Now they do claim I never do a thing about racism naturally about which I would usually have said that they were not in charge, however it does seem that they are really in charge when it comes to the racism issues all together and its clearly the only part where they are in charge. What really happens is the business of training their minds so often on getting around building a crowd that makes them feel they are important and now they cannot build one without incorporating a process of making me feel very distressed over social and wealth equality, which makes it easy for them – it leaves them then with the means to say that I never behave like a civilised person, when civilised as far as they were concerned is to make a mess of peoples livelihood and career in such ways as the basic process of having a job and then returning home to become some docile normal person with a family to provide for, who has no compunction that gets them wondering what will happen if they build it up too high and it falls back on them or the person they are messing with passes away on their account, what we have is that stupid face showing up on media to express its sense of disobedient dominance, claiming I have practiced what I am doing for a very long time when it is a simple process of making sure they are out of their depth as well like they make everybody else considering I have warned them endlessly about those communities of violent lasciviousness by which all these things are possible on account there is always an idea of what to do to me and an idea of how I wait somewhere until it is done. Despite being warned that what they are complaining about will never end until this had stopped first.

What they mean when they say I am a coward which is the reason I am also a tortured soul, really is that people are getting punished all the time on my account and sometimes it’s a mortal outcome and it happened between society people and the gay people who are allies of the rich and successful – apart from that, it’s usually a matter of the fact their temper is overwhelming and completely relentless but what is to be done when they are angry entirely relies on others as perversely as possible and it never stops. The details will be the one where they never look for trouble on their own lives and property and of course when you do get into trouble it will have had nothing to do with you but in my case there is also the community of violent abuses setting out a state of affairs that means I am the point at which people can get ideas for freedom, success and fame, so there is always a sense that whatever I do is to be grabbed by somebody, leaving me to explore their insanity instead while my Clients at the Book shop are never safe and they were busy looking for more privileges of injustice from the Politicians but my personal favourite will be the outcomes in which when I say I am not homosexual it’s not enough for them and then there will be the female Political fools telling me that instead of having some homosexual sex, I will then set about clinging to my religious beliefs at any cost to the entire world. I do get told I quite enjoy the part where I get away with everything but it does not work that way; these guys are very good at looking for trouble and must always be allowed to find it – it’s always completely relentless but you must see past that and onto their daily concerns instead and then there will be the difference between being bombarded by their trouble seeking especially the motorist bullies and the daily concerns they were really interested in, since for them courage means starting a fight and using other people’s lives to get it done, so that when I do their own as well, I will then have gotten into trouble. They do say that I do not think the needs of young people is a matter of prime concern and I probably don’t, since I do not remember putting a band waggon behind me to raise awareness regarding the need to show respect for the riches of the millionaires with regards to my livelihood but it’s always a bunch of pests in suits telling me I would never say what I am saying where it really mattered. Like their Politicians, it is obviously not sustainable to drop out of University over these things, since it means that I will one day run out and they will go without, while the Politicians are the ones that will experience the same if I am always being attacked by culture goons keeping an eye on my personality while they threaten me because they make me smell and build shopping centres on the basis of hurting my bottom with the help of Public transportation operatives, I am going to run out that way and they will go without. They do go from being a bunch of culture and society trouble makers getting rich on the back of those who have wealth but are not grounded routine of course, instead of do what they must the proper way, to claiming what I say will never make it better while I never say a thing to make it better as I am rather busier spending their civil rights, since we know it will gather in its three main categories of criminals, get rich quick goons and always right idiots who have no clue what they are talking about tackling the Police instead of sorting out their main problems but when it builds its own civil rights equities that will let it trade and run small business, it is built entirely by making sure I am writhing in pain somewhere – so my Empire and business of breaking it up to broker equities with other companies as my genius plan will ensure I own a business into the future that is meaningful, happens to be very expensive for them when each spending of the equities they build up at their civil rights is meant to rectify the damage that they have done. It’s as they say that when I dropped out of University it was all my fault and it wasn’t; the Lecturers were the main problem – they could never stop making inferences about what the Labour Party wanted at my expense and the feedback to me was one where I was not being taught properly while they got their freedom and new ways they can change things, so that when they eventually made more aware of the fact I was relentlessly handled in this way on account mine was really big like we hear their stupidities colloquially understand these sorts of misery they inflict on others, my ability to keep myself upright dropped to the bottom – then there was the part where I decided I needed to let them know I was not comfortable with other people’s original provocation that will never have justice done it because there will be other little ones taking up peoples time barely criminal existence, even the Labour Party Prime Minister at the time who was Gordon Brown, got in on the act and came to the University for it too; at the time I thought it was a relief I had dropped out as it meant I could develop better plans and get better at handling it but it seems they are determined to ensure they got a response and that I did not just sit down somewhere blaming myself and a response is what they will get. They do point out the trust issues I have in the same way they claim I sneer at the rich – for the trust issues, what happens is that Journalists get involved with my concerns because they are certain they have no major career outlook and only need nurse the career they currently have to retirement, so the Men who always get worse when they get what they want invited themselves into my concerns, made a mess of it year after year since and have been wanting privileges of injustices for the consequences I dish out as well each time like other people’s existence is really about them and for sneering at the rich, people need to respect what the rich are doing with me or their own will get it too (It’s a very complex matter; for their part, they appear unable to tell that if a Company owner or manager follows me on my social media, it adds up to a specific relationship – then there is the part where there are various other forms as well and the most outstanding will be the one where Assistant Manager in a Company follows me while the Manager does not, when he or she gets results, the manager could think it’s okay, the manager could think it adds up to rivalry, the manager could want to join us – therefore impossible to understand if everything is always a gimmick for them, so that it may have facilitated a business where their part in the matter was the one where everything I do become toxic immediately after I had done them.), as for being in a state of worry however, that was an old story where it applies to me for instance, that my manners are making people worried and each time I had pointed out their involvement encumbering my Academic work for years on end, they flip it up again and tell me its the one that better people took from me even as I speak all together - thereby making a clear case for people who do not wish to live in a worried Nation.