The case of me being abused and attacked by Politicians and how they love doing it and will never stop is nothing unusual but as for the stopping bit, the process whereby a bunch of idiots will get off and enlist in Political Parties to get the Public giving them jobs in Government buildings for the purpose of exhibiting such stupidities has not yet become a main concern around here, as we can see it is the yardstick by which they will stop no bad behaviour. As for the bragging aspects and those other goons that enforce their will in Public, we hear those lies being told endlessly while they have not stopped inventing stupidities by which to handle me and make me sick to my stomach since 2003 and yet we are counting their transgressions around here in terms of since 2008 when I dropped out of University for it and that we are now living at the tail end of 2018 which is a pretty long time to tidy up and get the academic work finished the last time we checked – it leaves me wondering which part they suppose I should take responsibility for when they complain that I have stopped access to fame but will not let me be as if we were mates all together, personally which I do wish the idiots will stop doing some damage around here in order to get off in Public places and find ways of being more important than I an Arch Prince, leaving them an entitlement to run with that means they can never keep their hands to themselves, such that the processes of addressing those whose bills they are not paying is worse than the way they address their own children, in my case, as if they can afford the Royal Bills and is usually completely uninvited as it were – for my part I think that I am about to oppress them with the use of employment as a tool.

It feeds into this case of the problem I appear to have with Americans which is the part concerning a bunch of idiots who always have to solve their problems in terms of other people’s lives and existences; they complain and my bottom hurts for it, they have problems and my bottom hurts, they have needs and my bottom hurts, soon we enter a phase where they start to brag about persons and things they own which work for them and if they started to tell me they made it and were successful while I didn’t which is what hurts me the most, I am going to teach their American stupidities a lesson that it will never ever forget. Again, in terms of taking responsibility for some part of it, I dropped out of University in 2008 because of them and we are still dealing with the same issues in 2018 every day and they would rather every other very difficult and complicated means by which what they are complaining about ends is considered instead of the part where they had stopped handling my Books and had stopped following me around while they were at it.

 I do get told it does not make any sense if I feel that way but there is a sense that I fancy Celebrities never the less, which is utter nonsense – what really happens is that I have people I share a history and memory with and the truth concerning their activities is that it is slimy, oily, dirty, homosexual corruptibility corrupt and cannot keep its stinging insults mouth shut, especially when it enjoys the effect that not doing so has on people’s career and does not tend to see itself as a bloody idiot for most of the time; they are corrupt and my relationship with Celebrities is some sort of Marriage, so if I do not beat down their corruption, my relationship with Celebrities will become rather sexual. As for what the Celebrities are doing here, it’s a matter of National security service friendly popularity, which has something to do with how in terms of the Police, people had to get by with a criminal in their midst and the criminals ended up exasperated too and said something passionate and it ended up in a song, letting the rest of the world around him cope with existence basically, especially being done by Popular culture celebrities, while other main entertainment Celebrities are a little more affiliated with the aesthetics of the Hermitage than the Popular culture ones are all together, which is very good for very young people. That said, the reality of it is that nothing about Celebrities is every straight forward – it may pick up something I did with Public Office to make popular culture and its purpose might have been to help girls put boys out of their heads at school but when deployed by a Radio DJ to help people keep bum chasers out of the head it will have exactly the same result, the fall out then being what they do for a living and not what I do for a living, could never make out why people have a need to bother me with it, which does not do anything to change the fact that I want to see them lay off doing it as well to tell me they can because it exists and is available, while we know they do it and then attack recruitment processes that the security services carry out. As for the Industry ones; it will show up because I had put together a bundle of Equities in a Book and am trying to sell it to my Broker Clients, then it will express itself all over the fact I have people who share history and memory with me in a relationship which I must nurture and look after, so that the part where the activities of these Political goons was corrupt and my relationship with Celebrities was a kind of marriage is the bit that helps it break my whole life into pieces, then make products out of the bits and sell it to Clients instead of buy a Book and make use of the Equities that I had put in it all together, wanting to annoy me some more, it will follow up its motorist insults and bullying with abuses that should show its stupidities makes it very important, about which I intend to ensure there is enough suffering and pain dished out to earn me some complaining too, over everything that interferes with the earnings processes associated with writing the Books and putting myself out there to look after and defend it.

