Progress from here is usually the claim that Men are teaching me lessons in bits which I said would never happen and it is because I declared war on them; reality of course being that they are not teaching any lessons and if I broker equities with companies and gain some publicity for my Books, my main concern is usually that when the Billboard shows up in the neighbourhoods I will be vulnerable to society trouble makers but the involvement of the Media goes beyond the very abusive opinions they have of somebody whose personal life and public image they are unable to peddle for fame and fortune, some of which is racist all together, it becomes a matter of a habit to pick up my work or projects and set off to glorify themselves on Media meaning they hear from me when it ruins important property as well and because they will never stop doing it because they would win should push come to shove, they are the ones dealing with the most anxiety when in just 20 Minutes of stepping into the studio they feel as though all the blood in their body has rushed up to their heads  push comes to shove that way as well. The war I have declared on them would have more to do with their daddy characters wrecking the academic work to build a future on the fact they had fractured it for me and will never stop the sexual and sexual context abuses that they are certain will get me leaking information or just co-operating, even their stupid children are being taught to do the same as well because that old business of fantasising of people beating up women to make them comfortable has just been transferred to me – yet there are aspects of their lives too such as the reasons I was targeted being that they saw me sort out sociological matters related with employment and career easily at University and decided they had to have every morsel of me but are now complaining about the fact they are not twice and three times my size as their big mouths originally suggested; these are the aspects I can build a future with, take over their celebrity and fashion and media and industry jobs by too, it has not happened because as equally as they are laying when they claim I had declared war on them, I have done no such thing. In the end they do not need to sit down in a class room and listen to a teacher show them complicated mathematics about how to stay away from my Books, I do not care what their excuses are, we all know they have the freedom to handle the ones they had purchased and it is becoming an issue since it is so difficult to ask people to buy Books from a dysfunctional and noisy library, having been this has gone on intensively for the last 6 years which I need to clear out and begin again from scratch, we have found them complaining about anxiety as work being the reasons they pick on the trouble maker that is me with no credibility to the blabbing whatsoever.

I do get asked what I would do if I wanted to resolve the matter decisively but that was an old tale of the fact that their lies wreck the careers for their female colleagues and then they complain about the big brother contending with disposition of pornography as well which is the only way that careers look up for their female colleagues all together, while they claim I am on the side of women looking for trouble whereas the assumption they make is that people will have to make deal with big bad guys from the world for tough people when it is time for fighting but what will happen is people making deals with the bad women because they have no respect for the good women and then looking like there is a real need to hurt them for it. My point being that to resolve this matter decisively, is an old case of the criminal communities being interested in a person only after the involvement of Journalists and Celebrities, otherwise it is usually okay to just get on and in my case they say the business where I am being picked on by criminals and it would not have mattered if there was no further involvement from them churning my tummy in the process is something I fantasise but the business of sitting down in a music studio to get rich with my public image and personal life which I do not want peddled, was the fun bit, this is the serious bit. We can see that when it starts it just starts; a great matter of anxiety at work because it loves to pick on me until other members of the Public have been affected on account it will win when push came to shove while we all know it usually stops when you make alliances with the bad women on account it has no respect for the good ones and have started to look like you really want to hurt them; when it starts it just starts i.e. they are teaching me lessons in bits, I also declared war on them, no shred on truth attached to either whatsoever. The kind of rhetoric we get from big brothers teaching me lessons is that they are using Church people to cool down their hurting bottoms, just like they need services from me everyday on National Media, that cannot be married to a process where they bought my Books to get it all together and we can see the contributory factors to the paedophilia in religious organisations running completely insane; in my case they are just destroying my person by working obscurity on me in order to relieve the stress and pressure of being themselves once they are done running off the various paths of vices and deviance to a fault that is, reliving stress with the use of religion they do not believe in, looking for more - my case therefore it is said, is that I make enemies with people who are too big for me and wait for others to fix the problem; the same we saw about how they tear up the economy and then rip up peoples business during the recovery on account they had some money leverage going for them because the recovery had run off on media to a stage where it had become a trend and they had to maximise profits, so it is how the clash with big brother starts.