I have been told that people really hate my guts and are becoming more and more progressive with the business of expressing it but I could never make sense of what they hated around here anyway – what happens is that they don’t like to be disturbed and I don’t like to be disturbed but I am the only one with a label that says I am a profitable victim of financial corruption, I am the only one to have been followed around by society idiots who made a mess of my academic work and are now chasing my Books to leave me looking like a character that does not get paid for any work that he does. Then there are the Muslim ones who provoke me until I am angry and hang around making sure I do not move on, so I become a disturbed character, on account I think I am a real man which I am not, talking nonsense about how I need to express most of the things I say and do in Public whereby I really have no idea how I could possibly get any more Public than this anyway. Its our good old fashion Public control issues talking nonsense and wanting everybody to be very well informed of what its stupidities hate but has not yet accepted that as practical jokes go, I have had quite enough of them as well. I mean its so incredibly disobedient; it knows when it sees me step out of my door, that I had spent a couple of minutes preparing and that I am heading somewhere that matters, but it will continue to follow up the business of its communities that exist to run people down so they might make business boom and follow me up publicly with a practical joke they all understand which I don’t, to steal some of the personality and tell me if I don’t want people peddling faith, personal life and Public image, I am running other peoples lives and need to stop bothering them, it never stops doing it because they have found another way to say that the way it churns my tummy is actually something to do with the level of disrespect I have towards them and other important people, whereby I needed to be attacked violently. This is where the Celebrities have come into the picture naturally and I get told all the time that I leave them out while I don’t; same story all round, the Celebrities have employed them, so that when I pick out a bad neighbourhood where I sit around working on matters applicable to a Hermitage, it becomes an opportunity for people to set me up in obscurity so it might be possible to grab my Public image for fame and fortune and we are here because people continue to make a mess of my own due to my religious belief, to claim that Celebrities are nice people, so now I need to ensure anything I did that suggested otherwise was done in such a way that their history of making such a claim was not affected.

They do claim it’s the things I have done to their culture and society which serves as a inhibition to their lives which I have too, it should feel exactly the same as the complete destruction of my academic pursuits and the constant bullying to fit my thought process into social corruption stupidities that I did not invent; the feeling of making a mess of the culture and society such that they are always looking after their bottoms is the same that I am now experiencing and if I have to deal with anything new I should invent something of my own to match as well. The bottom line is that nobody who writes Books likes to be disturbed while at it and nobody who reads Books likes to be disturbed while at it and anybody who writes Books would have no money if those who read Books were being disturbed. I understand they say I make a real mess of their minds after a decade of total destruction of my academic work and finances to make me a profitable victim of their various forms of corruption but this is a very exemplary good reason to ensure they had more than one job to do every time they messed with mine as well. I do get asked why they never stop because they think they can handle me all the time but its an old story concerning the Business of getting all over the Royal Order to feel tough and now are tough enough to handle me as well, complete with talk of Germans claiming it is German fighting spirit with boys from German neighbourhoods who spend time slapping Girls panties and extending the behaviour to everybody else getting all over it.

