A much loved story thus emerging from a need to copy everything I do from a position where the primary purpose of Media is that of handling my property with a sense of utter and total disobedience and it is about that of how I go off to grab what everybody is thinking about and then get it done but it does not surprise me since it only progresses from a process where walking down the streets can mean somebody refurbishes a business premises to look the way I have wished that it was and so the complain happens because I cannot end up with a literary empire in which the Money has gone somewhere else, it is an unprecedented level of abuse of a person and yes I can work for the money as well but they do need to shut their insults; it is an abuse that men are very fond of and they will want to consider that it is not news to me as well, there is a real chance here therefore that with enough copying I will lose a Royal Estate to their stupidities – whereas in my mind, I want to break their hearts as much as their self indulgent and freedom based moral decadence over money and career and the sight and destruction of my property and public life to show where the immoral and care free get rich and successful in their immoral cities, I want to break it the way they hurt mine not live a life in secrete or even fear.

It is all insults that are a common behaviour with suit wearing block heads – I come across it all the time; not least the one where I walk down a street and somebody refurbishes their business to look the way I have fantasised that it did – so it is not unusual, only that on this occasion I had expressly warned them about daily behaviour designed to affect my Book sales and must act when they had refused to comply; when they know it belongs to somebody they ought to steal careers and break the hearts of the none co-operative when they have stupid ideas about the relevance of their own bloated stupidities in a free market, request permission first before they get to handle it, it may be an amusing reaction from me but they need to get lost.

These things do not concern me as much as they make out – all that matters is that it’s a Books I have written buyers access only business here and although I am aware they belong on the left along with their women and can make them stay where they are meant to be as a people and stop bothering others if need be, I am actually not really interested in them at all; like the story of losing my Film Industry property when we all know it began with tales of those who provoke them by encouraging Film makers to make reality films that means people do peoples stuff which is a bad thing for the world and deserve revenge – now they have organised themselves and gone out there to win them Oscars as such and it’s supposed to have been the end of the story but it’s a Books I have written buyers only access business here if they do not wish to complain about me as well. This is not a complicated issue as such in anyway; the behaviour of getting out of bed to act in ways which affect my Book sales in order to foster their interests is unacceptable, every one of it, from the causes that better the lives of the poor people around the world to a problem concerning the price of my Books, which if we discussed would expose the aspects of my Books that are valuable while they have no intentions of getting their own copy thereby creating more insecurity they can wear suits like clever people but show they are actually idiots by playing with. Ultimately they have their own personal spaces to get involved with and I have no wish to tolerate further the getting involved with mine and moving into my right hand and shutting it down so as to have a feeling of value when they were the last persons to use it and preserve their own, thereby meaning they have it and I do not – as if it is their own House they get to shut down in that way. What they feel at the moment is how this behaviour makes other people feel and we have not mentioned the media abuses which makes it possible yet; that part concerns the bit where they leave me alone and keep their problems along with the Politicians – keep their hands off my cookie jar so to speak; when I want to do a job that means they can complicate it to solve their problems, I will get one in an environment where fools like them who ruin people’s lives and live for the purpose of career theft and personal life destruction operate – otherwise I am only interested in the shop where I work in which somebody must be prevented from exploring the consequences of their desperation by going to prison over a £5 chicken for instance, not criminal gangs that will ensure they scoop up them popular culture problems and make lots of money peddling my public life and have somewhere to off load them.

On their part they tell me I should have informed people, not dish out consequences before asking questions but I had expressly warned their insulting selves that selling Books is a matter of a personal space I share between me, my Office and Shop and the customers who read the Books, it does not work at all as something people treat with a sense of involvement, the business does not work in that way at all, it will have no start point and no end point as a result and I need to be seen getting out of bed every day to create a behaviour that ensures they stop it as well. For my part I will be happy to hear them from them anytime, that their personal space is not actually interested in my Books or in me and then it will be as simple as it was always meant to be. I understand they say some of my actions lead to a process where people are at risk of their lives but this playing around with criminal gangs does not in their view; however if I checked it, the younger ones have been given 15 years of my time to change a behaviour knowing everybody is prone to losing their temper and that respect for others actually does have a purpose as it were and the older ones think their disobedience is supposed to be the bane of other peoples living if they can explain it away with health damaging nonsense about freedom as well – so I really have no idea.

We do hear it’s all a matter of wealth inequality but then again the reality has become that in the past all answers to wealth inequality was developed on tax payer funds, today it is developed on the need to catch early all bright talents and make sure others are sharing all the way to the end of their lives but we are sure however that they know what respect it and are aware anybody is prone to losing their temper and then they will ensure I am cordoned off at the jobs market which is more important than getting a day job and turn out to force me to work on my Books until it becomes a big business while they get on media to ensure the income ends up somewhere else of their choosing; it is not an unprecedented abuse of a person they say, it’s all for a greater fucking good they say and will say until somebody does their own as well – for my part their access is no longer tolerated here; it’s for those who buy my Books only.