Now the story that I make use of media stuff and that I will be free of trouble the day that stops is an old one but rarely or never mentioned. The fact of it is that of turning on your TV everyday to find some women using some new thing that you had set up on your market place to punish you for getting involved with journalists because you do not think they are successful or respectable and the men that are behind her for it as well. When they bring up the idea I mess with their jobs and stuff it really brings home to roost the fact that it’s all spent, the personal securities and the idea people are supposed to respect their feelings and that is why I like it when they do. I mean nobody asks them in the first place and I personally never asked them a decade ago when it started anyway. I look at what the camera does and write books about it which creates anger in them is a very good excuse but they were the ones that had continued to bandy around the idea that royalty cannot protect itself from evil people like them in the 21st century on grounds it is impossible to travel around the world and prevent people from appearing on Television on account of you alone, hence they can do whatever they like, result being of course that it is impossible for me since they started to go to the office and work or study in peace without their involvement and because of their racism I cannot even plod on since they are so superior that every problem they face while they are at it are things I must be forced to deal with, like their community idiots, some of which support those women that like to make use of any new thing I put up at my business to make their journalism and fame and business and make up excuses for doing so as well, like to try and enforce respect they have clearly made obvious they do not want from a Christian using the civil service, which is another story entirely by itself. It gets worse of course because not only are these women the most useless and stubborn and incompetent goons you will ever come across it is also the case they can never stop wrecking your finances and complaining about some woman that cares about men who are interested in how others fare and reserve some strange hatred inside of them for such men which they like to exhibit at me all the time. Then there are the men who like to wait for you to have some job which then becomes the preoccupation of some stupid witchlike figure in corporations that wants to make even more money and so just before you had done something about it, they had shown they were the ones who had the bigger interest in revenge and it had ended with a total decimation of your finances, an affair with those kinds of women, which then ends with a process where they have their revenge and you can go to hell with a big mouth and then both these two sets of idiots get married on several occasions and turn out to play their cards at the media and advertisement industry and it is all about the Intellectual property of my company and my income and addressing me like we are pals or equals with advertisements that people have paid a lot of money to have made. Last I checked concerning the reasons anybody would get off to have such levels of disrespect for my job concerning which we have to speak less of the disrespect for my income all together, the reason was that they are bigger than me and so of course the thing about people that are bigger than me for the most part always been that they are successful with money to spend and that those who mess me around do not get their money, until I came across these ones and my crime of course was that I was supposed to partly own things I have so that they can take it when and if they want it but went around owning it out right which is why the patents on my work and property do not deter them. So I do hear they say I am in league with the media which is not true, I am not in league with the media it’s just that the idea royalty cannot protect itself from them in the 21st century is entirely based on delusion; I know they have worked out stories of infidelity on my part, I know they have worked out stories of the beauties of celebrities I have stolen but it has always been a threat to the talents of a royalty for the most part i.e. she reports news for a living and the kind of violence that will come of it if and when people want to masturbate over her is incredible, so she will never let me be on grounds I am the person that can do something about it, so I did and pulled it off and created the securities and social net work contacts and academic failures that I have set out as something that belongs to the side of society of foolish men but cannot now concentrate on my book sales and my academic work and what is left of m career as if this is their own lives on grounds that unless I can run around the world and prevent people from appearing on TV to abuse me and or my income I had better consign myself to the weakness royals face in the 21st century and more so including Christians of which I am one as well hence this is just the beginning; I am not in league with them, just working for a process where that left hand side and the whole fundamental idea of journalism will either belong to me or belong to them before this is over – I usually find it funny when people say I am in league with them, it suggests I have exceeded my expectations.

It’s all about helter-skelter; grabbing everything I produce and running me off left right and centre which means that the end product is that they always keep the income anyway- this is something they plan from their communities of course and never tire of it before they claim I write books by watching the camera but have not gotten off my books my sales and my intellectual property or literary emporium in ten years which of course in that period of time is a daily affair for them but like I said, when they bring it up it means all the personal securities have been spent which is good news, considering that when it is not yet that bad then it is about their salary and where they are and people they can take advantage of from that position. Nobody says that when people have the strength to catch all of them like I do when they are being played up a fool’s errand while people handle their income, they should not do it, the story about those who join the media to have revenge on me will therefore continue to grow and get bigger and bigger all the time.

