I understand the case of how little shelter there is for me these days and it will never make any sense either; I mean these are people who actually believe I need shelter from being beaten up by their media insults I suppose at the end of the day – so the facts have always been rather simple when it comes to this old matter of the fact when I was a child the story was a matter of the need to get what must be done finished so they don’t turn up or even if they do the things I can say to them is preserved on account I know they never turn up anywhere except for evil, giving way to the ways of a man who thinks he is doing them a favour by the things he does and if the bad things happen they will suffer as well and that he knows best which is what this is all about and will remain so as well – giving way to the realities we face on the matter presently. They love to claim I turn my back on racial issues but everybody knows it’s a matter of parents raising stupid children the way they are so others might not get on with their lives in such eventuality of which racism is a problem in its own right just like they are and hence do not get to tell me what to do unless they are looking for trouble, feeling so strongly about a need to push me into a cause and then ensure they deploy media to make sure all my causes go down in their name that towns and cities are burning, to turn up here and tell me what I am not supposed to turn my back on and follow it on with other nonsense about being ruled by me after their parents were ruled by my superiors. We have to listen to that nonsense of getting beaten up by them all the time, especially the one that stems from the much loved Prince who will be safe if he does not get between them and what they want, while their sense of what they want is his income and personal life as well – the great old story of the fact they are terribly irresponsible and regularly turn up on media because of a need to make use of somebody else’s responsibility where they needed to be responsible which makes no sense since cities are burning and people get hurt because being irresponsible is so important to them 100% and that is why we now live in a democratic world of a hatred for me on account that I have done everything no stone unturned to ensure I am not used by them to make money in anyway – culminating in this case of Industry idiots turning out to give money to popular culture fools and pretend they will bully me into a state where they can deploy my business to make profit with their support, now finding out they will have to sell their products to them stupid popular culture idiots too for good measure and can only be free of me to that end when and if that market is not mine; so while we hear the story of somebody getting beaten up being something they believe others will let them have remotely in their stupid dreams they are not actually winning this in anyway, unless the Politicians help them out with some false confidence that they can go to the polls to make up ideas it costs me thereof with. We do hear it is a matter of repressing those that are inferior to them which is why my sense of the fact we have nothing in common is tempered with a need to mind my concerns while theirs is tempered with how my existence messes with their freedom –  but of course we can see the right to have my inferior little hole I call home and inferior little possessions I call finances without having both discussed for any reason is clearly what we will talk about as we shoot bullets as well when it blows up or they can continue fighting against the loss of not being able to make use of me to get rich like the things we hear in the Bible about Jesus Christ clearing the Church and or rescuing possessed young person’s telling fortunes for merchants from the influence of the devils and so on. For those of them that speak of my actions putting them at risk, I suppose they might want to tell their stupid celebrities about threatening me as well considering they work on the front lines at the secret service, by the way of which these are not serious matters in anyway, only a case of staying focused on my work and out of this zone which is impossible when people know where my anus and penis is and defiling a Christian is a power that is in demand, before I get beaten up by them on my television where they are supposed to go to work for somebody that pays them not talk through to me as it were. The story of what I do with women always comes up as the rescue on of course for when I spend a little of my time to support women I get about with – their industry idiots with a need to be seen with gang badge bullies and gangs, so they can use media to confiscate my business and combine both to improve their customer service instead of check their attitude to improve customer relations must have located a new preoccupation while they start to pretend I am a woman – so that if their point is that they want my income and my personal life and I will be okay if I don’t get between them and that I wonder what is so special about those their companies which they think I cannot touch as well. We do hear them ask when I suppose it will be over which it will be the day they don’t do things according to their feelings, such feelings created by media into industry bosses as suggests that my company belongs to them which they turn out to claim as well on account they have an ego, while the Christian does his things on the basis of what is the right thing to do because he is afraid of them and inferior – otherwise they can continue to assume nobody here thinks that this whole process of bending them up unnaturally so they can understand what a fist fight when you have reached the top from a government office looks like to get involved with will not give way to somebody that becomes an individual they will touch if they have the fucking guts for the last time in their stupid lives as well. An example of what these idiots do to provoke me for which I currently need a shelter will have included a process of their stupid psychopath children thinking about having rock bands with logo that is about angels and runs on my half priest personal life that I stole from them, never mind their football idiots competing with me to have the same personal life as I do on grounds of religious piety I stole from their race so they might have it at any cost and their black idiots building up hardness they can use to rule privileged people like myself in order to dominate and be superior, which are just examples of why I cannot stand the sight of their stupid city identity and it earns my wrath all the time as well because of their corruptions involvement that makes their civil and criminal disobedience powerful and rich –we have to put up with me being beaten up by them story on their stupid media every single day.

