So, I am said to be one of those characters who got into a fight with the Government and lost and its utter nonsense as this is clearly the sort of stupidities people spend their time on at Parliament. I don’t think about getting into a fight with the Government as the risk is that I may end up handling something a bad person took from me and through which the Country burned but we can see that the group of gits at Parliament do not consider such risks are applicable to their place to work anyway. The problem is that the Politicians especially the women are in a constant state of delirium about the benefits of physically beating me down to make me submit to them because they had a gut feeling that they were my bosses and want those feelings to be right, I have also progressed the matter to the stinging bits that gets them complaining about a war on women but the insults have not improved. The reality of it is that they speak of the authority of the Crown as something which abuses them and therefore are always in a constant state of desire for paedophilia which the Police did not know about, nothing like me getting into a fight with them which I lost and so they enjoy handling me but because it is a full time job doing so, now have to explain to the public their position when they wanted to get elected was more concerned with wealth and social inequality which has now gone on for so long, the public are starting to demand to see some real cash. I mean if I had a job as a politician, paying me around £60,000, to do a job which was so emotionally stimulating as a process of making laws in the land, I don’t think I would have had a lifestyle which picks up all sorts from around me like they do besides the need to conduct myself in a way which allows the public to give me a benefit of doubt when I made mistakes and where it comes to beating me down over the problems, I too have warned them a war with them is usually the answer for everything since I can easily blame them for what I had done to myself. The fact of the work they have gotten themselves involved with are that working for the Crown involved a process of being concerned with the abusive behaviour of culture and society criminals and if you say you have a place called an Office, you have a way to organise it and you are always working on it, there is no means by which it would catch you unawares and churn your tummy but in my case they really enjoy pillaging my finances at Parliament and that is what churns my tummy – so the life they have chosen in a work environment that involved this code of activity is one which says that since they are in agreement with majority population, they should be the richest in the Country and do not understand why others are richer than they are, where my position is one of wonder, why they have not moved out to where they can get rich yet. It all started with Tony Blair; we was not responsible for the actions of his party members and would never put others before needs of his party members at the same time – eventually they destroyed even the early marriage that young people engaged in, which facilitated those statements which meant that young people would get married because they found support being with each other and then when you wreck it for them while they are as well, the result is then something you may look at with disdain as a failing country with teenage pregnancies. In my case, they have not allowed me a moments break over the benefits of bread winner insults but have never once paid the bills in this place, never mind the ridiculous idea I will be physically handled if their bottom hurt.

They claim people like me love to make a mess of Government matters and blame everybody for it and its utter nonsense; like the last time I went to Buckingham Palace and made note of some things I saw there and the same goons that have for years built up stories about superior black people the Royal family should be getting involved with, making a mess all the time, just took it to a new level, claiming I went there to assist the Queen and its been running off that way to this day, especially since I picked up residence in a horrible neighbourhood and they decided if I was going to get stuck with gangs and criminals this was their time. They do claim their street protests especially when people got killed by the Police and they suggested I was being served, was mostly developed on this and its not – that is developed on their need to ensure every time they step out of their door, everything they did and said was in agreement with those who were thinking about or carrying out activities that added up to crime and for me, I am just one of those things they love to threaten and abuse each time I step out of my door whereby the consequences I inflict just makes their stupid civil and criminal disobedience a lot worse.

They love to claim they do it because they are stronger than I am and I needed to be forced to adopt a position that expressed subordination, so I suppose their need to make a mess of everything that adds up to my writers personality and career is about to develop into a bigger problem especially in terms of the stupidities about being stronger expressed where I have done the best work for my career, following me around – while the one on the left will be the part where I am hoping getting them off my public image will not cost them the day job, as I am not prepared to take responsibility for the consequences of their personal decisions and of course a condition in which neither is achievable is one where I will progress to the part where taking part in the difficult aspects of armed forces jobs were waiting for them.

