Of course there is no truth whatsoever to the claim my real personality was on the Internet; what is true is for instance that I live in England and am aware of the number of men that chase me around for fantasy because I am not the kind of person that builds violence for others and so when it is compared with the process by which for some people building violence for others is a matter of profession, it is an unprecedented situation. I can always build violence for myself if I wanted; I can get out of bed and find some night club to locate myself in knowing I am Christian and then turn up there at 12.00pm every single day – I can have an extra marital affair until I have a child out of wedlock etc, nobody gets to build it for me and stand up somewhere to make all that noise about how they cannot work out how they are provoking the strange religious people who are then made to be different enough to be bullied for fun.  So it is clear Media leadership cannot get on with anything unless it marks out somebody to attack and lean on and need to keep off my Books not pretend that my personality exists on the internet and not face to face with people. What exists on the internet is about the Royal Estate all together which is not necessarily detached from my real personality as such, it is in no way an indication my personality exists on the internet; they have always known that a condition where people become predatory over a disobedience that involves seeking conveniences from property that is not their own, is an evil thing but have always chosen to orchestrate their piracy and vandalism and attack on moral people and in that sense one needs to be strong enough to ensure they do not find an alternative way out save the one they deserve - especially when developed on the premise of them having it because I was scared of them enough to give way. We do hear and see them turn up at other peoples place of work to make excuses that they want to be land owners, when they hate my guts because they leave being more disorganised than their stupidities have ever been in their foolish lives, they then make out my real personality is on the internet and not face to face with people and do not know what provokes religious people after that.

They say my behaviour will lead to the outcome of journalists losing their jobs but of course it is an example of how they are not aware of the way they provoke religious people – always bullying people and attacking people and always having a need to spend other peoples time to be in a place where if they are provoked people lose jobs but then again of which they have clear reasons they are always after my Book sales therefore since they will not be losing theirs too especially when I get increasingly more public awareness for my activities – they feel they are obviously too big and too important to lose their own. If I said that somebody’s Court can become that much of their personal business that it leads to them sacking people, they will likely tell me that was something I should have said years ago to avoid all this mess without paying attention to how convenient for them it would have been if I did. So the big idea being my whores on Television apparently but then again either way, they are Land owners because they belong in a Court with an Arch Prince and Media Bosses are nothing. It is usually said that I think I have achieved but have not but then again the problem has always been that these guys have that need to make me pay lot of attention to popular culture idiots whose money are made at my expense anyway, so as to ensure I am not paying attention to mine – so that when they start to claim there is a problem with my online activities, that whole story of people who appear very clever but do nothing except none stop vandalism of other people’s lives and property comes into its own and the whole process of how hard they work to put a wedge between me and a crowd I need to meet online starts to surface, including the problems they channel in my direction when I start to pay for exposure in order to ensure running a business and dealing with the diverse nature of the crowd that attends is easy but they have never listened since life and media jobs are generally easy when they are not leaning further and further to the right in order to handle me by gangs that are willing to beat me up to make them feel like women. It’s a matter of hit after hit after hit after hit of destruction and vandalism wrought by idiots that like to think they are really clever thereby need to assume a right and tell somebody else what to do, which inevitably ends with them pushing people around to grab a fame – not everybody is deceived by this idea whenever there is a problem attention is to be spent on neighbourhood rascals and local riffraff. They can do these things a billion times and would not be satisfied, they can do it to a point where a perfectly normal person who has a job gets to a stage where they are susceptible to another fool that tells them they will have no peace unless they go to a shop to steal and it would not be enough – in my case it started with public transport operatives making out I am involved with a job I cannot do of which when it turned out I could the story changed to a question of what else I can do and they have not stop complicating my job and turning up there to tell me what to do with their insults and customer authority big mouth, what they have become fond of is getting on media to express how much they hate my guts like chocolates in the detergent area in a shop as if they keep in like that in their stupid homes for instance – very well thought through vile nonsense that comes to them in an instance. We do hear that I crack people up and that it is the part of the story which I have no plans to resolve or discuss; whereas what happens is that they come to my work place to keep an eye on me and observe my breathing patterns in order to do one of those abusive nonsense and make me deal with heart burn, then turn up to have a go at it in queues all day long, to put detergents in the Freezer if there is a bad smell – they say I am a creep and that they crack me so before I did them which is one of the best indications of the purity of the lack of respect with which they turn up at the premises, it even has its own conjectures etc – so it is obviously where I work and I do feel that they get so bold because there is no fear of being disorganised in them and that is why they end up with me building violence for whole communities and societies to crack them up as well and before we got to this stage it was largely a matter of claiming that the store is a haven for homosexuals and that I am gay even though I don’t know it because it is an evil that I have been prevented from carrying out and so when I try to find out the reasons they would twist whole families in that way and make statements of violent things they want to do to homosexuals, I find out they make too many convenient decisions they do not have the authority to make and so where I work they have to remember I make all the convenient decisions and when they come there from other customer communities to find a bargain at the shops as well, they might want to remember it and be civil about their cliques. The homosexual ones do not bother me too much; I have made it quite so very clear that what they do with all their time is turn up at peoples work place to show them women are really bad while I have made it quite so obvious I am aware that the poor ones live in communities where nothing good happens save women giving them sex and children while the richer ones make friends with extremist groups claiming it is the kind of problem that befits their wealth and they are there because they are a product of a community of gangs that go around beating people up on my behalf to own half my empire and peddle my public life for a living and turn up there to tell me they are homosexuals because they are finally getting what they actually want in a country that is not really free, so they will all do well to remember I am always better off staying at home to sell my Books if their interference would cease otherwise at the shop I make the convenient decisions not them. It has to be a case of trouble makers doing the guarding against trouble makers otherwise I am involved with a job I cannot do.