I mean a Woman’s work is never done, this is what they say all the time and yet when it comes to the fact that employment no matter how beeline always involves a process of putting your head down and paying attention to details, knowing a simple process of moving an item from one spot to another can be as complicated as the fact if you had failed to do it in terms of the training given, the product might get damaged and a whole line of products might be lost which is enough money to pay for 50 graduates all together – what the idiots are usually more interested in is having a problem with the fact women are always complaining at the background of Public living because they want to take it over and do it, have no wish to put their head down and do the employment in terms of unskilled Labour and have no wish to attend school and pass the exams without relying on civil rights to fix it for them in terms of the skilled Labour and we can see that the Woman’s work is never done bits is that about which they have a foggiest Clue what their stupidities were talking about. For my part it’s now translated to the business of telling me which part of Town may be a problem for their plans into the future if I lived in it but it would take some 4 years to complete the academic work and get out of that part of Town for them all together while they have not yet stopped handling me 100% making it a wish that was easier for them to say than for it to be a reality all together and I think I am going to complete the academic work in other ways and then they will never have it all together.

I mean there is hardly any other way to make it clear to these guys that the business of setting about ripping up everything I own and then showing up on Media to lap up my Public image after running off Communities that have plans to do things to me is a thing that must stop if the situations they are complaining about is to improve – we are not friends and I do not feel any sensation of compunction towards the fact I am good at making sure they were past it at the fame and the career and the Politics, which ensures they are primed and ready to solve social problems all the time as well. What we hear instead is that the Tories want to do racism on me which is really difficult to understand how, since we already know they love to spend tax payer funds on ethnic minority trouble makers, so when they spend money on racists they can tar everybody with the same brush and set about targeting those who dare to have what they don’t but like we can see Jeremy Corbin is in a Relationship with ‘Voldemort’ which is why everybody is hurting in the bottom, when this becomes a main concern of mine that I can make an example out of like I have done with the Labour Party, I am hard pressed to make sense of any racism that they will be able to exhibit thereof when I am done and we are not talking about the Celebrities either, when I get hold of their own, when I am their bitch and a woman’s job is never done, I will not be deploying it to solve public problems until I wreck it, so they might become the women whose jobs are never done all together as well. It does feed into the case of me talking but being bullied by society people while no such thing is happening – we all know that when it’s being nice it has wrecked my academic work and I have driven its involvement corruption stupidities into a corner that leaves it telling me there are areas of town which when I live in is not good for them to live in anymore and I cannot just get off and depart those areas of Town when I need to complete an academic work in the first place and the process will take about 3 and a half years and when it’s not the fact that most Bush drivers who have an imagination that goes up my Bum are not half my size talking nonsense about the Double Decker and how I would not want to get between it and the roads, so when I respond, I will have set out a sense that people cannot do Public transportation jobs in peace anymore – same as the boys blabbing rubbish all the time when I want them to do social problems as I am not doing it but plan to supervise, since we can see the only relationship they have with me is to handle me and make me sick to my stomach then tell lies because they know I never sit around dreaming of going off to rub shoulders with boys in their cliques. It goes without saying that they can easily end what they are complaining about by ending every fun processes of handling me which are usually started off by Politicians who leave the rest to them and expect a response by which I shall me bullied and made a mess of and especially when it does not translate into building that stupid tribalism shit that talks nonsense about what they want to do to me, just as equally as they were always better off when I say they need stop showing up near my Books whether or not it is designed to sell their culture and society and pay bills to correct the damage their popular culture and celebrity culture has done here and stop following me around. What is really happening with them is that they pick up what I do and build it up somewhere that will help them tell their friends that I am their bitch who has moved left of them – it tends to mean that people can handle it and set about hurting me, people may want to handle it and set about attacking me to ensure I do not stop it and so on but I don’t know why people bother anyway, it’s my life and not their own, they need to let it be as I am also determined to see whatever it is that damage your own and work you over a decade to make you really angry over the damage thereafter because they could never keep their hands to themselves and then become violent enough to protect your own when people have developed a thirst for such behaviour society idiots can do about me exactly as it were. They do claim they want to see me do something violent which I have no idea how they expect to extricate anyway; the Politicians want gladiators out of people because they are at the very helm of this business of seeking out those who have abilities that serve them and then making mess that ensures those who are actually helping them cannot help the self and this is why I ensure that society people were hurting their bums and providing them security services for it, just as we can see that when society people cannot live with me and I am not going anywhere until my academic work is done to facilitate such a move it brings about an outcome where they had stopped handling me and in order to ensure I am spending time with what really matters to me, I need to make that business of not handling me happen at a 100% rate but so shall we keep an eye and see what next the idiots will do to make a mess of it then stand up at parliament to issue threats and abuses that run all the way down the counties until the society goons build imagination that goes up my anus, only to tell me I waste my life and blame others when we know if the energy was spent, not on clearing out whatever is bothering them but on running a Book shop, we would not be having any of these sorts of conversations all together.

