Where the Labour Party fits into the picture now is Politically organised theft and ideological robbery that they do love to develop to a fault meaning that I am yet again to blame for a condition where leaders can claim they love the Country without actually singing the National Anthem but of course I have no idea why I am to blame anyway; we all know that Party does nothing but develop a suggestion that unless everybody is a legal practitioner, people will not be able to obey the law and it is either that happens in order for them to do so and thereby stop getting involved with people’s property and being really careful to observe if know better people such as religious people are having an effrontery to tell them how to live or behave, then the law will constantly have to change to suit them which then constitutes their civil rights and so it appears they think they have it all figured out but obviously have not - for if their disobedience damages my property any further, what I have done so far will pale in comparison to what I will get up to next.

There is that story of whether or not I can continue to deal with matters of Islamic extremism all together as well but I wouldn’t know anyway; all I know I know is that throughout the Middle East is a collection of leaders that create public state of affairs that is concerned with the claim that success is not a matter of what you have earned but what you get away with and as a result is this sense that Muslims are fundamentally misogynistic people – for my part however, stories about how westerners invade their country and I have an insolent guts to solve the problems for them when they are superior to me will continue rife as a complain every time I have to deal with nonsense about how their Countries are invaded by western powers but people like me keep their religion and enjoy life on the world stage; the one where I do mine in such a way that they cannot do theirs and it remains undone since it is not clearly  big idea yet that there is an effect when I behave in that way too.

It’s the great old story about every stupid woman having a need to get up on media and secure herself men that will threaten and beat me up because she wants to plan a life on my possessions, turning out to be seen around my concerns all the time while foolish men on the other hand who are not part of the idiots that will beat me up chose self improvements from it; when I kick them that first time I kick them so, the issue according to the Politicians will be that I am looking for trouble and they are only practicing their rights while I have a problem with freedom and democracy, when I kick them the second time it will then be all about a problem I tend to have with the freedoms of women and have no plans to clear my space until I make them. I don’t think it is a crisis on this front for my part anyway – it’s a matter of the number of times I get on my way to work and meet a stupid woman on public transport who in 15 minutes had settled what inventive nonsense will now exist on her right hand side and what stupidities will exist on her left and how I will end up on her right hand side where the inventive nonsense will affect me while on the left will be a new life that is easy and wealthy as a result of her taking a swipe at my person life and my faith and then finishes off with making a far reaching disposition clear on what she wants from society and culture goons who are supposed to work with popular culture big wigs to bully and have me beaten up and yet I have actually never met her before but it is a typical example of how their whole outlook in life starts to provoke me – the ones that are white and want to make friends with white people only, blacks that want to make friends with white and blacks that want to make friends with blacks and everything else in between, culminating in an inability to tolerate their celebrities who then think they want a piece of me all the time as well; I need them to get off my Book sales and clear my space and do believe I have made myself very clear about that position as well when I collect beauties that I collect so, considering that it is all my conveniences and my personal life and they need to get a real job – they do say I look beautiful but there is clearly more of that to collect anyway still as it were.

The case of denying I am dealing with a crisis is not an ego thing for the most part; I am not dealing with a crisis – it’s just that people and their politicians have now stopped telling lies i.e. when these fools enjoy getting on my space to talk nonsense about their problems and self improvement it is not because the only thing that gets jeopardised is the fact that somebody thought my Books were good enough to be purchased, it is because there is also the only aspect where there are the white boys in positions of management that cannot do anything pertaining to career unless they have some strange cultural power supporting them as they do, which villainy Politicians like to tell lies about – it is not because these people do not know what they are doing and I therefore care about their problems especially when they are black like I am and disobediently destructive to a fault and regularly get up on my space to talk nonsense all the time, claiming  I am the kind of man they get to take advantage of which I know I am not of which we already have a history and they hate my guts for and even if I were do not want to be anymore, hence the problem they have at present as it does get to point – or because they are unaware that damaging my finances exposes me to Industry people that are really difficult to control while I have to run a business, since walking down the streets can easily mean they have insolent saloon cars and can take a bit and line up to take a bit as they drive past then give me a real problem later at public life and global markets. They speak of how I am not interested in wealth distribution people are fighting for but of course what they really do with their wealth distribution is set out government office organised robbery and theft, where they make out I am not Royalty but I get targeted, where their media idiots get off on public media to encourage whole communities to turn out at my work place to get conveniences from my Christian personal life and feel good about things knowing it is a very hurtful and violent thing to do to others and get off to seek our privileges of injustice as well while their foolish mothers tell tales of disappearing children that were young and free because a Christian likes to tell people what to do and think I am joking when I make it clear I prefer their punk and popular culture nonsense better when they are getting big bad boys to beat me up instead; I have made myself clear on this story; the next time their disobedience and theft damages my property, what I have already done will pale in comparison to what I will do next.

They do say I refuse to pay attention to people attacking me to complain about the number that have been killed by the British Army on my account but then again they have no wish to confirm or discuss the number of times Muslims hack into my computer to steal fighting skills for Islamic Militants – so usually it is a conundrum for me as to whether to get angry about it or not since a process where they complain is normally primary indication that somebody had gotten shot by the security services or something. For them however it’s that old tale of pretending that I am really stupid and that a government office being handled in such ways would not mean everything is being jeopardised and relations with Russians or even Chinese cannot be maintained because somebody will copy and go to Africa and the Middle East to make money because where money is being made, he has to make some as well besides which he is doing it to those he knows inside of him that he is superior to and it is their insults that will kill them as it were – I may die for something else, it is their insults that will kill them all. So the Political side of their stupidities concerns the part where if people die by violent means, there has to be some form of consolation for them because it is an outcome that the living cannot possibly imagine and yet women hate war and they hate women and it is a story that will never end while they chase my private parts all day long and can detach me from my public life and seek it or generally swipe me and tell me what to do. So they are going to assume I am stupid and spy on me to steal some skills for Islamic Militants, then turn up to exhibit themselves all over the place to make all the other problems look like a picnic in their view which as we can see has no real chance of happening – I mean the celebrities exhibiting themselves is one story, this is something else. So that I do get told that my word and actions indicate I hate women as well, which is utter rubbish; the only reasons I say those things is because I have financial problems and those financial problems that make me a plaything for women that I am really not a plaything for is because of Politicians robbing the Royal Estate; they say I am not Royalty but cannot do anything without robbing it and nobody really can tell which is which anyway but what is obvious is that they think they are above the law and that if I am asked to stand in front of a shop as a security guard to prevent goods being damaged and stolen I have not got a clue what I am doing or saying – their prognosis is that when I talk about robbery, it is the burglary I spoke about yesterday which is a career for those who practice it and you can smell them tracking you when you lose your bank card or take money out of the cash machine and then forget it etc, waiting for a time when you will start earning good money and an opportunity to strike, which society idiots like to abuse and mix people up for so when the only advice others are pained to listen to all the time is that they should trust nobody, it tends to work as a social policy – that it is what I am talking about when I warn of what I will do the next time their disobedience damaged my property; they do like to think they are above the law and will get that stupid culture and society back from me because if they are MPs they can always steal from people and organise whole communities to rob people without consequences; My Assets and products have stopped being sweeter when popular culture stolen as it were after 15 years and that is a start.