So it is an issue apparently of what my views of Independence in Scotland is bearing in mind people have found out all I have said and done so far is semantics with respect to arguments raised but my view of it is rather simple; the problem is that for sometime in this country there has continued to remain a sense that Politicians do not have to relate with public policy as though it is something used to solve problems that are physically evident for the people. So for their part there is no sense whatsoever that the job involves going into an office to serve the people with a long term career that is orientated along the path of the needs and or careers and futures of those they serve and therefore no professionalism whatsoever, hence we have no problem that independence can solve but we have a referendum on it currently. They even have stories that suggest that devolution brought about agitation for independence and it is completely mind blowing how on earth that would have been possible, except we look at it from the point of view of you have done that much now its time to go all the way but what does that mean then as Public Policy? Hence most of it can be measured with those stupid claims that I am weak i.e. I was given a royal estate at a time when the strength of the Monarchy was at its peak, hence I have no real sense of what a Monarchy is a compromising stand really looks like which therefore makes me weak and it is because of things like it that I have become this figure that stands out as a character around whom and derived from whom idiots can get into Politics to seek their insolent personal desires that they think create a funny out come when it is so complicated that people argue their heart out over it but what policy is continues on its path, daddy wants to be famous festers and they cannot stop talking rubbish in public as well. It is disruptive for me too bearing in mind claims they make of how angry they get over how I address people which in my view is perfectly fine so they can do what they feel like which will orientate them all over again with what a Country really is and wipe their stupid glee off their faces as well: I spend my time working on matters with respect to the economy but that does not mean that there was no Diamond jubilee just a few months ago this year which provided us with a sticking glue of an overarching sense of Britishness, allowing us the means to sit down and iron these matters out without any kind of Political instability but now we are having an independence referendum in Scotland already presently. I mean look at the US for example, you have over 30 Unions in that Country and getting an issue through to the highest authority is like getting involved in a war but they are proud of their Union, what we have here is four states only, from which you can get any issue to the Prime Minister within the time frame of a week; I mean most people don’t even notice the natural resources in Scotland anyway and for those that do what they think about for the most part is not how to have it for themselves and claim it is being preserved for Scotland away from the rest of the UK but how they will acquire and look after the strength with which to broker the highest possible and best deal for what they have got. The main issue here which brings on the anger because they think their actions are funny is largely that what has been happening in the UK is a people and a Polity that is deciding what it needs to be for the future; so they have settled on devolution for the smaller countries which in my view is simply a process of rewarding them for years of service to the Union – more mobility for people and more mobility for businesses etc and now we are in stage two of Westminster deciding what it wants to be; Labour since the devolution has exhaustively held power and now we are currently having a coalition government from the other two which serves to speed things up; that we are discussing independence is completely mind blowing therefore to me or anybody who can see that as soon as they have lost the vote in the referendum there will arise extra work of the need to clean up after them too.

They say they have won of course but they will win when they have something similar to the state of Israel where insolent and stupid right wing money throwing rubbish ruins the most part of the Political policy, when their council of the devil holds sway in this country.

The insults on media designed to drive me into enslavement with which I can deploy what I know to work for freedom and liberal idiots is not that which I consider to be of grave concern either. It has always been that way in school i.e. the question of what you do if they spend years of your time to locate your property and do what they like with it so they can regularly get their hands on it and tell politicians you have damaged or stolen their culture in order to secure protection with which to spend it, which is how they always must get people distracted by the bigger gangs since they are the second in command secrete societies. For me however there is a way their stuff normally looks and when it looks that way they will take their trouble somewhere else but for now I will eventually end up breaking the back of that stupid media and making those their insults into the meaning of life itself.

If my books are the bane of the abuses I put up with many tend to say it is a daunting task but it really isn’t, all I need do is give them some time to institutionalise with it which costs me and not them and then more time for me to gather up all necessary information about their operations which costs me and not them and then of course taking decisions on whether I want to start recording the advertisements etc and present them before a law court along with my books or kick it out of them of which in this occasion I want to preserve the law court matter for the point where they think it is all over and kick it out of them because they talk too much and are too violently insolent towards me for the time being.

With respect to accountability issues, government is my business because of royal office and politics is business of Politicians while business is business of businesses. There is no such thing as the need to hold me accountable so I don’t destroy things I have done on which peoples lives now depend, for my own personal gain and of course if they did buy the books and read them they would have known that by now. Besides which I don’t want to have sex with them and all their insults and errands between me and extremists and fame and fortune with my earnings etc. I mean they probably don’t want to pay money for my books because it will send the message that black markets are a bad thing and that what I did was the right thing. As for capability issues, I have made it clear the US is the biggest economy in the world not a place full of cosmopolitan civilised people like they make out I think it is. There is always therefore on the premise the ideology of sexual perversion things to carve out of my life that I am not aware I have in order to get rich with or use as well which they claim is to bring equality and lends me nothing but agony on that media about which it will end very well too as far as I am concerned i.e. there is a way their stuff normally looks, when it does look that way I will certainly breathe.