It feeds into the other story that I am doing everything I can to get away from the effects of scrutiny but I wonder if scrutiny is the above mentioned facts and the incredibly cynical women ripping up my health as well, indicating that they wish to run my Office in their stupid interests all day long – so we can see this is a point stage to point out the mess they make of Armed Forces work, save the part that involves the physical fighting that is, every bit to do with sitting somewhere they don’t think the UK should exist to look out for National interest has been completely wrecked by their scrutiny. I do get told its not the only fact in the story and yes it isn’t, the other is doing my stuff, doing your stuff, doing stuff and fighting my battles has been getting involved with the dangerous parts of Armed Forces work – time and again it wants to beat me up, time and again I think it is bluffing and what it really wants to do is get involved and fight some enemy, while they decide disobediently that they cannot do without handling my sweet personality, garnished with the ageist idiots talking nonsense about what people should acknowledge of what their stupidities hate and it is all now developing into a proper fight with the daddies as well. I have made myself clear; I have had enough of them and those stupid gimmicks, the business of my whole life becoming an opportunity for people to make money, the lies that are told so people can handle me for it will likely end the same way the abuses that are due to the idea I think I am a real man but get beaten up by their wives and kids all the time did. I really don’t know why they did it – that if push came to shove they would be better off hence its worth it and the need to handle and discipline me all the time, such that I may travel to a part of Town and became I am moved out of a Hermitage to get there, my life may have affected other peoples lives without permission, so when I return to that part of Town three years later, pubescent goons will be waiting to deliver the punishment that was reserved for me over the changes to peoples lives without permission thing – so if they are now complaining more than I am, I believe they are ready to move then apparently. I however have been told that I handle the matter in a way that causes lobotomy but it is not the way I handle it which causes lobotomy, it’s the way people get in league with it; these guys mostly operate like thieves, they expect people to come up with ideas that are meant to help with a certain amount of psychological pain that has been inflicted which paints a completely different picture to what they are really doing to their victims, which is supposed to come mainly from their victims but most of the time, it comes instead from the Celebrities and the Media and the Politicians – so the positive side has always been that soon enough the Celebrities will commit suicide while they will be murdered and its not exactly clear why I am stuck with them when it is rather obvious the only way it leads is one where I am degraded to a stage in which they got their penis up my bum.

So I have been asked before what I mean by Royal Order but its just the part of my work and life that is most protected by the Crown, it is the part that is likely to be called to service at any point – parts like the talents that support me when the theory is that those who didn’t bully goons such as these are school would never have been able to do it in the real world for instance. So indeed it does show how the state works – the good old public control issues on the right and the absolute idiots on the left with ideas about whom the cap fits wearing it being an indication Public Office should exist to cover their arse so they might make fame and fortune, going on and on about it especially when they had some form of media exposure that helped them appear to have adopted a sense of their own sphere of authority. The other ones blabbing about me making a Public appearance are all good but it should be clear that no public appearances of the kind they are talking about would be proficient, if I am not finished with the culture and society the way I want and that their stupidities will get their wish one of these days too. I believe it is public enough currently and some goons now need to keep off my case, stop following me around, telling me what to do.

They claim I say what I say in a bid to escape the consequences that will apply and its utter rubbish; as I have mentioned, I think that the neighbourhood I live in is the one I see when the only consideration is that although it was hell, I lived in it in order to work closely with issues associated with my Hermitage – every other nonsense that have developed since 2011 with their stupidities handling me to complain about ‘mind fuck’ as an excuse to grab my work and get involved with Celebrities, Politicians and Media in order to extricate some form of revenge against me, now needs to stop or it will stop the way that I want. It is much the same as respect for Celebrity issues where the behaviour towards those whose lives they deploy mostly without permission, to boost their earnings, is to dig up causes from such persons lives which are not profitable but are good causes never the less and run them off on Media to develop something of a stage where they need such persons help but refute the leadership, get the help without involvement of the leadership and set about destroying the public image and career. This is either very respectful or they will have to keep their mouth shut before somebody got the hands on their own as well. As it is, I have completed the process of keeping them off my personality thing, my academic work and career, complete with features like getting the University business going again - but we have ended up with me being the fickle guy and I need to follow it on too with a problem I have concerning socially and sexually corrupt modernist scum. I do get told I should not be talking about fickle guy thing so lightly but its an old story that there are mentally disturbed people out there who would wreck other peoples lives if they had access to Public image and these people understand what their lives are like too, the problem being that although it has nothing to do with me, I am always stuck with it, due to the activities of a bunch of fools that had since gotten all over my sensibilities once it had been reduced from real Industry talents to fighting ability through insults, in order to look tough. Its the same we have with Celebrities, where if you did not have an inventory of your involvement with them, you could get sued because the way you left home to get the Children to School and to attend the Day job, was the one that Celebrity deployed when making a film sometime earlier, likewise getting attacked over fickle guy when you do not have a culture and society idiots inventory, knowing it would jeopardise female security if you were to be attacked, so no such things will happen, future blabbing will only adds up to them taking more risks and I taking some more of mine as well depending on how bigger than I am their stupidities are.They do say that I have lost my way with my Books but I have not; I have only ended up stuck with the wrong audience like the story of how well meaning people at DWP wanted to help me when they saw it was better to support the writing career on seeing the network I had built and realising that was the cheapest way to get me off Government support but leadership quickly changed hands and I was left with idiots determined to discipline me by making use of my Public image while they watched me on CCTV to poke me all day long and issue abusive threats because my bedroom was untidy as though I am superman, on seeing they wanted to give Celebrities access to it. I now only need put out what I really stand for regularly to move them on and yes they do set out stories that say they never will which when added up with claims I have lost my way with my Books, show they are out of their depth i.e. technically no audience is wrong even though people may have thought my Books did a thing and then realised it was not really about such a thing all together, since it is always okay to have more than one Book as such but when somebody comes up with a Cliche all the time, its another story entirely. It all started with the mind fuck thing you see, the story of people having a go at me because they want something all the time - the mind fuck thing was a matter of finding myself repeating what I wrote to cope with an issue that had repeated itself in a personal diary which convinced me that I needed to give up using a personal diary to cope, so I set about developing processes which helped me stuff their heads with what I knew as such and now they want revenge for the way it detaches them from the culture and society so I might be able to do what they have done to me to them as well - so we can see that the culture and society is always a platform that allows them to show up in Public, work out abusive ways of handling me and set about running me down to make business boom and that the only way to stop this it is to stop the culture and society.