People have said that these things are sometimes so intrusive that they take over everything and then when I say something they appear to be something very insignificant and people will want the latter feeling to last longer but its like they also say I have gotten myself into a difficult situation and needed to acknowledge it while I have not i.e. these are the sort of evil things that are happening in the US and have always happened in the US; I have written a Book from a Hermitage and its as though they have been summoned, as bad as it is, we still have another group of fools that have built my public image up on media, split it into two areas, filling one part with the worlds problems and the other with conveniences and have recently started ascribing the part with conveniences to themselves, which has gotten me thinking if I adopted a position where I was fundamentally against a process where they got anything they wanted, I would have what others only dreamed of as well. In the end it’s the usual case of being caught between the two groups – one is associated with culture and never listens to what others are saying, always baying for war and its insults are legendary while its problems should be prioritised by all, soon they will be fighting Celebrities who were in league with society gits as well and when I look back to the way producers handled my Equities to make those films that made crime and career crime cost ineffective among other benefits, which allowed young peoples to grow, it was the right thing to do the entire time.

I understand they claim they want to put a end to it all and wish to know how that may happen and its as simple as everything associated with Media and Celebrity showing up in public places to pick up every trend associated with my work and position, which they run down publicly and display as their own achievement every day, completely wrecking my finances in the process.

The rest of the time we hear that the fight with the Celebrities is full on as such which I rather relish as it means that the question of what motivates people who meet with friends to make studio entertainment that they pile high and sell cheap, would want to wreck my academic pursuits and get by me to get involved with members of the Royal Family all the time – hence the importance of getting to stifle their ability to transport those entertainment products and to ensure I interfere with their market position every time they got into the studios, just to get warming up for my part too. They always claim their problem to be with the idea that I am an insignificant person trying very hard to ensure people saw me as relevant; sometimes I think of it as something I ignore and run with because it adds up to a process whereby I am a writer and people think I spend my time on X activity, so they got involved with my Books for Y activity but what the results really are is a process where people broker equities with me, build products and the business of taking the nobody stage to help people make sense of the products and ideas behind them, feeds into a dream of Celebrities to see me become an irrelevant character instead – so it really draws up a need to start developing structures for hurting them in order to make the bookshop work; when it is happy I dominate it because it is stupid and will soon be seen making short videos about insulting me which is claims are advertisement, when it’s a woman I am likely to end up in Girls dormitory as a lifestyle and I needed to ensure it understand where its school yard bullying of dunces fits into this place and when its Dad character I got to bring on the pain etc. The fight with Celebrities is therefore not full on as they have claimed, I have already taken the initiative. We see the consequences of this sort of nonsense all the time - where I had written a Book and placed patents on it, so Celebrities picked up my Books to create their own with plans to get rich on my Public image but the reasons there are Crowds of people gathered something to upstage me at Public protests was that the original patent for the item that occupies the market space is interferring with their earnings, since last they acquired themselves a perverted one.

I have been told I am apparently not vulnerable to most of these gimmicks but I don’t know why people believe I should be anyway when it is a societally organised system of power that helps them work bread winner insults and imaginary violation of other peoples person to make their enemies poor and make themselves rich, what I do know from the facts I have gathered however is that since I am neither friends nor enemy and it is being used on me, they do it because they are stupid and there are things they need to learn to stop being a handful of twats. The Media gits are just looking for one of those scenarios where the women who have made arrangements with Certain men decided when they got to stop their abusive behaviour towards other peoples lives and career, which leaves them in hospital thereof. For my part, its one of those cases where they brush under the carpet the fact the purpose of their prejudices and discrimination was that their need to make money without caring whom they harmed in the process was an all consuming thing. So where we have ended up is a reprisal process on my part which have left them with a feeling that they face a life ahead of them where their dreams may never be fulfilled because they had spent most of their time on me and some who simply want to get back to the day jobs have not got the stomach for it anymore – I can justify this by the fact that I have lived in 10 years of nauseating financial complications whereby I get out of bed feeling ill everyday despite the work I do in this place because of practical jokes people play on my person, so I want this process of returning to obscurity when the business of handling me had come to a stop to be absolute and yes they do claim when they talk with me about it the situation gets better but it is not an exit that I have given, I am only interested in how it works when they buy Books from this place, otherwise its more than the distress of people fooling around with my livelihood and travelling the distance to exasperate me, it becomes a matter of property deployed for their own ends which a Company may have already brokered and is currently in the works or a process of taking property equity from a social and economic system that they are alien to because they are very insidious and entitled twats. I don’t care if they will fall apart should they stop bothering me, I am a writer and I need to sell Books I have written. There are pressure points which ensure when people are pulled in many confusing directions, they are still able to make sense of what matters - like when I am not being nice to people, if I think of my Children my head is shocked and cleared to be nice to a Client, what is rather happening here being that these gits are my pressure point and if I am not nice to people it will certainly affect my clients and I am likely to have been rude to people generally in the first place because of them but they do not read Books - time and again it comes up with ideas about how it will fall apart if it stopped bugging me which it wants to but it will not be able to make sense of its right hand side and left hand side and decide where its career is heading after spending a decade and a half exasperating me, so it needs my whole life to come to a stop a little bit longer, so that it might move on and this is not an exit I am ready to give them - I want them to drop down to obscurity when bugging me comes to a stop.

