Now all turned to gimmicks that are rather public, not hidden behind vile distractions from academic work and job as a whole; they say I am paranoid while most of what Media people especially do in my direction is not meant to be malicious but that has always been the problem, when I have been dragged out of my academic work by it and made to sit about at society reacting to their stupidities to make them feel good and home in their concentration at jobs they really do not deserve to have and intend therefore to continue the habit of acquiring those jobs and maintaining them in such ways - about which I am actually at a loss as per who is playing with them around here anyway. So especially with respect to the fact they are always in need to a reaction from me as a result of being exasperated, the marketplace teasing and extracting income from my Book sale business, which can go from abusive nonsense that amounts to bear bating between me and criminals, to outright racial abuse, then we hear it is not malicious as well and has something to do with the fact I am not really convinced my actions are the right thing to do and will continue playing up the gimmick if I am not detached from it because of course if it really were the right thing to do, then the actions of racists would be right as well and it continues like that endlessly, maintaining the involvement and contact and letting me know if it does not rip up my finances and business to do its media and popular culture and celebrity job it will lose its mind as well: it has become an update here for everybody naturally because I am of the opinion they are ready to take the plunge, otherwise they would have been stopping it at this point. It is not being picked up by their local greed idiots anyway - who then distant violence feel like harming my anus all the time and causes me to rip up their culture and society which besides the career bits that I will soon follow up on as well whenever I do as it has all come to such a stage, helps to ensure that they get out of bed to chase their jobs as that clinical depression returns every day, what they are telling me is that I should let them set up their stupid trading on my life or else, with a big mouth. They always say it is a matter of the problems their victims were about to solve before realising they needed to bail out; an indication that for their victims they have just made the situation many times as bad since the problems were too big for them and would have created fallout that affects the important people who do the bullying etc, while for them the reality goes back to that profitable disobedience and corruptions of involvement had just taken up a violent turn in terms of forcing others to start businesses and start jobs they rip up to make their sales and entertainment. They do claim they have been fighting the battles of an unappreciative me but I have no idea if passing insults at others and finding out things and disposition that encourages you to get involved with the security services to seek a fight actually means they are fighting my battles, especially so for the Americans - I mean it works for me anyway i.e. rather than security personnel dealing with some new twisted nonsense they have built up recently via their nature and its civil and criminal disobedience, they get to do it instead, of which it is not the respect for them when they do that is lacking around here as much as a respect for me by them which is lacking on their part anyway - they have not been fighting my battles, I have only just gotten them where I want them and will continue further punishment the more abusively their stupid ageists and insulting allies trading and money madness continues to show up around my concerns and make a mess of everything. The recent mystery about what I appear to be spending time with is actually not a mystery at all, I am wondering myself what good it will do those who chase such gimmicks when I mention that it’s a matter of being confused about why people simply cannot buy my Products the way it is described, rather than make up their own ideas about it and provide leadership on what they have made up; so we seem to be caught out in an endless cycle of celebration where people claim to have my work and life at this disposal, quickly followed by a statement on my part to make it obvious that they have no such thing. Its pretty much the same all round with the others that are predisposed to working racism as well - they always want to work hard to see somebody else end up talking about a career concerning which they will be promptly informed that somebody else had already taken up the job and that it had already been done but the obsession the Political and Civil rights ones have with handling my Books and Marketplace is suggestive of me being the kind of good guy character they wish to ensure works all his life and does not have a pension, does jobs and what if questions thrown around by media fools become the basis on which it may be decided if I can be paid for it or not and I like to think they are dreaming too since it does not necessarily mean that talking about it qualifies me as victim, goes without saying if I see that stupid culture and society it will be the last time that they see it too and no freedom and decadence will be gained here by those who do not wish to repent and convert to Christianity while they covet the property of a Christian all together and will not find a job to earn their own way in life in legitimate fashion by, what will happen instead will be a process where I give it to them a freedom by keeping them off my Book sales and public image by force. Its largely common sense that if a person chases another person’s livelihood and gets around it with a regular behaviour that means he must be awarded some convenience before such a person can make a living, for a decade and everyday more so, it will cause an enormous amount of distress - this does not bother me too much either, I am aware they are very stupid people and that I have placed myself in their society deliberately and when people do so, it is always well that they do not then start to get soft after; hence there are normal people and there are these goons but when it really comes to the basics, the reality is still that they are aware of the effects of what they are doing and would never do half of it to themselves. In the end it’s a matter of just putting handles on everything in order to ensure that I am able to do something about it every single time that it comes up and doing so would contradict that claim I cannot handle it because everything is being explained according to the foolishness of bigger people etc, whereby those who are able to reason like I do have to be the smallest there are all together; doing so of which will divide my attention between public place trouble makers and Industry goons and Media and then I will only have to pull an applicable lever each time they bother me, which will certainly solve the problem, except that I do not want it solved for my part all together:- the pleasure of seeing the condition the Politicians find themselves in is basically overwhelming as a whole but then again, so are we all aware after all I have said, in 24 hours, I will be getting beaten down in my own bed by local community croons because of a statement a Politician made and this will translate into a disposition a Media fool can glorify themselves with and progress up to the provision of markets and popularity by which people can get rich quick - thus acceptable course of action is to ensure they unexpectedly find these community croons exhibited all over the Public image somebody must have spent years to create in order to end up in government buildings for a career.