They claim I overdo it which is not the case as its usually a very small issue not to set a stage for those who are robbing somebody to slip away, my experience of the Private security Industry work that developed all that nonsense about son protecting daddy or he will be homeless was the entire time wholly abusive for such reasons. I mean between 2003 and 2007 my experience of them was mostly a bunch of trouble makers who wanted to get into an argument with me and not lose the argument otherwise I would get into trouble, since then it had developed into a statement of evidence it is no longer deniable that they are pillaging the academic work and finances which needs to stop, now its a case of very foolish characters whose behaviour cannot be explained, living in homes within a certain price bracket, putting abusive labels on me as a sign of their own importance to make my academic work and career their punching bag, while my personality was what the Celebrities hit and my finances what the society goons had a go at - they say my ability to see it this way adds up to a war but it does not, its only a matter of protecting myself from idiots who are always having a dream that I would give up all I had to their lazy and completely useless selves because I was beaten up into doing so and as I said, it has not stopped since it started in 2003, does need to stop channelling its insults my way.

I have been told most people expected to see a great Man when they saw me which is not what they see but what people see is me at work and I do not believe that leaving my personal life and finances running off until anal sex made sense while threaten you and build groups of men over it because of my money issues and the fact I have civil rights idiots pillaging anything that allows me any existence has failed to do the job of ensuring Politicians to spend my time or that of my family telling the stupid lies about it - so its the finances and lifestyle delayed until anal sex makes sense, now I can spend my days and my money only with my family.