So they say I have not made a real statement about Police Officers killing black people and its utter nonsense. First of all, we know what a murder looks like and it is up to the judicial system to take the facts of the case on hand and reach a decision on what the kind of crime has been committed and what kind of action is prescribed by the law. The other hand which feeds into the story and is likely to develop into an outcome which people protested about because the Law had not delivered a satisfactory decision, is that of the condition in which Police Officers commit crimes i.e. in the US it is hell, where Police Officers buy one gun and gangs buy two, if they buy 2 gangs buy 5 and it never stops and then there are these characters who set about a sense that this sort of working condition was something they wanted to fool around with in order to perform activities like they do me, when they build up my personality on media and split it into two areas with one full of the worlds problems I must tackle while I am being insulted and violated while the other was full of conveniences they got on media to ascribe to themselves, claiming to carry out an activity that helps them recover their youth on the new personalities that have emerged in society and to secure their freedoms in the process too – this is just one of many practical jokes that consume people who work in such conditions as an item and makes a public places mockery of the effects to facilitate market and money madness. So the other story of whether I am at risk of Police attacks fits into this story here too – where the Police have gone from a stay out of our work statement to statement about how I need keep an eye on what I did with my public appearances and the way I looked, in agreement with Police work and its nice to be given an activity which implies I can be useful in the community. That said the fact still stands that a guy whom as long as you have known him, has always had a social life which involved prioritising the needs of children, groomed himself into a Police Officer the other time and whenever you see him in Public you either have a Habit or a thrill or bugging him as though you are able to tell what he really wants while he is at work. In respect to which I have a feeling that being required to look after my public persona a bit more in agreement with Police work, was the product of people making excuses at my expense whenever they got arrested, the backdrop being this same story of distant violence, violation and career vandalism to ensure others prioritised their financial needs which gets violent if they were given an opportunity to make it so. So some have said my position on racism and Police violence is sad but what really happens is that the racists they talk about had developed a habit of hurting ethnic minorities, such that if given a Politics which facilitates it, they will likely want to develop it further; upstaging me does not solve a problem, grooming me into a profile that gits a character that should have lots of discrimination and nepotism practiced on him regardless of how incredibly I fit such a profile, does not solve a single problem and neither does providing criminals the means to say that their crimes were racial crimes the answer to a problem.

I have been told that I have suggested ethnic minorities play a part in racism and its not clear what I meant but it is as simple as the fact it has always been about money and a process of pure evil which sets out singular persons and condemns them to social and public abuse in order to acquire it; my point is that it is no longer possible to say that you were young and naïve when their stupidities started targeting you, if you can provide a date of when it began, this is the era in which we now live and they are out of their depth. They do like to say I am not necessarily a great example as I have lost everything but I suppose I have preached everyday over the last 5 years, that they needed to keep off my Public image and stop picking up service processes of my Bookshop alongside the public interest in it, including social trends associated with me as its creator, to glorify and make sense of their stupidities, especially when displayed on media and used to petition Politicians about my attitude as insultingly as possible, while they got imagination up my bum and their stupid children who are clearly more successful too are taught to do the same. Their bragging that my position is one which has been extricated to ensure I was made to be more Political and there was more representation to my existence which their communities may manipulate is something about which we will soon get to the stage where one more occasion will mean I signed myself off state benefits on their wallets.

