My point is of course the simple fact that nobody’s civil rights gives them the right to damage my property and certainly in this matter that property yet again is my books and my Royal Public life and the Politicians will say I complain about that but then again oppose their idea of rolling out packages and packages of education for adults that ensures they cannot claim benefits unless they pass the exams after taking part, in order to prevent that need to express the wicked culture that is going on inside of them by selecting and grooming a scapegoat that will take the fall and get killed for it long before they realised they have not worked out how to pay their way in the world and find they have a victim and can get after that yet again claiming evil is powerful but the part where they get educated is not necessarily my stuff even though I agree that this process works; I am only interested in how they work stupid systems around me and how I avenge anything a Politician and a media fool and ethnic minorities and the likes do to damage my livelihood and share it with others to play the role of my parents as this insult does get to a point where it needs to be dealt with; the same old relevant question – why is it okay for them to be gangs? It is not true my views on racism is a fallacy, these guys are pure evil in every way and the real problem with me is that I have no wish to renounce my faith, so their Politicians will never stop attacking and they will never stop seeking privileges of injustice – as far as they are concerned the problems they have can never be taken away unless somebody else is suffering instead, I mean imagine you wanted to be famous and had a bad history, there was absolutely no way of telling when that bad history will pop up if it did not become another peoples life as a whole and so we find they spend all their time forming groups, backbiting, and generally destroying peoples public reputation so that people might be available for it; it’s like Tuckman's Team roles with them and racism – he first part is the Forming part where they chose who gets to die in order for society to turn on racists considering what he was to everybody and the manner of his death so they can have things that you have refused them such as becoming a popular culture idiot with your public life whereby telling them you don’t want it done by others either just because you refused is when they believe that what you think does not count as part of reality, so the process of moving into your right hand to lay down popular culture empires ensues in earnest – the second stage is of course the storming where people get killed over racial misunderstanding and then the norming part is when they do lots of civil rights and social integration and there is less of their sexual violence to be found in peoples personal lives relentlessly because they are trying to make money and then the performing part is the part where they get to leave people alone but it lasts only for a while until politicians set up another victim or they make one by themselves and then it starts all over again – I really enjoy starting them all over again each time they cross me a sense of disobedience concerning being seen around my Books and Book sales and income, especially public life at the Office. I am aware of course of the accusation that I play up the Politicians against the services which brews trouble for the public as a whole and it will never make sense either; as I mentioned before it is to elaborate, perfectly sound for Politicians in the Labour Party to spend government international development funds on a third world country of their choosing and bring people from those Countries into the UK to work the disobedient immigrant vandals power that they want to exert on the general public and so is it for the Conservatives to do their share as well when they are in government but as I said before, whilst it is okay as well for the government to decide which part of my literary empire and Royal estate they want to pillage to roll out packages and packages of education for these people that they bring in which is by the way the right thing to do in my view – damaging my Book sales either by their hands or by the hands of the Politicians crosses a line; I mean I could have a duty of care to an Industry but before I know it that is spent at the job centre being unemployed while a Politician takes it up and tells me he is about to grab the Arch Prince’s Royal Estate from me all together and cannot let me breathe, it is not okay for those kinds of things to happen. I don’t have a problem with it since I do not have a difficulty deciding which Television show I want to break to pieces next but they have raised the question of public safety and security to sooth their pain here which needs to be addressed and the reality is that I never ever tell the services to support me here to support me there and so on and their insolent women need to think about what they want to do with the system next on that media in my direction as well. 

They do regularly complain that people cannot move forward because of me and it will never make sense since the one ambition they have in their lives is to find out if media can change identities between me and them to they can become me and make me into their loser selves. So that the way it plays out becomes that of a damage to my finances but what I have become concerned about is what they turn up on media to do to make such things a reality and I have put up with so much nonsense from them that I feel if it actually does pay off in the end regardless, I will show them something they have never before seen and will never see again as well all together. They do like to claim it is a thick skin they have developed against people like me, which makes no sense whatsoever, what makes sense is fact i.e. they cannot make money unless I am made to fail, they cannot sell things unless I am made to give up to sell them and even if I gave them knowledge of how to it can never be trusted because they are twisted and evil and have a real need to cause me pain and are looking for excuses therefore; above all they say they are famous, famous with their National media insults and abuses, famous by infamy of which the person who told them that must be as insane as they are and it really eventually comes down to this whole process of a need to own my public life and nobody knows what kind of idiots make use of other peoples public life anyway, we all know they claim to be famous, it is all that we really know about it, I mean my Books were published and patented and product displayed at the market place so the general idea is that they are trying to kill somebody and it gets worse still on the rights of Middle power to have the same things big power has – of which nobody knows which ones are the big power these days anymore but we are all well informed about the fact they are such losers. There is this problem that now needs to be settled of the media thinking it has manipulated issues to ensure power rests with them which is not really the case; so it should be assumed that the need journalists have to threaten others and point to gangs if they cannot get what they want from their target bully victims and accusations of sexual impurity with people wives that goes with that too, will greatly increase, so their need to move further and further to the right to deal with people like me will spike but that said, making sure female journalists at Court are able to put pressure of job loss, of threats and of sex based abuse on their male colleagues has also been a priority of the company and that will spike too and accordingly considering what we will learn from them needlessly until it becomes a part of us, it will be funny as well.