We are not talking about the men – that would be a case of the things they have a personal obligation to deal with because it annoys them, such as religious people who make their children love sick so they cannot concentrate on academic work and job: this then propels them to the things they do because they are responsible fathers that respond to such things in a violent way and then it leads to a need to control my finances so that there isn’t an incentive that encourages that Children to see things my way and it goes on and on and on before we hear talk of me stifling peoples freedom of which when I mention the fact it’s not such a bad thing to leave me alone and stir clear of me they speak of damage I have done to people’s right to happiness because they think they can take me on.

It has always been as simple as Royal family and Church and State and my books for me – they have only continued to assume I will not grab their companies and run it for them as well; so that when people tell me I never deal with the issues decisively, the issue remains they cannot see there is nothing decisive left to do about them anyway. They have these cultures and I have taken it away from them and their response to that is that everything I own and do is something they claim to be theirs on media and I particularly like the part where they sack my property equity business earnings by realities about how however it ends the outcome will be that they have used my faith to make products and sell things and get rich which yet again will take this story into another dimension if I put up with a few more times yet – their inability to keep off my books is where the crucible for this problem will be decided as it were; I do not pay or ask for the publicity they create for me every day so they can be dishonest with the market which has now enabled them to think the books will be sold if they want it to be because they like to provoke people.

I hear they say they are watching my slow decent into madness and that it is all playing out on social media too but I am not slow descending into anything, what is actually reality is that people can see I am more mentally sound than they are and all normal people can see that and the facts around it is that of that culture being their answer to economic recovery and so I have warned them enough that I don’t want it around me because I don’t want to be shoved into that zone but they have decided it is just another point where their civil and criminal disobedience can play out to its fullest, so they have lost the culture and regularly turn out on media to give signals to their community croons to attack me while every time they feel that loss follow it up with claims of ownership made to my books –this then requires work in the form of following up the taking culture away from them bit with a sense of making sure they know all I know unless they want to blow off their ear drums and be free and everything they do simply becomes Publicity much needed that a Christian can gather for his Godly work, hence for me a bit of work to catch them all, politicians and media and celebrity alike but for them it is a hard work to counter every publicity built for me by every evil act channelled in my direction and that means in order to counter a sense I have won, they have to develop their own evils and levy it on me when done as well which only leads to reprisals and a need to trap me in a cause that favours them over civil rights and ensure they use that to oppress me too. So it’s all a bit of work and does get tiring as well but that does not mean I have to stop when I feel it is not done – so that they might speak still of this zone I try to avoid when I am not insane whereas what they are talking about is a condition of letting them see me when I am angry or sad or in pain so they can do all they can including fear and intimidation to keep my mood that way permanently and set off to make riches abusing and exasperating me hence their claim I am descending into madness in some sense of positivity that they are making progress which I can assure you is incredibly annoying; so this is the zone and the Politicians and the media and the celebrities have no respect for me and have no plans to stop handling my possessions or being seen around my details at the civil service to put me in that zone which is why they get my wrath all the time as well – everybody knows everything else that matters lies outside of this zone so it is nothing new but the reasons it is important to them is that it can be used to overwhelm leaders so they might try and be leaders as well – they always say I provoke them when I say such things but I wouldn’t know since I think it is ever always better if they are compulsively angry as well right across the planet all together. The other side of this story is that I chase women that are beyond me and more so belong to others but the reality behind that is of course that of the Princess of York and Her American Lover of which the challenge was the public face of twisted evil day time television and shopping channel greed such as Kim Kardashian chasing every single thing I own along with their stupid mother to rip it up and get rich quick and teach others how to be celebrities, an example of one of these fools that need to protect their secret service idiots from me while at the same time using them to intimidate, spy on, attack me and savage everything I do of course, then there are the others that like to boast their money will never run out and there will be no way they listen to anything I say about their activities around me and what they do to get richer and help others to some as well – so it only got from this to a case of finding out if I am the lover that was ditched by HH who then married an American leaving me to be gay, so having been the case of my position on this activities by the immoral sections of society is not hurting far enough which then allows these kinds of things to happen and wreck everything around here that was left of what was done by another group of idiots when I was at University, it seems I am going to have somebody to play one out on and make a public show of it too as it were:- so The Princess of York remains my girl friend and not that of some Dave from the US and that will be the start as they do have trouble listening to what people are saying to them as it were and it is the same with their modern Church idiots all over the world; the ones in Africa are just really good with their civil and criminal disobedience because of a skin colour I share with them that gives instant contact point – gay privileges apparently cost and it will cost a lot more as this becomes a major issue around my public life if I start to address people on a podium; ultimately their wickedness was never so complex they had me in Africa and it simply got worse when I moved to the UK, on the contrary they are perfectly aware of what they are doing, it is the reason they never ever interpret the Bible correctly around money and women issues, so we are back again were we were 14 years ago and they are still the same and as predictable as ever and of course talk too much – all of it lies.