The issues are not complicated; questions are that of how I expect people not to take advantage of me when it has become a prerogative of theirs to do so on grounds of their good conscience, which has now graduated to the question of what makes a person who takes action to damage a process where somebody else is doing a job to earn a living because they are trying to take advantage of such a person. I always say jobs and their uses and some foolish with an opinion on that but when they do they offer up complains on their media which shows that they live in a bubble that suggests they are not fighting the person they are doing such things to which then shows how stupid they are for those are the kind of things that jobs are meant for. Never the less of which when they suck I will breathe easily too and they will talk of social injustice; for now it is the same old story that democracy will seep through from thin air as long as they do free speech, when we all know that somebody must make sacrifices since female society is also made up of villains and heroes and that if we continue to give money to the villains for the power and the sex, one day we will end up in a war sooner that day will come or later.  Now with respect to Politicians giving out Public services to private companies I am not particular concerned; I think I have done all that is necessary to protect civil service workers and journalists and business people that are loyal to me and my cause; if we cannot have our careers in peace because they exist, a relationship of shame will continue to get worse and if they do not like it, then they are supposed to be out there doing their corporations and media and politics and the theft they do with it, it is not our fault there isn’t money in it anymore or indeed my fault personally and we are not going to do the corporations and media and Politics and the robbery with it either because we know that if we do they will have something against us, never clear then why they cannot just get out, leave us alone and get on with it. The issue with the Tories is noise they make all the time about teaching me a lesson; in my mind contrary to people getting alarmed all the time about what Politicians are planning, it is as simple as the fact that they do nothing with their time but find one fight after another for people at the Monarchy; so I will continue my programme of laying out a whipping stick for each of them, done Labour with Blair getting away with 8 years of terrorising me just because I am a Christian due to a process of a delusion on my part that putting it to a matter of opinion will allow me get on – i.e. matter of opinion means being shocked they have stalked me all the way to the University and so when I drop out I have already lost four years, so once I become unemployed after dropping out, another four years is not so complicated anymore, the result here being that this has set out a history I share with foolish men in this country and I therefore have a right to get on with the rest of my life and the rest of the people I have a different history with, only that they pretend they are tough and bloody minded and I, specifically me, am not allowed to get up every day to my business without dealing with the evils of society, hence I do suppose when I use the expression rude boy drawing penis on the wall I have to excuse myself and tell people I am not trying to kill anybody; however their big mouth about killing me continues when what they are dealing with at the moment is a process where I spend too much time with the communities so that each time they want to get elected people tend to ask them really difficult questions which suggest they are that close to being assassinated for doing elections, the attitude however continues and they cannot let me sell my books and move away from the communities either anyway.  So I have done Labour and the Conservatives and Liberal democrats are on the line at the moment – mostly conservative doing the friendship first thing which suggests they will make me a deal where I am supposed to protect white people from the evils of Africans while they use my property to protect me from the evils of white people which they will then fail to do properly so they can do racism which I think is big mouth tough talking and my whipping stick for them will be ready as well; the liberal democrats are bidding their time but UKIP is certainly on course for their own share as well so I will be prepared for that too. As I said, I have the right to exist without looking into the evils society and they need to keep their insults to themselves; ‘you specifically you’ they like so much with a big mouth for it, will lead to grave consequences.

