I am always told I need to be candid with people about where I stand on racism but I have no idea why it is so important to them anyway, I know that even the process where society requires men to look after women is looked upon as a problem, so nobody wants to be traded like item and used in any way that other people may please, hence whenever people see that I am of a race that was traded and sold like an item in the past they need bring up the slavery and slave trade issues to pillage my career and find they are unable to get serious about it and then there will be no probability that I am better at practical jokes than they are as well.

It feeds into the whole case of why I am vulnerable to it which I am not; save the business of Politicians and Media pillaging my finances and academic work because they wish to be important at my expense, I would not be responding to what passes on their left hand side and right hand side like I am presently, so when they do wish to dig further and thus bring up the racism issues they had better gotten serious as I really can keep up with the practical jokes.

I do understand they say this is Politics and Media racism as well but it is not to me, it’s an old case of when I am supposed to have sat down and planned to get into a fight with Journalists, such that now it is clear about 11 years of daily onslaught that gets society people tackling me as early as 5.00am to as late as 22.00 hours every day, on account they deploy their media salaries for some charity work that benefits people who chase bottoms and do not deserve charity, which then makes them immune, I believe it is time to make space for it and begin the process which I am about to in a couple of weeks for my part in the matter. They always say it all happens because I am disrespectful but an Arch Prince disrespecting a Journalist generally means nobody wants to work with or Trade with me as such, while they get to walk into a studio to collect the salary that will get to their heads and make more problems for me, so it is obvious I need to. Their excuses about women are nothing new, I really have no idea why they bring it up anyway – usually what happens is people spending most of their energy to protect themselves from heart disease all day long, on account they have bought shares in the companies they work for and are trading the stocks; so when women question their importance to breathe some free air or ensure they do not give up the job and go home to rest on account stocks are being traded, they say women interfere and that hurting me hurts them as well, looking like they have calculated everything I can do about the matter when they clearly have not. So far they claim women interfere but have not stopped inviting themselves into the concerns of my Court, claiming women behave on television the way they live at home, making out I have sex with the women and they need to get into league with the Husbands for obvious reasons of their sexual appetite and its predatory impropriety at the work place etc and of course the sermon about my Court being female only started getting preached as far back as 2002, so I am usually lost as per how women interfere when they have not stopped inviting themselves into my concerns to feel about life among other forms of vandalism that makes them think it is worth their male while. What is really happening is that these goons have pushed us all into a place where we have to contend with one difficult task after another most of which is not paying and it is the process of moving away from these tasks that gives them impetus to make us smell like our loo and give up the means to ends we have worked for – for me it is not that I am unable to do most of these things, its just that they make it very difficult for me to do it whether or not I will be paid and the ways they do that is to ensure that if I am going to make money by doing it, since money is a thing of value and they are very good at destruction, because they cannot damage me, they damage the money. So it leaves them boasting that they can damage me all the time because they believe that I am likely to respond violently if my career is damaged whereas I am likely to ensure they understood what it feels like so the wife and kids might find living with them un bearable and then we can respond violently, see how far that big mouth stretched hence it may not give me a breathing space unless I took it from them.

Personally I could never understand why people like to think that they may control the finances of those who have had their eyes opened by state shock of informing 18 years old and beyond, that the parents are no longer required to provide, when they are not the ones supplying the pocket money that others get anyway but we can see it generally means that they are very important and then I get asked why I know all these things but am never financially successful, which reason is that if I said these stupidities were a social issue they will happen for eternity and if I point out they were a form of property damage these idiots have come to enjoy inflicting because they think I had reached a stage where I may never act against it, then I commit myself and people wish to see an incident. So it still all comes down to the question of why it is that people simply cannot stop kissing their family good bye to get to an Office and sit about performing such nonsense on the lives of others but eventually for me it does mean especially with respect to the sense there is something wrong with women, when we know the women who passed their exams in school might be the only other alternative opinion out there when I am fighting heart disease at the work place on account they ripped up my academic work and finances to pass exams first and sit about doing the insults and abuses that allow them work busy body opportunism to keep an eye on me and my personality which reflects my life’s work for Clients and Employers to get rich quick. So, the Moral of this story is still that there is really nothing that they can do about me, blowing off their big mouth like that all the time about me being disrespectful while the respect issues and their need to feed on well raised children which behaviour borders of paedophilia is really the reason we have ended up with these issues.

I do get told it feeds into the Muslims problem but the Muslims one is an old case of meeting a Teenager who says he would like to take out his Belt and whip you because you insulted the prophet and that he hates the sin and not the sinner; so such occasions invokes reality where it is assumed they expect to get away with it because there is talk of terrorism and of people trying not to radicalise Muslims but then again which the last terrorist who killed somebody had a priceless look on his face when he knew a drone was flying behind him for it; they never think it is will end in such ways obviously. Where I am concerned is the business of insulting me and or working incredible absurdities on me about my private parts and then it adds up to the stage where my personality has been built up as an atmosphere that will ensure they passed their exams in school and their MPs were able to shake off Muslism accent and this is where trouble bedgins because I soon want to write blogs all over it, to find out what they will do after since they are currently not fighting any National enemies for the way they destroy people who are really the Nationals Human reaosurces with fun absurdities and obscurity.

What the real case is with all of them is the fact that they are very abusive and insulting people, so what happens with the very disobedient Media ones is that they have built themselves a reputation that is letting them fit in with some very pushy people in society and because they are doing so with the Media jobs, we find they had now reached that stage where they claim I am instrumental to damaging their Public image on which their media career actually depends and that they wish to have mine, they could if they were strong enough to take it, which is what this is all about.