People have rather become very fond of telling this story of the British contribution to the creation of ISIL in the Middle East, none of which has a single foundation on fact of course as we all know the same network of Americans that make these kinds of claims on Media are the same that fund and foster the activities of the British idiots that are mad about seeing British Government equities ending up in the hands of militants in Africa and the Middle East; so that when I for instance have been trained in all I need to know about the Island Nation that must be able to look after itself and past histories of European and South American conquests, what happens is that a Militant will not do his militant until he kills somebody so they can kill him as well if he can have the temperaments of an Arch Prince to play around with and gain access to every trick in the Political Books for it too. now the problem has become complicated and the fools responsible for it need to have it settled and cleaned up, not talk nonsense at me all the time; its much like the old story of how I provoke them still by blocking off their fame perspective but I have no idea who told their television personalities and Media stupidities that they were famous anyway; I have blocked it off because they like to peddle nonsense on my public image and public life and then return with Money made to find support from Political idiots that will make me go back on thinking they are not famous in order to be made to declare that they are, so they can win a fight and it is much the same as my parents and black people hating the fact I am a Christian meaning that an Arch Prince is always spending his time using their own to fix problems associated with the evils of the world and although they hate his guts for it are still following him around to extricate effects from the same behaviour. They do not trouble me in anyway; the ones on the right are losers and the ones on the left just want to get rich being useless – so what happens with the ones on the left is that they always want to be famous doing something with my public image and public life and what happens in the ones on the right is that it is not as if they are beat up a lot of people necessarily, it’s just that they actively seek out people who are smaller than them to beat up and when you challenge them it becomes a matter of the profitability of  violence; so it entirely depends on who is willing to let them boast about their left hand side and right hand side trophies and this is usually where they tell me that according to my behaviour society would disintegrate and I cannot understand why it turns up on my face all the time as well either. It’s like the old story of being scared of Americans and giving away information quickly and yet if I get hold of them again I will stream line the left and streamline the right and then I will ensure I am always having anal sex in the Middle so they can fight each other all the time – it’s not to say that I have the anal sex but they will believe it one way or the other, they will believe I am my way. It’s nothing unusual at all, the last time I actually felt threatened by Americans was when George Bush was in Office and the routine was to find stupid people at International Aid and send them out to clean the world on my public life so that they might have new glory and garnished with all kinds of nonsense about who will pay when people burn US flags and effigies of US leaders when America invades other countries; it made me wonder what a black people hating Bush had in order to be able to gather such support all over the world in such a short period of time but then again these are people who expect me to handle them with a sense they are innocent so that they might become a problem for me where it suits then and gives them the most gains, so that is not amazing either. There are however things I have done for my part like selling up that stupid culture and society and the reason being of course that the boasting about me in decline has something to do with the sense there isn’t a cure for the tummy ache so to speak; the cure that concerns a process of re-enacting that truth about those who used to end up at the back of class rooms setting out facts and figures about why people should not be using their short comings to get things done and then setting about knowing things about other people and their short comings that people do not even know about themselves, generally working on people instead of their jobs – so as it stands everybody knows it’s that big mouth on Media wagging again and they keep peddling my personal and public life and doing their stupid popular culture on it when I have expressly told them I don’t want it done, so these things are not a mystery in anyway.

