We hear of this tales of Christians being infidels all the time and it is usually so annoying since people want to talk about Christians as infidels but do not wish to have conversations about it all together; not quite clear how the Bible forbids Polygamy and Islam approves of it and if Infidelity is a matter of the number of women you associated yourself with, Christians were infidels and it was also easy to prove anyway; what I know is that the people they refer to as infidels have nothing to do with Christians and some may have been raised from a Christian background more so but have nothing to do with Christianity as a whole, never worth discussing so that every goon that wants you to think about his plight when he hurts another person might get around attacking some infidels. I do get told its an example of me criticising these things and also those who criticise it but the truth of this matter is that they have no idea what evil looks like but are most interested in one thing concerning the business of getting onto religious platforms to issue stupid judgements. So it does not work for me talking about infidels as much as it works unnerving them talking about their propaganda business with Russians all over the Middle East and those Warehouses they have erected to get rich by.

Now they say I ought to agree with the fact that my parents know better when it comes to my needs and it would never be clear exactly why people believe they want to talk about the relationship I have with my parents as a substitute for reading my Books whenever they get involved with me and my writing career anyway, I only know it is a form of narcissism that Politicians enjoy so much and cannot stop providing leadership for at a National level, as though there was absolutely nothing whatsoever that I could do about it. I mean without the Celebrities being high on Class A drugs, so that when they take up the business of running a career that says they know where my Books are being produced and it has been deployed to make them comfortable, which everybody should share as well, they had boundless energy to deploy for it ripping up everything around here year after year, it was already a problem that was big enough for a lifetime and being set up by parents to be vulnerable to such nonsense thus could not possibly have meant according to these goons, that the parents have behaved in a supportive fashion all together the last time I checked as it were – my disposition now is to ensure my Finances are always so thin that it is only enough for me, wife and children, to deplete the prospect of relatives turning up here to make a mess and I cannot continue to destroy my property forever – their stupidities need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around. We all know what they tell other peoples wives and daughters at the Political system adds up to the things we see women do because they have been promised that they will become the centre of attention if they did but I am a writer and the only means by which they get involved with me without reading my Books are the fact I gave away some information which helped to save lives, no idea why this makes me so vulnerable to wealth inequality issues preaching Liberals and Socialists anyway, I only know it is rotten to the core, talking nonsense at me all the time.

They claim there is nothing I can do about it and yet if we considered the business of those whose jobs depend on keeping a Public image show up on public places to put names to their faces and haul insults at others that they believe tended to make them important, only to stand up somewhere and seek another personality separate from the one they had created, at another person’s expense – if we considered the business of people turning up in Government building to pretend they were wild dogs and members of the Public were pieces of meat and got off talking about them in terms of their families and relations with parents like they do with others endlessly – if we got off doing these things as a separate arrangement from the jobs that got to their heads, just so we might be able to breathe for the stupidities that depends on us for everything because of them, we would end up in a situation where we had the license to do just about anything. So as it stands, it was clear that each time they tackle me and I set out means to ensure when they got bullied they could fight but nothing they did would ever be sufficient, what I want them to understand is that I need those communities of gits they have gathered up and brainwashed with ideas about what they can to do me for self-advancement and self-improvement, to be disbanded, if they were complaining about the discomforts the way I complain about their own too. It does feed into that claim they make of some power play at the Monarchy which Politicians have the right to be suspicious about, while what happens is that other peoples personalities are up for Public debate and I am said to be thinking in an unusual say when I mention the facts I have mentioned above concerning the idea they think they are invulnerable. When they ensure my personality is debatable, it goes beyond the communities they have built up with ideas about what to do to me abusing me with bad habits and insults to something of me walking around the streets as if I am a conqueror while they were the real thing, so all hell breaks lose when it is time for me to move on if I had been spending most of my time supporting others that were detached from their personalities so people can move into their right hand and then beaten up to ensure they never think of that part of their lives ever again i.e. there is no power play at the Monarchy which their stupidities has a right to be suspicious about – as for the unusual thinking of mine, they have always rather loves to make out I had stolen a personality that they should be deploying at Political Offices for making decisions which affect the lives of criminals and it has always meant that although we live in a consent society, if they want to enjoy some narcissism being a consummate narcissist on my bottom, they will calculate me and insult and abuse and groom me into the disposition, make it okay on Media and get whatever sex they wanted from me and while they are at it, are wondering if the warnings about damage to my academic work and finances will ever mean that when I got my hands on those stupid societies, it would be the last time that they got to keep and enjoy it too.

I have never taken a liking to financially well of psychopaths like I have ended up with a reputation that says I would tolerate any insult and any rubbish they threw at me as such; we all know the bloody idiots have been issuing those insults and threats about beating me up when they want to extract money from my property with their stupid media and Celebrity culture for over a decade now and that it never stops unless I really wanted them to disband those stupid communities that have ideas on what to do to me on grounds it meant I could never step outside of my door without smelling like the last thing I ate while their big mouth blabs about abstracts and thinks my Books are a point of contact for their gimmicks all the time – the only way that these idiots would talk with clout when they communicate is when they are poor, such that when you speak with somebody and cannot tell when his stupidities veered off towards a conversation about the extent of your powers, you are rather clear nothing you did with them was worth it, but when the scum have money they tend to cover this behaviour with the sense and idea that they were very important people and it is what important people did. So we are still dealing with the old reasons I am always targeted i.e. something about when I was a Child and heard of the fact Men always want women to get stuck in some back breaking work after another that is not paying anything in order to make them feel comfortable and it seems I may have underestimated it for my part; when it shows up here to ensure that I did all the work and it made the money to save its stupidities from bottom hurting issues associated with getting a job, it issues those stupid threats at me because it thinks it has been able to decide how I should exist to make its insane self comfortable but I do not work for them, I am not on their payroll and I do not show up at a work place they are facilitating to make demands, if people were also wondering why their Bosses did it in the first place. At which stage it will be said I have escalated the issues for employers while reality has always been that most of the Employers broker equities with me and I am talking about what I have already provided for – such that they claim I show up at the companies to make demands while the Books I write have titles and descriptions to them, besides which they never work on the businesses, so the markets are stale and they want to improve the market of their business empires by taking advantage of a business empire I had broken up to broker equities during a recession, claiming as insultingly as possible that the empire I have got only exists in my head, at the same time – always tending to finish off its stupidities when displayed with the idea I am risking war while we know it cannot let me be when the prospects of beating me up is so small on its part, cannot let me be when the process of learning to be a bad person is counter productive and the business of expecting fellow general public goons to fill in for them in order to make them good at it is failing on account they will not keep their stupid selves off my case.

