The Politicians say I want to avoid all issues concerning a position to be taken over slavery and slave trade and it is utter nonsense; what we find each time these fools talk about a historical situation that is akin to walking down one of those City Centre markets that have doors on both ends, to have he guards and gate keepers shut both doors on you and catch you regardless of efforts you put into not being caught, which was then the last time you saw your parents for the rest of your life, it is more to them a case of such stupidities as how they would have been the equals of white people and people like me would have had to serve them which will get me clipping those stupidities and its popularity culture and celebrity insanity one more time before this one goes away all together. I mean I can see that the problem is that some stupid busy body opportunism money madness gits did get slaved and traded as well and it is almost amusing but I would fancy a condition where each time the idiots brought it up, it was not a matter of getting me to say it is bad while they supervised, it was a matter where they got serious about the fact it was a bad thing to have happened as nobody here is playing with them as such. If this nonsense persists, we may end up with a situation where I really want to know if slavery was a bad thing and then their camp will say that it was while mine will say that it was not and then we will gather facts on both ends for the gimmicks all together as it were. It’s the same way slavery spiralled out of control, pretty much the same way they claim I having it easy because I have made a deal with racists and pretty much the same way we find their whole stupid lives with that sense government office is where their wickedness can be made more profitable, is the means by which they hardly spend time on what the tax payer have paid for these days if they did rather have such nonsense as every idiot that is making their jobs easy making it easy by ripping up my academic work and finances to make them and their stupid children look good in public and so it is a question of how they supposed this madness would have played out during slavery and slave trade; where some affluent person travelled to Africa to see the world and returned with some black people to work in his House hold gave rise to busy body opportunism trapping people and kidnapping them to sell as goods and services? So that when the idiots think about the real way that slavery and slave trade works, we will find them make celebrity lifestyle from it, we will find them tell me I cannot get along with the Royal family that is not their family and whose friends they cannot decide nor can they decide who my friends should be as well all together and having a certain kind of sex with the boys from the yard will never stop what will happen the next time they show up here to tell me I need say slavery and slave trade was bad while they supervise as well with that big mouth. So in the end I get told there is a lot of anger festering against the white Communities which there isn’t here; when the legacy of slavery and slave trade comes each time it affects absolutely everybody white and green and black and whatever colour they might be; it is still the same insults we see the idiots we elect into government office practice all the time, where in my case there is always some conversation to have about how badly I have behaved when it comes to their need to amass some wealth and power for themselves, looking forward to something at my expense like a woman with a very bad upbringing who is also a whore, which they usually perform each time they think their business at parliament has gotten a bit boring all together; it is still the same insults about how badly a person should be treated for the benefit of a crowd. So, in my case we find whenever they say I need to talk about racism and slavery, its usually to do with them handling my property and telling me to run off and deal with some culture that decides what is to happen to peoples lives as they get to spend it because they are lazy and because they are women – hence it’s not a mystery why it annoys me so much all together.

They do say I am a coward and that is why I speak of it in such ways but I wouldn’t know what their interest with me was then if I were a coward all together – all I know is that this stuff is not a toy and the next time they bother me with it thinking it is a joke I am going to take steps that will ensure they understand it is not a joke and they are superior to nothing around here and will do my best to ensure those steps have a permanent effect too; none peddles my public image, none peddles my personal life, none peddles my faith and it is not negotiable. As for the fighting bit, that was an old story where its either them on one hand inventing these sorts of nonsense or society ones moving into your right hand to want you violently and want you perverted, so as to facilitate a process where they think they are in a certain part of your life where they can spend anything they wanted – much the same as the Politicians will explain the reasons they play up these sorts of practical jokes is to have cultures that exist to ensure they are being complained about and people cannot pass exams in school, chasing my bottom whenever they do not feel as though they were superior to me.

We can see they never grew up, so they do not exist in that condition whereby they have nothing to prove to another person all together, so the violence is very important to them, but I would fancy they had stopped taking up my time before they end up with something new to copy as continue with their stupidities thereof as it were. I do get told I do not mind if peoples children are unhinged and therefore do not care but its an old story of the fact I have had enough of their insanity showing up to threaten me because they need money and an easy life; I do not mind if they are unhinged at all – questions and bottom chasing is usually an indication of terrorists gathering information and since they are a group that attacks without question and gives none a chance, the business of what propels them to do what they do being a matter of the fact people are damned if they do and damned if they do not because it is simple disobedience is too expensive to measure against a human life even though they think that are carrying out an act that is related to military conflict. So, if these idiots take part in the bottom chasing to grab my public image for fame and fortune, they need to be out there as well like vagabonds being as unhinged as they bloody well wish. So, in the end – trade interests are intelligence and intelligence are the secret service and the secret service is security, those who go into the environment to make trouble should be as unhinged as they want to be, it is not where I get to care.