It’s like the story of how we are losing our hold on history especially when it comes to fighting extremism and racism and WW1 and WW2 but we are not; the atrocities I do not in any way discount but thousands more died after the war was over and those were the ones that did not get the telegram, so I am really tough alright but if I think bad things cannot happen to me, then I have to be one of the most deluded scumbags in the whole world. It’s the same story I mentioned above i.e. how it was possible for a US President that does not have favourable views of black people to International Aid and charity money gather such support from all of Africa that sets me out as the one to pay the price whenever US Flags and effigies of US Leaders get burned if the US invades a Country? Its Greed and money and gluttony and nothing more – talking nonsense all the time about rights and freedoms and dignity and all that rubbish – it was in 2003 since, when this matter took place and they have learned to hate my guts but are still carrying out the same behaviour that led to such an outcome. It is not an impossible task, I do it all the time; what we have in British ones for instance having this habit of targeting me for ideas that will make them rich and make me poor and travelling off to continents where most black race people live to gather ideas about the culture there and then return to dominate me with it a disobedience that fosters a behaviour that can change as it were; so I had to build them this environment that is incredibly safe when that when their socialist Politicians talk nonsense at me I can remind them to spend my Royal Estate the one they were able to put their counterparts aboard under control in the first place and because it has taken less than a decade for me to accomplish this result it break their stupid hearts every single time that I do it: so its idiots that amount to nothing talking about why others should not make use of their short coming to make mention of it in order to get by on one hand and on the other happy to work with their socialist leaders who think the problem of inequality can only be solved when, somebody is followed around all the way to the millions they made and then brought down so they can share the secretes with everybody else on account others had all the power, to rip up my Books and chase a dream on a daily basis all of the time: - so it is all very well to hear them say so but you will certainly see that the outcome will be that they lie all the time and want to lie about you all the time to a point where Politicians are swayed - all very well to hear them say so but we soon find reality to be that they want to live in my right hand side where my history and person and personality resides, telling tales of how I became all I am by taking it out of parts of their stupid neighbourhoods and cultures they were saving for the future in order to claim my public life as their own every day, ripping up my finances without reason or purpose - all very well to hear them say so but we will see them put up exactly the same behaviour in 24 hours; I was never going to write Three Hundred or more Pages of Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration Pieces which I sell to ordinary People or Business Managers - it has all been a diversion, something to ensure that if I am out of a Job, they are all playful out of one too .

The big problem is that I cannot trust socialists to keep their mouths shut over anything they see me do – they always want to get involved and they cannot be trusted for any reason. The question then becomes that of why I need to trust them of which the answer is that they are not actually so important – just that trouble makers always want to ruin my finances and suck up to celebrities to pillage my public image and then share some with them at a later date and Industry people want to do the same as well and both do like to behave as though they are informing me of the painful things I can do to them by doing it to me first without reason or provocation or limits every single day, done without purpose.

So I hear this talk of how I get people to play along with great big tricks I invent to get by and there is really no trick involved here; it’s the question of how I came to the deduction I needed to handle certain matters around losers on the right feeling like they want to make profitability of violence out of a process of making me out to be the weak person they can beat up and celebrated idiots on the left wanting to be as useless a people as possible while making a lot of money from it because they and not me are in control of whether or not they get involved with me or make use of my possessions. So it comes to that part where I end up making people see they wouldn’t necessarily turn up to stand in my face and take a swipe at me without understanding there would be serious consequences for it too, so that the profitability of violence does not progress unless I ignore it to such an extent but above all however they need to leave me alone. So it’s not lost in translation; I cannot see myself make £20,000 PA and then set about spending five of it on celebrities I suck up to while three of it I spend at the shops where I find people I get to bully so that I might suck up to Celebrities at their expense because if I bully them I will be able to suck up to celebrities by offering their public lives – so this is a behaviour towards me I have to crack down on and so there is the other part about people on the left who are basically just as useless as celebrities but in their case they are business people and fundamentally feel like hurting others all the time, hence the question of whether they are giving people ideas since we all know that apart from their money and their cars and the need to hurt people all the time, they are just like their loser counterparts on the right. In the end the reality is that they have their money but do not have the part where they get to touch me and hence need to put the money where their mouth is and leave me alone; the moving into my right hand bit we have done over and over again as it were. So far I have made them suck up to celebrities to their hearts content and now we know they are coming round to normalcy when they start to yap about tricks I play on people and as for the part where all I do is still wasted, there is no such thing – that will concern the reasons the celebrity thing annoys me so much i.e. it is either a Godless person sees me walk down the streets because these idiots spend all their time trying to run my life with gossips and lies and threats and then start to think that if he had my personality he would be a celebrity but I am a waste as it were and those will then start to feel like boys and their toys over a kid that is me whom they can hurt and manipulate until they have something to complain about or it is the ones that do religious stuff and since I know their modern version of Church activity leads me to the above route and want nothing to do with it, they will round me up like I was sheep everywhere that matters including media and civil service so that they can force me to, especially the American ones; so it goes round and round and round a useless circle and I am not a celebrity and want them to leave me alone as they are well aware it is not a lifestyle ideal for a Christian anyway and never was right from the start hence I am obviously the aggressor and everybody else except them knows that.  It leads back to the story I mentioned before but this time in context of whether or not I play tricks on them, when we all know it’s a matter of letting a stupid girl pleasure herself with my finances because I will get beaten up by them if not and then start to regard themselves and celebrities and feel they are in control of an if or not they can get involved with my concerns.

