Talk of a trouble I seek at Society Men of course - it does tend to indicate their need to build up on me a means of hurting me while I am unable to hurt them back while Politicians supervise and they all get together and complain about me has paid off in their view, which is also entirely deluded too. What we have done at this stage is develop from the various complaining about me which is a result of building up obfuscate nonsense around my public appearances to develop fame and fortune I am supposed to seek, which can then pass to others and when asked why they do it claim they need to have some right to lead people the way the Monarchy does but what they actually achieve is what we have started to see now after 15 years working on me i.e. damage University studies, follow me around and damage academic work, follow me around and damage finances and jobs, so that when they have need of my talents, what they can turn up and call on crowds and 'the People' to demand from me might be my sex and body type which again will make them invulnerable to what I am not vulnerable to while giving them the power to make me vulnerable to it; all of which while they complain proves to be a worthy use of my time in the first place - never mind the lies that it is civil rights and not a threat as it were, the lies that indicate their freedom actually looks anything like that. So it tends to make so much sense when we hear them blab about how people were raised and some were not meant to have an education in order to be successful but have turned out to demand it of Society, thus this was the correct way that such persons were to develop their future which tends to have been the business of society as it were; so it’s all one very big and violent totally depending responsibility and has damaged academic work and finances in order to get around showing I share what I know, not by writing my Books but my sex and body type which others should demand as well all the time and as ever it is because of civil rights and power and have no purpose whatsoever, while they are the ones being provoked, which is all so quite incredible but then of which I have had enough as well.

The most astounding facts of the EU Campaign like every other Public campaign is still the extremely provocative manner in which Journalist set up series of events and statements from leaders that will culminate in a need for me to divulge facts about the current state of affairs around my Books which facilitates its sales for Public interest; they do it with so much glee and such a awesome degree of abuse and violence that shows the nature of the problem itself - the other part of the story they believe they champion is that the extent of the greed of their Political counterparts is such that with the discovery of Crude Oil in the Falklands, English idiots are happy to break Scotland that they do not need apparently away from the UK and plan a future on it. I for my part had set out an ultimatum on these kinds of matters and it was a case where if my Book sales continue to fail into the beginning of next year because of their stupidities, I will find myself extracting market equity from them to encourage lending from financial institutions and will do it with a very extreme degree of destruction of glee and an abject lack of respect for them like I have learned here; these things are not taught at Church and I am a grown Man who is unlikely to have space for the game. The message has always been simple from the unbeaten; get on with what matters, avoid sources of stress if you are happy; Cheers all.

It has never been in anyway a matter of luck – it’s a case of that gay that used to get zero score every time during tests and exams when your Dad attended school wanting help from Politicians to make you into him socially because you are a religious person and wouldn’t mind and then getting such a help over and over and over and over again because Politicians wouldn’t mind as well. Nobody wants idiots like that messing with them but the tools that are a product of it in my case have now stopped their civil rights lying around my earnings and Book sales. I mean what they want are for instance being able to kill people by playing with areas of society they have messed up by lots of violent gossiping and sexual corruptibility because they envy all that babying I get from Women. Like that other story whereby I enjoy making such a mess which I then leave for Muslims to clean up and their youth want to have me beaten up or something; it would never make sense but it’s one of those opportunities in which I can address the 12 years of their stupid Women hiding inside communities to spend all day booing and mooing and cooing in my direction in the most abusive way imaginable, like the only form of abuse there was is sexual abuse and they had either experienced that or are immune to it and seek their stupid power through their stupid Men in such ways as well, turning my whole life upside down and making the presence of God around me into something that exists because I sleep with peoples wives, which their Political idiots make excuses of wanting to make use of me, so as to show off on Media as well, so they can lean on me and enjoy excuses that allow everything associated with how much of it they might enjoy in the process and everybody knows they will not have an Islam that threaten me at the end of it when I am finished as well. I can guarantee that the time it will take for the UK to become a Muslim extremist Country like the fucking idiots that like to envy and presume I am some kind of cheap shot to begin when whenever they start to fight each other, they will lose it all on the global stage and I will not stop there either. I have tried without success to search the web for a fitting image to attach to this, so it has to be published as it is like one other Topic on once did as it were.

CHANGES - 27 JULY 2016

The big case in these matters rather than the idea I have a control of nothing around me has always been the massive problem associated with total idiots getting used to telling others what to do; it is not the sense that the hope they will go away when you show them how stupid you really are is futility which is the problem, it is the fact that they want you to let them peddle your life to get rich and comfortable and famous because they have interpreted the processes of making money as one that is not associated with work but associated with lots and lots of partying. The cause of it has always been that of being envied by Millionaires that then set out to ensure that the idea I have no respect for them and their problems is down to an envy of the sort of Money I have not got which they rather do, hence set out to ensure every goon that sees my Books wants to creep into backdoors of companies and some of them end up getting jobs thereof while the rest become communities. Those that have gotten jobs from big companies in such ways have therefore become quite fond of threatening and usurping my income as well with the help of Media and I am no longer interested in anything they have to say about my actions as well due to the fact my bottom and tummy hurts and they are still behaving as though there is nothing to suggest I have had enough of them as well. Hence the question of whether I am dealing with some of the cleverest organisms of the planet, the answer for which is in the negative, contrary to initial feelings and perceptions whenever they set out to ensure a minute does not pass by without a condition whereby I take punishment from them, reasons ranging from the fact they have rights to the part where I said something nice about women and had to be punished because it affected those who need to control women in order to exist, thereafter which they gather women to themselves in a way that harms me and my reaction will bring more punishment, partly because of how I do not understand the effects of actions around such things which I have no wish to change or show remorse for and partly because they are stealing my property and income and want to be immune to the means and processes, even that which fosters the accusations, by which to do it – I am not dealing with the cleverest organisms on the planet and have had a second look at them to that effect and am no longer therefore interested in anything they have to say and will not allow the partying on my public life and assets to make money at the City Centre and Financial markets to occur as it is not the service I offer, which if it was, they would have been paying a worthy price thereof too and I am sure they are aware of that perfectly. Like they say I never blame them journalists for anything, whereas the link between listening to TV people and being financially worse off every day is becoming more and more obvious, contrary to the friendship and inclusiveness they claim they are persuading me to embrace. I mean it would not make sense to say that I am being made to accept living with homosexuality, as that would have no meaning or purpose, what makes sense is to insult my intelligence, claiming they want more out of society and from people like me while nobody actually knows what exactly they want from me save the fact everybody can see it is an endless test of evil and wickedness that means I am unable to breathe which is what happens when there is war, of which there isn't any. I do not have a problem with the matter of what they say about me and homosexuals, it just got dirty and that is that about it; the one where it is said I support Child sex abuse when children are messy and scary and are only okay when Parents have cleaned them up and do not wish to do it again and hence they have to behave, which is therefore the bit that is amusing - much the same as sexual assault, most of which happens to Women, when the amusing part of Women being brave is when they speak of the beating they take which you cannot, hence you do need to stop bugging them so if they are not the twisted evil type that work with other stupid Men on money insanity like most American Socialites that think everyone finds their stupidities and involvement amusing until it stops when it gets serious. Even now, the line of this conversation suggests their behaviour is due to the fact they have found a power that is greater than mine and that the lies Society goons tell by which their entire existence is about whether or not the rest of the world notices, constitutes stupidities that are regarded as better humility than my behaviour at the Monarchy when it is nothing but simplicity and anarchy.