Those that ask these such questions only spend their time working out arguments they need to have in place when they want to kill people and get away with it and how other trouble makers can use them to scare people into giving up their property and income by which media can then be used to decide who owns it; complete with Ministers they elect to use the civil service like it was their private property to choose out certain persons they can bully until they react and say something they can deem insulting and save up for the purpose of destroying their entire lives daily for years to remind them. They have no talents, they have no academic qualifications, they have no professionalism to their academic qualification, all they have is academic qualification from somewhere and a job that will enable them work their incredible insults on others which is why the higher the government position they give to their idiots by the vote the more problems they get into as a society when they cross me.

They spend their time discussing government Policy which they shouldn't by which they earn perks with their already existing jobs and proceed to use other peoples jobs to earn these perks that are largely used to funds evil habits because somebody is letting them. 

 I on the other hand am the person that has a unique product which put two and two together means one way or another I will make a lot of money if I sell it to people with whose property they can promised to confiscate all of it that is. 

So as it stands they use media to do that and I too confiscate all the glory they can get from anything they achieve or have because it does not belong to them so that they can whenever they have reached that state where they have never gotten any rest in their lives because a certain group of people exist for which they feel like exterminating thereof, tell me about it.
If we must discuss the meaning of a coalition government and its objectives; it is one thing to have a talent quite another to have an academic qualification with it, one thing to have a talent on which you have gained an academic qualification and quite another to have a professionalism that you can work an office with, quite another thing entirely to have a talent on which you have an academic qualification to which you have gained a professionalism of your own and quite another to reach the aesthetics: I for my part not just for revenge over my right to privacy thus abused, will have my empire in cash or in kind and the things I have planned to do to them are not things I was born with or attitudes by which I was raised.