Sometimes they even claim that it’s all a matter of my inadequacies which I don’t have as the only thing that makes them feel as though they are more important than I am is their insults first of all which is usually a manner of addressing or handling me that is worse than they do their own children when they are not paying my Bills and I have more authority than most of them do –but also the business of damaging my property which they have done since 2010 and hence the only reason I am not selling Books thereby facilitating the reasons they are more important and then it all comes down to me being undercut at the basic instincts such as feeding and so on, in order to secure a reaction that says I would have loved to have the cars they have since I could have sold it to facilitate my Books better. I have issued the warning on this as it will not give me a breathing space until I start to issue my own forms of damage and destruction in kind every time that they do it but while they complain they should know building tribalistic nonsense at their communities that talks rubbish about what they want to do to me is the insult that brews the consequences they are talking about, even so bearing in mind that engaging with people we do not know in the wider world is normally a harsh experience all by itself hence they are not going to make out they were unaware of what they are doing and top up their stupid sense of privilege at my expense the stupid sex drugs and rock and roll blowing off the proceeds of their disobedient insults on media to get a response for the damage they think will never be punished every day or I will get after that Celebrity culture again; everybody knows it’s all a matter of people wanting to be connoisseurs that enjoy fine living, food and wine, by letting good looking stupid girls into my life to do whatever they liked – it’s nothing to envy and for my part I have had enough of them.