Of course there is claims out there I am a real trouble maker but they will most certain soon present in court evidence to show I have changed the feeling of their society and community which I need to pay for with all I own because they know where it is and have strange sexual fetish behaviours on which they base their personal ethics. It seems to happen everyday and 24/7 too which is what I wanted to be so that facts when compared with my books can be real especially when I start to collect the advertisement videos for evidence to show it is beyond coincidence and they will understand therefore that it is not unstoppable like they have proposed that it is. Still the same old format i.e. deploy the fringes of my work and property to make profits and then find out it is not good for ego if my work makes me an income as well, so the profits must be made in a way which damages my sales even if it costs them money to do it way and I have complained I have had enough of it enough times as well, while they have continued to show up on TV to claim I handle their culture and need to pay for it which they find is funny later on the way I loose and they win and the Politicians get on their side. So it does not necessarily apply that I allow people to deploy the fringes of my business to make money but if they did no damage to my work for their ego and fame and god feeling vanity along with it, I would make an income and therefore have been able to shut it down, thus it is a path they will choose and preserve once they find out they want to do business and there is another way besides 50% knowing the consumer better to serve their needs better and 50% good management. This is where they bring their envy opposition to all I do and own in a condition in which they are better off game with which to get involved with or hold important leadership positions as well and it is one less rubbish I want to put up with too.

We are not talking about news reports on terrorism to intimidate me among others but the terrorism one on the planned bombing of the Federal Reserve in the US in October 2012 really kicked it off on the matter anyway. All that helicopter pictures swirling all over my Television when everybody can see that it is the government of the US that wants to put terrorists away for good, therefore if FBI carries out sting operations in which they lure terrorists into their activities and then prevent mass murder but arrest the perpetrator on the terrorist act, the government does not get to give out the high grade punishments for it because of the lawful defence available. So I have no idea if their news reports tend to mean that the government should have allowed the terrorists to kill people and then dolled out the high punishments for it in order to solve the problem of terrorism but it is always such a huge amount of time spent reporting such rubbish all over my television set. They speak of my haphazard view of terrorism of course but as it were which is all very well when we do not take into account five years of hard campaigning here in the UK to encourage a terrorist attack to happen at the transport system, so that I might get killed, during my University years; the University years of which after that had failed they resorted to destroying for me completely with their future stealing, fame and fortune and stupid children that are more clever than I am, which is how I promised to wait for them at the jobs market, kept my promise and it has since been a fight that they have won too. Its all very well to make the noise and complain but I suppose it will carry on for good if no effort is made to mention the fact that it is all about how to belong in a secrete society and make it out to be the reason to grab the property and earnings of somebody else who attends church because he really has no information on the secrete societies and cannot defend himself against any trick or accusation, they have ruined my academic work and finances in order to delay me until they can access anything I own whenever they want before I am allowed to get a job and or an education and now feel the fight is conditional when I really don’t feel that way at all. The last thing that the governments of the west will be able to do with me around is protect them from terrorism, so they can go get the Muslims if they want like the insolent bastards they are; I can see it is not all smiley anymore, much like it will happen when they do my academic work again because this time I will go after their days of retirement and re-orientate their stupid sense of getting around with other human beings all over again; they really do believe they had won the part where I am supposed to have had an unhealthy sex life of course at this point and I always say it is their twitchy hands touching my book sales that will be their undoing as well.

The process where my reputation is being dragged on a mess whenever there are matters of sex based crimes on media is something I am aware people think I ought to clear up where I stand because of course they do not believe in God or the laws of God thereof; so I should state that where I stand is that my view of sexual abuse will never change because I need to be armed enough to ensure that since some people think that the only thing that will satisfy them when they are sexually abused is when they are able to sexually abuse Christians whom they suppose they have got power to dominate, they suppose they can dedicate their whole lives to violence and I do not intend to if violence befalls me to leave my entire life to it, so there is ample confusion here on the matter of exactly whom they can dominate because I will always be determined to be prepared to finish them off in a short period and carry on with what is left of my Christian life. They do these things all the time with their support from political positions and so on and every time you get involved with people who have had a bad experience in their lives they always turn up to do that with their silly secrete societies, so they cannot see that linking people with sexual abuse or the idea their position on it is unclear is bad for reputation and that we are talking about National media and it is not as cheap a form of fun as they make it out to be and so like to continue that threat of handling my work and finances to get me close to them where I will be beaten up knowing they would not lay a finger on me while I will have all the advantage of I maintain the distance. For those who support them with the violence they need we have clearly finished off the issue of their support for insolent girls and how criminals are the best men so I am not too concerned that this has become another major issue. I can only say they were sodomised so the church is the centre of prejudice and Christians are the problems of the world which means I am being sodomised as well by them and it is the only thing that will satisfy them, hence it does appear that the sexual abuse did not hurt as badly as it should or as badly as any reasonable person should have expected to. However this date 19/10/2012 marks the watershed on this matter; one more of such abuses which are also worked with a process whereby that media insult of creating problems for themselves that are similar to mine which can be worked through National and International media government policy and interest blackmails to make me do something about it and the effrontery by which the insults operate and I will begin to take physical steps to ensure I am never being bullied by media every again and it will end where it bloody well will too – all I continue to say thereof is that the book sales will be their undoing. Of course they say I am really a controlled sex freak when in actual fact women are supposed to get on media and open up to them as they do their jobs when they know it means those women will spend more time with me bearing in mind they have their community croons who know violent ways of forcing on people the importance of social activities, they have their popular culture corruptions and they have their Pornography and media corruptions but continue to think they can take anything they like from any part of society they make and make noise about the power of doing peoples stuff for them all the time as well because they have media to play around with. Then of course finally is the bit where it is suggested that I am this person who had it all and continues to waste it daily because I am a stupid person but that tends to hold of course because they think of themselves as something more than fame freaks, they actually to believe they are famous and therefore expect me to say something about relationships with some members of the royal family that is not peachy which if stated with set out the fact I am famous in my own right, which of course whether or not I do is none of their business. The fight is never going to be anything like they think, for example everybody can see they have not taken any steps to cover their tracks if I clean up the slate i.e. those their fame and fortune and music industry and celebrity culture rubbish comes about as a result of this process of grooming me for sex based abuse paying off in the sense that I work for things and they use them to be rich; I will wipe it clean and they can come and get it if they think they are tough enough as well – for now I am not giving back that stupid left hand side of society and they can go to hell.