It is now said that women are hard done by in the Country and I am the centre piece of such state of affairs – it is utter nonsense as what happens is that I cannot be free from living with apprehension on account they had civil rights and loved to build of crowds of men that expect me to do some work which proceeds I abandon to women that are too tired to work for money because they are being fucked by big men. Now they are living in apprehension because of me as well and I think its all fair and square. We see it every day; if it does not come up to me on the streets like a random person that had lost its way to talk about the link between its civil rights and the idea I am a kind of man women should be able to do whatever they liked with, a kind of man through whom women can find their way in the world again once it had been lost, churning my tummy and issuing threats, then we find them hurl insults at me as I walk by which suggests I am a woman trapped in a mans body to grab what is left of what their social an sexual corruption did not ravage. They do say I cannot actually put my hand on heart and say that it is a fair world for women which is utter nonsense as it is not a fair world for women but what we know the goons who make these sorts of stupid statements are good at, is the means by which men behave like thieves and are able to slip away thereafter – ranging from showing up at academic institutions to bully people they want to make profitable victims of financial corruption out of, starting off with stories about how the law exists to let the weak pick on the strong while it rather tends to incarcerate people who have beaten them up seriously, the bullying and abuse that carries on until it is linked to a job and then becomes their right, progressing onto the part where they feel as if that bullying having become a career, would take them somewhere important every direction they turn, which is the same way I felt at the peak of my career sometime at University hence was about studying for me and nothing like this sordid business of working on others, which has now finally culminated in an abusive need for begot ageists to reward them for making my daily concerns complicated, while they get around boasting about booming business that comes through processes of attacking me. So, where these kinds of characters fit into the picture is that they get jobs as secretaries, through which they offered sexual services and got to suffer more than I did as it were. The result of these activities are that the main problem we now face is that over 70% of people who get involved with my Bookshop is either them or people like them who are not here to read Books but to engage with my blogs and other podcasts for all the wrong reasons, about which it is difficult to see which part means women are hard done by or that they have taken everything I had like we hear them boast all the time. So, when I arrange the facts like so, it is amusing I should say but whilst I am dealing with years of nauseating financial complications however, I do feel as if I am going to explode. So what happens with these goons is that I pay attention to the business of not behaving in a way that puts people who are groomed into relationships with society and culture trouble makers that use them as trophy wives in danger of domestic abuse but I really do believe at this stage, that I have crossed that hurdle as it were, so it goes without saying this is a behaviour and a process of ripping up my livelihood and public image for their conveniences which will end very well as it were.

The fools who develop an effrontery to do the yap, yap, yap finger blabbing routines at me are all very well as such; what needs to become clearer and clearer is the way that their daddy talk over the use of my personality and income margins affects my health, as there has to be a way to stop them talking to me, goes without saying when doing it myself becomes the main imperative, it will apparently not be the only thing I got to spend my time on as it were; for now, it’s the old story that I stay away from building up Public support for women if we can see that there would be no bully Public transport operatives ripping up lives to get connected with Celebrities, Media and Politicians through private security Industry and presuming to punish everything that moves, looking for trouble intensely, if I spent time drumming up support for women in their part of society. Same as the other goons with booming business when rewarded by ageists for picking on me to sell products; entire families are raised in this Country with a sense they were a problem that had to be constantly monitored and then I will need to consort with the women over an old problem as it were. I do not think that they are a problem save the time when it was becoming obvious HRH Prince of Wales thought that having them as fans was the way to progress in Public matters, so now that they don’t have that support anymore, its just the business of earning my income to buy show business products from their famous idiots talking nonsense at me that wrecks my health to make them important on the streets all day long and without any big support from Monarchy or Government, they just hang around somewhere at the Communities, which means that those who have actually been hard done by have some games of their own to play as well and they have no support, so all is well.

As I mentioned, the main problem is still that when they pillage like so, they are unable to go their way and leave me to go mine because they fundamentally pillage by wrecking my livelihood, hanging around here to come up with such nonsense as women being hard done by with me as the main character, while they fundamentally view me as a Man they take advantage of randomly on the streets to find their way in the world again when they had lost it fucking big penises, like they are my personal Gods; it needs to stop following me around, needs to stop handling my Books and does need to shut down the foolish Media comments. The others at the Monarchy have said time and again that they had to discuss my respect problem which is utter nonsense; before I dropped out of University, the main issue with them was that I would be myself when allowed by them and it was a constant process of working on a business of seeing whether somebody else would be better looking, more intelligent and or more worthy to be me than myself all together, once I dropped out of University, it developed into a case of fighting my battles. So, they have always been the character that gain the most from what HM says about whose own was used to do it as such but now they have made such a mess of the work of security operatives that nothing can be done for National security without getting into a fight, I suppose they have done the Nationals security bits properly after all in their view, then there is the alliance with radio wave abuses idiots, who run off all sorts of nonsense associated with the fact these characters were the people I had developed equities to support young people that made popular culture to ward off – what has happen then is that they are the ones making the popular culture that I devised and I like to think they are having revenge for all those songs we made over the years but they are not, they are running my show, never mind the stupid Celebrities blocking my Book sales day.