We hear their Politicians have continually made out I have adopted a disposition which has allowed me get around securing some sense of property holdings which belong to the British State and likewise we also know that the reasons such conversations show up is because they had left their jobs and showed up to have what I have first of all, which access can be stopped if the Crown wanted it and hence such conversations are simply meant to be an indication that those who are actually paid to do Government work have abandoned it and instead chose to chase a vanity associated with those who are supporting the Head of State all together; it’s a damn squib of course but well it happens and the process of being annoyed because I am protected by the Queen is never going to diminish obviously for as long as it persists. They do speak of the reasons I am targeted naturally and also of how I am wrong somewhere all the time – while the reasons I am targeted is because of the same old business of people threatening me to handle my person and Public image and get me dropping out of University over it as they threaten me every time they need money and the main premise for that was the fact they are wicked and evil, since realised that getting killed on my part will not facilitate the progress of their wickedness or let go of the ones I had detached from mainstream living, so they want to come up with a series of plans that will get me killed in a condition that will facilitate their evil, adding then to stupidities at Government Office I have warned them about, which runs along the lines of Communities with ideas of what they want to do to me, looking for more of what they were complaining about. The bit where I am always wrong was just another question of the fact those who make such statements did not drop out of University because big brothers and sisters have God given right to be rich and famous, need to be comfortable, preserve their genes and can take whatever they want, so they do need to tone it down, as it is not a done deal when it comes to tackling big tall Men in the City getting dangerous with money and making out I cannot sell my Books being abuses and made to smell like my loo and the reason was my mood, nobody thus says I must win a fight, I just have to do something period, so I am not in the sort of mood that wants to be pushed around either. For their part they always say the big problem is that I claim people are stupid of which they are, they just cover it up with makeup and expensive clothes – such as wrecking my academic work with Celebrity and popular culture and then showing up here to tackle me for doing nothing about the fact society goons gained access to my person and character and have since been sharing it with them; the women ones spending the money on looking good like they will provoke you until you think up ideas about how much of a good fuck they want, while the men look like giant pests in suits behind the clouds blabbing about absolute dominance all over the Country.

In the end none of these are necessary; I have written my Books and the means to engage with the Public is doing well, I can always get back to the academic work and the Books will remain as something of a small business that support me even in the ideological sense that I can peddle the lives and cultures and societies of those who repeat what happened before and yet I do not need to explain this as no part of it has a thing to do with them all together but here we are; I mean the first one was the one about the Church that was their Church literally, the Religion that was their own and the Personal life in which it was practiced that they owned, leading us to a tale of my interest in the Armed Forces where I am not a part of it while it was rather obvious when people know what should be done and are not trained for it, the way I do it considering my person was the right thing to do unlike their stupidities making it up at Parliament to rip up my whole life and expect to get a gladiator from it, as the excuse that supposedly allowed them practice any wicked thing that they wanted – adding to those who claim I support Police Officers that hurt people in the neighbourhoods while the emergency services follow up Corbin and ‘Voldemort’ Public Policy to blab nonsense each time they see me about how people chase up what I get up to and they end up treating the hurt ones at the NHS while I could just die and let it all go away, which leads to a response as it never stops bearing in mind the Emergency services and their sirens were the very cutting edge of that nonsense concerning ageist professionals, kids at school and society bullies, a response that says they will be dead before they treated me for violence based affliction in their NHS and then they will claim it’s another setting for a bad thing all together. all the while everybody else can see if you were somebody that did all the socially upstanding things every time you appeared in Public and you were doing it to earn a living, keeping a record and protecting members of the Public, you too would be an all round good egg Police Office who probably does not remember the person you shot because you were protecting the Public, while the goons ever ask the questions of how they got themselves into such difficult positions when it is too late and other peoples lives and careers are to pay hell for it; it’s the same way we see them claim they fight my battles when all they do is get beaten up somewhere and show up with a crowd that says people have the right to peddle me and get rich because what I own has caused them trouble and pain, no such thing as defeating some enemy – in like manner I respond by taking them out for it, so when society people have an imagination that goes up my anus and I have an imagination that goes to their House, so when they tell me I am a bitch and a woman’s job is never done and I tell them a Mans job will be done for their insults or it will never be over, somebody is going to get hurt and then their stupidities will really fight my battles and keep their fucking hands to itself. I mean they love their obscurities so much people lose jobs because there was an ample bosom on them and they do not expect to be punished for it, so in my case for instance an absence of punishment has meant tidying up to get academic work done has lasted a decade. I do get told I can no longer hold my Royal Office because I am unable to fight for myself but there is no such thing; I am meant to make a living from this storm and built and its purpose is to ensure these fools tackled me with their dirty slimy corruptibility oily homosexuality anytime they wanted as insultingly as possible, bearing in mind if I do not beat them down for it as well all the time, any relationships I have with Celebrities will become sexual in nature.