It has become some kind of a panacea for them to get on Media and push conversations at me violently about wealth inequality in the world, of which the reality as it stands is that the wealth of the world has reduced by some 30% during the economic crisis but the number of people who hold it have become fewer and fewer, I had written Books to secure peoples skills and expertise and placed information about that in public from 2003 till date, the result being that I have made contributions to an increase in the number of people getting educated or informed enough to make themselves into Money making machines – therefore the only reason that the wealth of the world is ending up in the hands of a few has to be that somebody is creating the process by which it does and nothing else. We have even started seeing these solid base campaigns about taking physical steps to employ Women in Industrial Establishment boards etc – so these fools apparently hated feminists when they started and I in specificity wanted a piece of them for being the Man that refused to play Ball, I really have no idea what they are going to do or hate this time around and nobody knows either. They do these things all the time and for today the one that has been used to slow down my Book sales being that people are unable to look after their backsides and I do not wish to share the secret of how I look after my own – so it is set up on the premise of bearing in mind they have already created an environment around my Firm which means that people want to make use of the equities before they buy the Books in order to explore where I got rejected and it is in the same manner we hear them talk about British people pretending the only community in the US is the British one whereas there are many others and the Italians are very, very, very fond of it; so that we know that they could always allow women run their home and community and neighbourhood and garage based businesses, so that they might look after their backsides but that will never ever happen, just in order to pass off abusive and violent insults at me about wealth inequality when I know what I am doing and they have not got a foggiest clue what they are. It has never actually been a crisis, not half as much as they do claim it is; the freedom and democracy ones simply are incapable of believing it is possible to tell even the simple truth without money and the socialist ones can never ever be trusted to keep their mouths shut, bearing in mind their involvement with your concerns can easily become a government prerogative which is where the most political fun usually is and I am not the one complaining at the stage too; so for me it just builds those pictures that I can use as barometer to measure if or not people are pulling themselves together again and I worked it out by being an Arch Prince that journalists are cleverer than as it were. The part where it seems the issue will go on forever is entirely of their doing; it will come to an end when they accord me enough respect to suggest they are supposed to pay attention to their jobs and understand there are things in this world that they will never ever, ever have, starting with my Office an public life, temperaments and public reputation etc. They do speak of the need to live in a Country where people are equal and treated equally and so on whereas the real problem is for instance that their idea of fun is when between the age of 11 and 22 they are found in pubs drinking themselves into the Police station and the NHS all the time, so although they want to move into my right hand to have my temperament as well or disturb me until I lose it and they simulate it in public to sell popular culture on and therefore own it while I lose it, the reality is still that only God knows what goes on whenever they have so much fun that they slip back into their Youth and that is what it is mostly all about – their excuse as we know is that Soldiers live like that whereas the last time we checked Soldiers were aware those who gain most from their jobs are sick people and disabled people and those who are on benefits because their families are full of ill people that are unable to make their way in life through work and can become very aggressive when they find you mistreat those who have turned their adversity into some form of success – they however can always have a binge party when soldiers have one. Then get to tell me that I interfere with peoples businesses and cannot believe I can say anything without mentioning my Book sales or indeed be trusted to shut up whenever people do what they need to do; I could never make out how it works either but it is much like the insults of their politicians that means wearing all I say and know and their need to work out what is happening in my mind and thoughts which the last time I checked was the road to being under the influence all together anyway – what I say however has nothing to do with them, the reality just like how soldiers live story is that it is an apt punishment for Industry when their playfulness is such that they want to get very rich by being useless and love to work with these stupidities to get on Media and find ways of making use of my equities without buying the Books. I am just saying they could not leave it where they did it as per wealth inequality issues that is meant to really complicate the process of damaging my Book sales for Today on grounds that they have already built up on Media an atmosphere which means people want to make use of my property first before they can find out if they want to buy my Books, so as to explore where I got rejected and hence they have moved it straight onto the vandalism of how others are unable to look after their backsides while I have refused to share the secret; so it’s the warning here i.e. they hated feminism and hated me for refusing to play ball when they started, so it is hard to work out what they will hate as this matter progresses – talking nonsense about wealth inequality when they have continued to insist the answer to their financial recovery returning back to the hay days type should be based on the decimation of business run by Women, to pass off insults at me all the time about wealth inequality to which I have made a contribution and then tell me about what I learned today as well, whereas they know the Work Court and Live Journal is entirely made up of female journalists 705 of which work under the supervision of female managers and Bosses at Media Establishments of which equipping with the ability to ;punish people with sex is based on doing something about the evil that split Ireland from the UK and keeps northern Ireland divided to this day and cannot leave people alone in order to have an easy lazy nice little earner, talking nonsense at me about twisting me into a position where all I do puts them in a condition where they will be better off meaning they can do whatever they like as though they lived in the New country they have always wanted all the time, everyday. Then they get to tell me it’s a matter of how I handle their equities globally which is an old story of imagining that if I damaged 2 million of their very large and provocative 40 million pound savings about, it will not hurt them at all while I will think I have damaged the world ripe and ready for revenge which means they are always in position to play stupid getting rich by being useless games with me that means it is the part where doing something to recover my Business rather than seek redress at the law Court because it is not the most important or most rewarding choice or course of action which becomes their main point of fun about which I have never signed a contract with them that says they can either handle my Books or public life all together – so it leads to an outcome where I can then decide that I must do my damage on a reciprocal percentage basis according to how much damage they do me since getting trained to become a money making machine was never time consuming, expensive and Labour intensive as it were, which has now gotten their attention as it were.