Eventually we hear that HM does not approve of what I do even though I think it is the Bees Knees – the reality of which is that what I do has nothing to do with HM in itself – as I mentioned before, it’s the same goons blabbing about slavery and slave trade while every aide that wants to make their jobs easier wants to make it easier at my expense; at the Monarchy it has created this sense that I share the Office with others and so we find they very publicly tell members of the Royal Family that one thing is the case and then when worked the Royals will find its mine and it becomes a question of whether there should be continuation or they should be told off all the time and then we see them hang around Parliament and the Monarchy blabbing which Royal Estate I have lost everyday with media and braindead Politicians and this is the very nucleus of the activities that get out of hand around here especially when it is said to have something doing with the Queen. They say I love to pick a fight with the media, which is not the case at all – what happens is that they pick up my projects and set about making a case of themselves in public with it and because they never get the job done, I cannot close the chapter and that means I end up with work where I did not expect in a setting that I did not expect where I least expected it; so it goes without saying that they need to get the jobs they take done properly having been they fancy two jobs where one pays them and the other exists to prevent another person having a job too. The truth about the Media goes beyond the fact that their mates are dying to protect civil rights else where in the world while they here spend time getting into alliance with society goons that want to kill those who have access to fame and fortune in order to grab it – it is far more wicked than that; the Americans call it reactivity and the Media the biggest source of reactionary nonsense in this Country that we have to deal with every day; so we find them at the centre of the case where it is said I expose myself too much, so the rest of the world learns about the Monarchy and makes a mess of it that way, which is not the case – reality is that Americans like British Politicians love the secret society stuff and its bottom chasing that never happens only when consenting adult type consent has been given but randomly, invasively and very perversely – so with British Politicians there is now enough hate for me to last a last time as the bit about staying off my Books and academics if they wish to detach me from my skin and live in it on account they claim to have jobs that decide what becomes of criminals was never good enough; the Americans are sort of champions of the business of making a lot of money without working for it, where it is usually one story after another, one accusation after another and one lie after another in very public places and nobody is making advertisement properly anymore because the socialist mistress statements have become the more important thing, hanging around my earnings and devising the many ways in which an income can be taken out of it, to tell me I talk like communist leaders America has got the better of each time I get round all of it and do my bit to deplete their takings at the markets as well, so I might wind them up for another 24 hours myself too – I am talking about the bit where the Politicians like their secret society gimmicks, where if you are a hero, then they will ensure the villainy issues and the bottom hurting gets the better of you and if you support women that are having a hard time like myself, then women must wreck your life and so on, building up to what they need gather from other peoples lives to make money in holly wood and though the sorts of gambling we see the British ones perform in parliament over slavery as slave trade as mentioned above, thinking I will one day become a victim when I am neither the biggest man in the world who attracts the attention of those who want to explore violence I can perform or the smallest people want to beat up. Contrary to exposing myself therefore of which it is largely a matter of going with them as far as it goes too, while they get to keep off my Books in the process and like I did the British Politicians I am doing both Republican and Democrat Politicians who will not let me be free from ending up in that in-between position they think is the destruction of many lives that they have been unable to control, bearing in mind when property does not legally belong to them it does not actually mean anything unless it did show up on mainstream media. So I am not exposing myself at all, what happens is that the vandalism we see them perform while Mr Trump is said to be the enemy for wanting to provide a sense of definition for what America wants from the British and its all about pillaging Canadian Interests for instance and the fact I have to do my one as well every time they have done their own. For my part, fighting them or not, it seems that each time I ensure that ‘it wants fat wife at home and sugar baby at work at a cost to me’ character does not get what it wants, always sees them interfere on the behalf of those who bother me in such ways, since fat wife at home will not have had a shared bank account with such idiots in the first place as it were, hence why I had to pay for it – same with them walking around selecting their girlfriend like they were preserving their genes and showing up here same size to do some taking means from kids gimmicks at me all the time, so that when I inform them I am not an option in their sexual activities, they do it and teach their children to at well, then issue threats about the commitment they had made to the problem all together an assumption there is really much they can do. As for my so called sexual behaviour, there is none at all; I am a Christian and not vulnerable to telling lies or stealing and various other activities of this sort but since I am single, every time I am messed with the first tripping point is likely the sexual one, so it is important some cracked up out of my league goons do not show up here and get committed to the problems to issue stupid threats later on. The reality is that like their Politicians they think culture exists to provide them a point at which they can ensure people are complaining about them, not passing exams in school and lives are wrecked all together and never really pay attention to the jobs they have, so there is actually nothing unusual about my thought pattern like most people think there is and the business of whether I am caught up in problems that will never go away is still the old business of their need to make money without working for it, as I mentioned, the issue at the heart of the nonsense we see on Media that they claim adds up to an advertisement all the time, garnished with socialist mistresses passing those insults around; so I have to be competent enough to damage their finances and their takings at the market everyday as long as it is done to me everyday as well, like I do get told I do not take the enmity seriously enough while I know I appear to exist on this planet so I can be handled by these idiots at a point where their nepotism works for them the best and it is also what my time should be spent on (as I mentioned its a matter of the fact they must ensure the heroes are beaten down by villainy and those who support women have their lives wrecked by women and various reversal of fortunes that builds up a sense of what liberal people who want to be rich without working for it need from the rest of us - so I am not disrespectful of Media if I can have my Court to myself and therefore get to chose which will be doing some sexual things that will cost them their jobs the way we get insulted and abused by their Community goons for it so they might sort out a future for themselves and breed the kinds of women they want to involve themselves with too).