I am told young people want to know how I do it and its always the old story I guess of how we do not wake up at 18 to ask parents how bills are paid – so the heaps of Industry trash, people are characters that have been unemployed for a period of time and never have had a plan, is the idea. The goons always get off a business of showing how they get Industry goons to give them money leverage and show up with all these criminal gimmicks they think will cause victims to give up if they performed too much of it, to say that I start but do not have a chance the same way it has become a sermon that now needs to come to a conclusion, that they need get off the Hermitage and Public image to engage with Books I have written when they show up around my concerns – over the last decade the culture and society criminal goons have been banging away harder than ever and it is the relentlessness of the stupidities they exhibit that drives these fools to take their stupidities at my expense over money issues on Celebrity culture and media to the level we have today, it goes without saying when the culture and society criminal goons are done banging away, not enough have died over claims of racism yet as it were (the ignorant and violent stupidities that are pushed off at career ambush all the time is what it is, fair to say that if the complain was that I am able to sell their culture and society to raise money, especially if I am feeling violently threatened, I am also good at watching my back). They are alien to a system where means is primarily made available to women who on getting comfortable seek out relationship with Men through whom they might get up the social ladder but they do not have to destroy it with features such as the times people ended up in hospital or worse and others ended up in prison because of smell issues on account they were making money - the smell issues inflicted on me which has not deterred their stupidities from my income margins either - I have all the chances in the world and the bloody idiots needed to stop issuing threats (we all know where their cowardly juveniles are concerned, if I removed everything that ensured I had something to lose when stabbed or shot, the Politicians will say I am the one who has made myself a danger to their stupidities but once they know they had such things to play with as we can see this sort of nonsense never ceases like the suckling cowards they really are - it needs to stop issuing threats at me, I have all the chances in the whole world).

They do love to boast that there is little I can do now that they had picked up my order and gone about strengthening themselves with it but its an old story where it blabs about violence to such an extent it kicks it off and cannot do it anymore, now it has taken its suckling coward stupidities one step further all together and if I stopped everything that suggested it can grab popularity and public image off a process of stabbing and shooting at me, the Politicians will say I am the one acting dangerously. I am not deploying their own property to seek out financial means for women and other peoples at the Hermitage who look after the body with the money and unlike they do, spend it the body chasing my interests, as it is clear when they are no longer able to do so, there is a real question mark on my survival, hence never clear what their problem is all together as it were. Some have said it does not do to underestimate my enemies either but I am not underestimating them; first of all it can just show up from nowhere and start up a story about dominating me, the outcome becomes a case of me being counted among people it normally dominates while it knows I can cause its stupidities some serious harm and then it will go off to seek out more powerful allies to support its madness for it and get off to build me the enemies I never had at the British Monarchy – five years of my time will just pass like magic for it in each case, just like we find that people can see it makes sense to say if that attacking a world built to help people at a Hermitage acquire funds to look after the Body and follow up the interests of the resident and the Trust system, along the lines of a premise which suggests when government supplies people with money and social life, they hand it over to men and sugar babies at Industry, while their idiots served the armed forces at the sex industry for public work, all the way to Asia, meant that a warning to desist was ineffective, I have got a problem.

They claim I am being punished at the Monarchy for my activities and its utter nonsense as what really happens mostly is that I am trusted to win the battles I am good at handling and people are happy that I am getting on the case more often. It’s the turbulent time they claim the UK is facing, whereby they had gone overseas to bring in some friends that will help them work revolution and the friends have now found out what we have to put up with all the time as well i.e. I can never make sense of what it is saying, it never listens to what I am saying and soon what I am saying will help boost its income while its impossible to boost my income with what it is saying and it continues to proclaim itself to be in charge, not long after which its position is a threat to its own safety and well being and it wants to make me into a god for it, soon we find its at war with the smaller people that can inflict the same things too. They always come up with side story of me being disrespectful towards Liberal USA in much the same manner but I am not, they simply need to get off the Hermitage and engage with the Books I have written and all problems will come to a stop, especially when they move on if they do not like my Books (the reality on the ground is that allies have emerged from this too and they are the type that think when I tell them how to exist, it means I am being shoved at them and a war is coming, which I why it would be stupid to trust them and I do all I can to avoid it).