We hear it all the time of course, we hear of how racism is the one thing that shuts me up; reality of course is that no Parent of mine was responsible for brewing racism and no White scumbag is solving their Family problems here likewise; it is not the last word, it is a myth – the only time there was racism was when a goon named Adolph Hitler set out a dossier and government plans and gathered weapons for the purpose of wiping out all races and replacing them with a superior one that was Caucasian and had blonde Hair with Blue eyes which Hitler himself did not have and that was over some 80 years ago as it were – what we have today is that White people can  be insolent to a point where their need to familiarise and move into my right hand can result in an outcome where they have met somebody through whom they can play it all out and play their playful vandalism nonsense to a point where there is nothing left to play. As for the part about creating a British republic, I am very proud of myself anyway, proud of what I have accomplished, for it really did seem as though being full of authority and legitimacy for your leadership and activity right up to finances did mean that Politicians become so bitter and their evil nature expresses itself in such vindictiveness as means that it will cost me everything even my health, so that I might look inferior for it; I am proud of beating them and proud of living at the very pinnacle of Western Civilisation where it no longer looks to me as though this was our lot and we could never do any better proud of the fact I am now poised to get money from it and get a life, hell and the big dog with many tits and yet we know that suckling me with disobedience in the last decade and a half only resulted in them having the energy to be superior and that they would need the same amount of time if not more should they want brains as well. I know the big idea is that I may be proud of it but so must I allow the chance for others to do their own as well and I don’t mind, it’s the complaining I am worried about, for it never really did get lost in the midst anyway that as much as an Author is prepared to listen to them talk nonsense all over the place about their needs and money and what the Media is supposed to mean to others because they work in it, they should be prepared to buy his Books to get involved with him, otherwise accept it is very unusual and that he is very good and unusually digging their weaknesses as well and that would be the start. It is not in any way true that I have a Popularity problem and the racism thing is just a matter of what people love to bate in my direction so I might make them complain about me for as well: the reality is still that for the parents I am a respectful Christian who looks the part of a person their silly Children will want to abuse in order to feel superior and confident and for the Children who had enough to give to the frugal, when you hear them talk about religion it gets scary for those who have a religious pursuit on account they are modern - so the big idea is usually that they expect somebody to turn up and identify themselves as religious person due for abuse that is good for their well being by preaching the gospel and when you do not do it for them it turns to a need that is so intense there is a sub culture for it in a matter of decades - the reason it becomes a conversation bearing in mind its all a case of people in crisis and you should try to understand at all times is because of the latter - the Parents are the problem, their insolence is beyond human imagination and we are not talking about their stupid Children's lack of respect for other peoples thinking space and turning up where I work because they have been trolls all day killing off my Book sales with the support of their parents just so they can get more without which I will get into trouble, we are talking about the fact they need to handle me at all times and behave as if they are giving you ideas on how to get about making sure every single little thing you think about or do is built on a premise of a feeling you have to harm them and handle them in hurtful ways and that it is the reason they are always doing it, the other reason it becomes a matter for action is that they find it amusing too; it is therefore amusing indeed - when they ask the questions they seldom find it amusing, when I respond to their concerns it becomes so.