Its never enough when we have media fools get up on Public places to pass incessant insults at me, apparently their problem is that they want to feel safe and secure while I have a writing business that could potentially save them a lot of work and they need to build a crowd for that and make the process amusing. I mean it goes beyond the fact they are so stupid that it takes years to accomplish this and there is need for very abusive lies and destructive manner of handling my property to keep low my finances until they had, just as we all try to avoid attacking people because they were stupid, so I might be stuck with them and see them make the excuses to carry out such behaviour as they go along. Its never really a difficult decision for me to make, they want to be safe and secure from problems I did not create by setting out that I have a Book writing business that could potentially save them a lot of work and it is full of threats, derogatory insults and distant violence and I intend to stop this nonsense that does not affect their families and is not in their job description starting by stopping their Celebrity and Media fame, I intend to do it in such a way that we will hear the stupid rascals have been getting about doing things they believe will get me into trouble for their part as well; it’s the same behaviour all round, speak of the barely legal and you open up a can of worms to find they have been seeking provocation their stupid Politicians can make laws on while the abuses they perform is recently invented, the excuses made up as they go along and when I drop out of University it becomes the main point of their fun and not the stage where they realise they are about to get into trouble as well, garnished with an endlessly intolerable process where idiots are found at Industry communities blabbing how nobody knows who the hell I am as they try to make money and have some sex. They have all the tools available to them now i.e. complains about how they want to be safe shows one part of the whole thing has been developed aka people they can go to when they want to perform stupid behaviour they think is a danger to me, the other being that they have media to continue a disobedience with my Books, finances and public image that makes me breathless with and now I am giving them full information on what I want from it, so they should be ready to go all together; I suppose idiots in suits clowning around a proceeds of causing me to drop out of University while they passed their exams to rip up futures is one thing but it does cease to be such fun when it gets a bit serious; their mantra is a need to see me face difficulties over the world that Men live in but of course the reality of it is that what they say is impossible to understand, they do not believe they are bloody idiots and will likely hurt or kill somebody claiming they were not given time to sort themselves out and I have given them enough of mine; there is always the personal life they have which they believe is a secret place where nobody gets to see how stupid they are and how much amusement they get from their civil disobedience and then the public place insults and abuses that add up to a practical joke they make a show of themselves with i.e. if it hurts people it will say it was not given time to sort itself out; they do say I am a coward and its because I like to think their insults are things they wish to do with their time and not what happens because they are so successful I believe they have the right to address me in such ways but in the end, they need keep off my Books unless they actually wrote it all together with those big mouth on Media or it will end in regret as per how so much better they would have been if they paid attention to the job in hand.