Of course they say my methods are out of this world but we all know of such things as me and women that their women want to have lesbian sex with, which they also inform me of all the time which is one way to go as well; hence a very clear message I do not think women I notice because they throw their whiles at me and then introduce themselves as lesbians when I am interested are lesbians, it is not an opinion of mine that women are ever lesbians; besides which when I am done sucking in their insults I am supposed to treat them like somebody’s husband as well with a big mouth and they can come and get that one too, not that their present disposition will get any better either since this is not sexual abuse; whenever it has gotten so bad that they begin their campaigns on standing up against sexual abuse on women I really do get the sense they have it in for me and that I need to check the clubs and the city life and the politics and their positions in those areas, of which I have never done it with a result where they are better off before at this stage so far. I mean besides the fact those men sometimes get out and harm completely innocent people, the black eyes and the cut lips and the tattoos of a lovers name on the bottom in case she is a bad girl is a terrific something that should cause great hilarity. I mean how on earth things do just happen and you sustain very violent and abusive attacks that get physical from a distance everyday that you meet people who have never seen a Prince or a Christian before, only for a Politician to get off government office and sanction support for it by law? These guys cannot leave people alone and because of such outcomes I do think my actions should never be questioned except by those I am accountable for who buy my books because I am alone and the laws of this land will never protect me, so I can do them as well. I mean everything I say about it has become so elaborate that it is explained away by a different excuse that portrays me as the offender and asks the question of why such things would be a bad thing when they feel so good and they are not aware of what I mean when I make mention of problems that must be put in me to solve due to their laziness as a society all the time which affects my job and academic work because there are so many of them and that the private diaries are full and they need to beware of that too.

It is rather simple i.e. I have not got the physically manifesting problems that they have got which means they are not seen as the main trendy thing for 100% of the time anymore hence the violence which Politicians turn up to sanction at government office; so they will either leave me alone and get lost or their Politicians will get off my book sales so I can take a Holiday from their stupidities, if not I will personally end it up very badly in deed – I mean just in case they want it summarised so they can remember. As for the part where I one moment make out my books are just miscellaneous and that I use it for revenge and stuff and for desiring things that do not fit me; first of all the desiring of things that do not fit me I am aware of – that if all I did with my time was the Church and the Bible and nothing with media or society, it would have been easy to walk into the job centre and get a job in two to three weeks but you do not get stalked by top Politicians and media, pushed out of University and placed in unemployed and bullied with benefits and put into a £30,000 debt to the SLC and turn up to pretend all is well and that such things will not happen again. The books themselves are half of my career and did not just exist from nowhere, they did because people started a fight and those people were not I – it is apparently the half of my career that concerns them and they simply have to live with it as there is nothing they can do about it too. They say what I speak about makes people weaker against secret societies of which first of all that would have made them leaders and of course really makes sense of their intrusion and freedom based corruptions of involvement; fact being they have no respect for my royal order and the idea there is an MOD and a Military at my service if my boss wants it and it seems that such things are the purpose of their offices as well and so will I leave it to them to calculate like their insults if how I hurt them and the power with which I do is above the law too (bearing in mind their connections with the sex industry for their side as well). It eventually comes right down to the Film industry and talk people get up to all the time with claims of people taking over their lives, the stupidities they get up to which upset people and lead to shootings and so on, when in actual fact all there is to it is that the British American relations has become that of the US knowing more about the Nation of Fairy tales than it did before which has now created what is at present the most fertile ground for film making and for actors in the US, so I really love to get all over the place with them when they do get all over the place which makes them feel they have achieved much in each case and of course bearing in mind there was a time that Italians were at such a stage in the US and we got fabled stories of Mafia and so on which still terrifies people in the US to this day; we have not done it until now of course because we never had the means to until now. For my part I believe my ultimatum is clear; this date set out the final 24 Hours before my attitude towards peoples plans to get rich and the handling of my property kicks of in earnest according to how much of it they have changed or moved away as it were; it will certainly lead to another story of western oppression when it is a case of me and African Dictators and their foolish relatives + European goons and their famed customer service that cannot do without attacking me + the American version of get rich goons who largely work alongside with violent and wild foolish girls from South America that know nothing but violence and corruption and vandalism - of course I guess when it kicks off they will tell me their economies are in there but by that time all that developing economies vandalism of noise making all over this planet and the cost we have to fund here in the UK for it while they have their fun will have come to an end and such a lamentation will have come too late, more so at a time when it is apt to say 'turf.' Of course they will say that history has handed me hindsight but everybody knows I would have kicked their arse anyway just by reading the Bible and obeying it without doing my own modern versions then blame others for my problems when I am finished with my twisted sense of right and wrong and an idea that I can brew customer service from it and run a business which never works unless I only want to succeed by seeing others fail which will then mean they build their own as well.