the British Right or Royal family) and have absolutely no idea what to do about them. However my personal opinion is that these matters are governed by rules (the matter of whether or not somebody leaves and hands over power to another) and those who perpetrate these crimes of the murdering of protesters and innocent people directly and indirectly, not that I do not cause their murder as well when they trifle with my income and equities and set off to have cultural power as well to get rich quick with in service of the devil, with my money and their own hands as though the devil cannot do his own work by himself and if so, it is not clear why they continue to serve him and act the way they do, as though I share my income with them or such nonsense, will have more reasons to hate my guts.

Clearly, the only thing that will set a precedent in the West is not their laziness and desire to goad people who are more powerful than they are but the last economic crisis which they will pay for in cash; something I personally intend to see that they do.