Of course I hear of it all the time, the bit where I am being publicly reprimanded for getting involved with people that are beyond my league all the time and it is utter nonsense as no cracked up out of my league goon can decide whom I get involved with but it is their excuses for making the matter serious which brings it to bear all together i.e. it ensures the women do not smell nice which then causes others to lose an inability to selfcare and to lose their jobs. Reality of what causes women not to smell nice of course is rather the same problem associated with their insults and disobedience and its corruption of involvement i.e. the public face of a mid-size idiots who have found a way of making profitable a process where there is no means of doing something with me which does not involve hurting me and there is no money loving stupidities that makes profit which does not involve hurting me; what happens with them is that the money loving civil rights nonsense is so intense that out of 24 hours 22 will be spent hurting me and its when they need the other two for something else I decide their culture and society is queer and if they wind me up will find me selling it for a living too – hence it does tend to go on and on for eternity and its not unusual for women I share a Court with to get involved, get stung and feel sore but it is the media fools getting involved with people who have nothing to do with them, while these idiots can then explain their stupidities that you do not necessarily want to beat up seriously because it is uncivilised, through such nonsense as a process where those who have not been beaten up by neighbourhood gangs are trying to attain success they do not deserve and this process of very stubborn and disobedient involvement is what causes women to smell bad and churns my tummy as well where it is applicable, the case of me ending up with people in a Court that is female only that I have neither approached or chatted up over friendship matters. They are very fond of complaining that I make trouble for people on social media but we all know they also claim subliminally that I have not won the practical jokes war so to speak – the bit where they are always pillaging my finances to make me  a famous person that has no money because it is possible to handle moral people in that way and I have no idea what is wrong with the journalists, why they cannot spend time doing only their news reporting instead of striking my bum which suggests a need for homosexual sex that involves their worst enemy ending up in their bedrooms with a big mouth and I have no idea what I am going to do to the popular culture ones to prevent them seeking money by looking out for this Estate income margins all the time, the bit where I have done something that should be paid for and somebody else wants to sell a product on it, meaning their involvement with me seeks to extricate an experience they can deploy to make money and not to buy a Book every time, issuing those stupid federated Country idiots insulting threats they do the whole time – whatever is funny about making people famous while they are broke anyway, seems like civil rights scum something the Nazis never achieved; I have warned enough times for my part that attacking me on social media is not necessarily the safe place to do it, since I know where they have something to lose as well and when there is a bad smell, it can give me my personal space by showing up for a fight if its stupidities so desire as well. They like to say its all talk about which I never really stand my ground but standing my ground for me has always been a matter of what I do with able bodied people as it were – so far their blabbing concerns the one that means they work for money while I supervise and if they do not want to, get into crime and see if they will not get shot for it; its an old story I could have done with them what I wanted to without involvement of media and politicians who then gave them the opportunity to hold me down financially and ensure I had to deal with their entire Communities and Societies, ending up with a problem that is too big for me to be made a fool of by everyday – it cannot be that difficult for them to keep off my Books, clear the public image space that will become their own somewhere in hell and keep their stupid comments to themselves as the Royal Publicity is really difficult to build as it were, especially now that their future depends on media and media will not give it a rest looking for trouble. I hear I do not fancy a rival power because they tell these stories of Royalty being all about getting some power from the devil and using it to hurt people and it is always worth ignoring until we find out how it works i.e. I write a Book and an idiot speaks to his mum who has this so called rival power and a fight breaks out because I was so good with my Books that his fame was challenged when it has nothing to do with him whatsoever; so we can see why it is annoying that their future now depends on media since last they met me but we are still having to deal with a media that cannot let it a moment peace. They love to tell stories about the poor aspects of Church and Monarchy of course and none about their own which leans on moral people painfully and violently every time they face problems, most of those problems of which they have created for themselves by chasing a lifestyle that means each time people are bored and happen to fall back into childhood memory, their memory concerns deviance and lewd nonsense that the law and the government and the emergency services had to rescue them from, then we find that they want to extricate a process from it, where somebody takes their place and they had become somebody else altogether, their future depending on media thereof while those who work in it cannot pay attention to the job in hand. I am always ending up in this situation according to facts they put out which suggests every time they get into a fight with the British, what happens is somebody fighting them in a condition where they have created an environment where wickedness is the main thing and another person wants to do it better and blood will be drawn – so they have a problem with everything British and need to see me work for something that I am not being paid for, so they can get paid for it instead. Then I get told I worry about it so much because I have to justify the position of a small Country that ranks among the wealthiest in the world undeservedly, which is utter rubbish too; all they know is destruction and vandalism that ensures those who do not have the ability to work as hard as they can are left to inferiority associated with money they can make with the physical work that they can achieve but the big problem of course is that they have a problem with the way that those who are not able bodied organise themselves in order to ensure they make the most of their ability to work; so tackling me is the process that has created this outcome where they can see I do not have to worry about State security because I can manipulate them into killing each other, make use of able bodied people for violence, when I am done making use of them for work; staying away from my Books, staying off my Public image and keeping their comments where the money they claim to have is located cannot be so difficult as we can see how difficult it is to build the Royal Publicity that it damages so often all together. They also claim it is a worry for me which it isn’t; we have to think about the fact people will be coming to the UK to trade and work and it is unavoidable to have to deal with those who intend to come through with their own ideas on violence and abuse too and so the main problem is that they regard the UK is a soft touch, somewhere to get a footing by and then when they are secure go off to somewhere else like Germany or the US, where they will be able to dominate the world, the only problem being that they are completely unable to do it with an acceptable behaviour. Then we hear they do not have to because the British wrecked their lives, while what was wrecked was mostly concerned with making some money and building quasi cult with a few friends, which purpose is to sit about relying on kid that gives respect to come up with what will facilitate processes for them to gain position and influence by – so it wrecked my academic work and ended up losing enough money at stock markets and popular culture to make me popular as well and since it has not yet stopped building the popularity on my public image which other stupid boys can take up at a later date, I intend to make money from it that will fund the academic work that was damaged and a lifestyle to go with too. They do say its all me blabbing where it does not matter of course and its the same story are three times my size manages a Car Company and strikes my bum that he has the right to all the time because my behaviour is set to produce outcomes where people do his stuff and his insolence does not care a single thing for what I am qualified for as well all together until it ends as badly as it now has all together - I mean its always them blabbing because they expect Politicians to damage my finances so that when I am afraid of being homeless they can get on media and blow off their big mouth all over the place about me being afraid of them and want to control my finances by means of industrial espionage and personal life insolently abusive interference that encourages sexual harassment, which helps to build that really stupid self confidence that I am going to likely extract and beat down seriously if they confront me as well - otherwise they might want to keep their mouths firmly shut as the Royal Public image is rather difficult to look after, not least because of their stupidities for instance. I mean I have a literary empire but people think I do not believe in my products and its so intense and consistent that I am living on government unemployment support; wondering why I am so hung up on other peoples profitable stupidities and now all that nonsense about mid size idiots who have established a process where they are money lovers and hurting me is the main ingredient in making money is beginning to become very important indeed - nobody knows who give big stupid brother such a right anyway and its starting to look like their disruption will never take a turn for the better if they can complain that my activities prevent people from selling products, will never change if they are not spending their last cash to fuel their cars and having eggs and bread for dinner to look like the real Men that they are, likes to think it knows me terribly well and cannot stop blabbing its own as well whenever I am trying to clear it out - they have apparently got their own figured out and their insults will be picked up and translated to the me by Community croons.