So eventually we find that it feeds into this matter of the Army thinking Patriotism is a red flag for racism being something that I would agree with but is rather wrong: while we all know what happens at the Military is that an average Captain knows his Geography subject to degree level and knows his Maths as well too, because of the prospect that if he enemies can understand a terrain and calculate where their artillery will land better than they did, they would pay for such mistakes with their lives – so the patriotism was always a distraction and we all know that when people are finished with service duties, they find it difficult to get around the general public most of the time, because of the activities of the Patriots. This is usually the stage at which it is decided that I am a typical example of how the Military allows small people to beat up people that are bigger, which is utter nonsense – what happens is for instance the assumption that I am not going to rip up their Celebrity culture over this matter and that the Celebrity culture is indestructible but we all know I have to at personal expense get around the business of supplying people with resources and information to ensure that I did not just tell them to keep off crime and gangs when I knew they would get involved anyway, while at the same time the Celebrities and ripping through the lives of the small people who play tricks on big bad people to take their lives with them and set up somewhere safe; something the Sierra section of the Military relies on to know where peace is located, to be human beings and to communicate. These are the decisions and choices we are having to make and each time we smell of it, we know we are being abused and mocked for it; the Celebrity culture I will rip up to ensure I can step out of my door without smelling like what I last ate, due to those stupid communities of insolent goons they build up with ideas about what to do to me and then it will stop the way I want it; the leadership of the Politicians on the other hand was always a story of wanting to decide how I existed on this planet and how that existence was set to make them comfortable, once done, we find they had set out an alliance with a very mean cunt who never stops and never applies thought to any of her stupid actions.

They do claim nothing I say or do will ever put me in a safe disposition from this nonsense but we know it was invented and set out on Media as a means to ensure I could be taken advantage of and they like to think of themselves as the meat grinder champions – what really happens is that for everything I do and say the idiots will interfere and then come up with ideas on some back breaking work I am going to do, one after the other which is not paying a thing – it seem then that I am unable to keep my career above their civil rights practical jokes, especially when they have those meant cunts passing about those insults and making excuses to continue with it; getting off to get involved with not the financially better off part of male society that really has no business with them or the good one but the ones that will enhance the idea they think they are other peoples personal Gods and will come to their aid in a violent situation and then becoming completely incapable of seeing that the lives of these men will be completely wrecked due to their involvement with my concerns and somebody will fuck their arse before I got beaten up. Women hurt my bottom too and they do it all the time; they are supposed to be able to creep behind you and beat you up when you are a threat to them, it was not meant to be something that was made available to some goon that can deploy it to take advantage of somebody a quarter of their size in order to provide mean idiots with fame and Celebrity status; I have warned them about it and for now am handling it in terms of the fact they get it as they have demanded it but they are running out of time and I am about to begin a process of having it done in terms of what I want. Some say this business of encouraging the bad things women do is unacceptable which is utter nonsense; I mean most women do not notice the fact people never carry on with own concerns without trying to talk and appeal to others the way women do as disobediently as possible and it is always a woman they know personally and intimately, it is what I mean when I say ‘I am never getting my own’ – here they want to talk like me and walk like and think like me and want to peddle faith and personal life when I have an Arch Prince’s Office to provide for and I am going to rip up their society too.

I am told I do not appear to be vulnerable to the anxiety that others suffer which I am not; its an old tale of service providers doing what they do, people who simply want municipal sensibilities to be the corner stone of their whole lives doing whatever it is they are doing but there are a group of fools that have always wanted to play around with my finances until I am vulnerable to the insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of the general Public which they will use later as leverage for the purpose of planning their lives on my Wallet for being a less superior person to them who got off to own something really big; it does need to keep off my Books and stop following me around as I have become very determined to rip up the Celebrity culture – I mean since they started 14 years ago, more serious things have happened, such as me dropping out of University at the precise point at which the economic crisis that was brewing took gold of the world to improve my prospects, which clearly does not mean anything to their stupid and famous selves in anyway, so we are still dealing with abusive nonsense associated with how they steal things off my computer, websites and even pick up bits off my Books to feed to the Public in a way that ensures they got to share power and control sections of crowd. They claim I criticise other peoples decisions and beliefs, then find I am unable to deal with their challenges, its utter nonsense as the typical example of what happens is when they say they need commit sins, so that when they preach against it, they will have had a history that shows people they knew what they were talking about, once they realised that I did not fancy it and did not need to, I could no longer enjoy my immediate surroundings in the neighbourhoods and it did not matter to them what extremists did with that.