The part where there are problems in the middle east at the centre of which I find myself is utter rubbish; if there are any problems there are idiots who like to listen to lies television scum tell in order to use my work to be famous and rich then get patronising at me on the left hand side and another set of scum who like to do it and threaten me on the right hand side and I need no tutorial from these idiots or their African counterparts on the evil things people do because of money, so I always say it will not end very well too. They are such a hand full of provocative scum who know their involvement with others because of their stupidities will do nothing but damage to them hence set out to create that involvement and turn up at the other end to claim they are not responsible for extremism and that the money they have means they are better and more deserving people in my own life, so it seems we have now moved to stage two where they are more important and I will not stand for it either. The others like to make out when I have these problems they create and try to look into them it is a thing that actually presented the fact that they were in charge that I am trying to cheat them by getting rid of or covering up, so there is really nothing to say about it from my part too. They have no fame not here not anywhere and I am in charge all round as there are ways of being famous and this is my own life and I have never seen them address their Politicians whom they see to give celebrity status where they are accountable to none in such ways bearing in mind we were clearly equals as it were. The stupid, irresponsible, insolent bastards think they are famous and I must confess it is mind blowing as well; I suppose they do not hate my guts at the moment and will get their chance carrying on that way, so I reiterate that it is the book sales that will be their undoing.
Their popular stand is always that I am afraid of standing up to my publishers but all I know about it is that I found publishing packages and bought the ones that applied to me anbd everything those I bought it from did from then on had something to do with who they are and nothing to do with me but the Democrats in the US are always another story - I take it the meaning is that once they get their hands on your life and property it is impossible for you to return things to normal, even their President is in on it too, so it stands out there for me like a huge daring challenge. They always say they fought for my civil rights but all I know is that they are always repeatedly seen irresponsibly in places where danger is happening and so when it happens to them too they get to fight for my civil rights because she share the same skin colour but when I imagine the reason is to acquire more sections of society and social life for their personal interests, it also turns out they can never have conversations about the problems of their own society because they have mine for that and given half the chance will make out it was all funny like it always is for years and years because they were getting to play female figures while I provide for them as the male. 
These are a group of fools that are completely convinced that if there are violent people and extremists in the society, they can therefore do whatever they like with you and all you own and the part where they claim I interfere with their lives started out with stifling my right to practice my religion in peace without problems because they think it does not count if they persecute me and damage my work and finances over their insolent ambitions if the reasons are that of alternative lifestyles and liberalisms, now we are simply in the next stage since it will not go away and they continue to address me as insolently as they possibly can, that being bullied by media means acquiring my own media like I did the social media. They even have their excuses for it like claims my transcending countenance makes them disconcerted and uncomfortable and that is the reason I get abused by them but before now it was a matter of how peoples personal lives are social groups everybody can join, such that if they put people out they risk violence due to discrimination with their media power and now what this means is most certainly that I cannot watch my television with their big mouth and my finances is in tatters too as we speak by the way. They say these things even happen because of facts I put out about myself on one hand and the way my so called parents behind the scenes feel about my success with a big mouth, very good at provoking people of course and certainly doing absolutely nothing else unless they steal it; I just tend to have this difficult problem understanding how you degenerate from a human being who knows money comes by through carrying out an act of paid employment, to being somebody that wants to be massively rich with the use of media and success that is based on destorying another persons livelihood every single day and more so to make a point - I put it out there to free the body and they we all know when you handle them as well will free the body by having sex in public places and that is where we are going too.