So they say people hate my guts and I need to take it into account but the reality has not changed yet in the sense that I should be dealing with the process where people turn up on my business premises to make trouble for me and the whole world on account they have needs but am still stuck dealing with stupid Men that cannot get about any of their business without calling a Crowd on me and threatening me to sweeten up the violence for those crowds claiming they are trying to recover their youth as well in the process.

I mean it is nothing new; when I am a Christian I am put through this process of having no job and no life, to see what will become of a Christian that does not spend time on his faith when the Bible is very clear about what happens in such circumstances and then when you fill up and think so deeply about it to bursting point it constitutes an atmosphere by which and a personality they can abuse in order to get rich;  now I have written my Books and all they want to do with it is ensure the Books are my property again every time the Books end up in Public and that is the interest they have shown in a writer as such; which when questioned will see them respond with claims my Books are insulting and yet what they want to read is fiction for example but will not spend their time calling crowds on a writer of fiction because they believe it would have been an advantage, so they do it to a writer of packaged equity instead, which Books they do not wish to read all together. Soon enough we hear them claim yet again that I simply am unable to allow people have their freedom but such freedom has already meant that somebody has died over my Books through means of getting himself killed by the Police and when it really comes down to it, the main reason was one of those issues about people who do well when they get involved with people and those who do not, of which is not the main conversation that makes sense anymore because people have died.

So we do hear them boast about being fathers who are getting kids to compete but this is not competition – the process of breaking up a business empire to broker equities and write Books, becoming something about foolish Men staging more prognosis after another by which I am vulnerable and can be taken advantage of that is then worked on Media on a daily basis is damage and not competition and bragging will see me take steps to ensure they complain again about me turning out to set out the idea it is easy for people to be successful in their Country without being concerned with the problems. I do not have a problem with these matters as such, it’s as I have mentioned before that these are very stupid people; they would normally claim I am being insulting yet again but the reality is still that if you allow the Women take charge of anything you will be surprised what they are willing to destroy in order to feel as though they were Women, claiming it is due to the fact there are Men out there that feel like the conveniences of Women than they do when they were Women in the first place and same with the Male ones who speak of controlling wives and kids all the time but you will be surprised what they will  be willing to destroy to ensure they are in control of everything else.

The big case is that these foolish Men love to play these games that lead to such results as spending 6 years discussing Books that have already been written and in the end the problem they have concerns that of the work associated with writing one like it too, which is the real basis for this conversation. The reasons for it however is the simple matter of greed i.e. they always want to be able to perform that routine of certain people they abuse whom doing so creates dispositions and atmospheres by which people can trade and get rich and I am clearly not the one complaining at this point. They said there has to be a reason for my actions and I am only elaborating on the fact there are i.e. they are very stupid people and what we have left now is what becomes of them when most of the means by which they can get into control of things around them is taken away and handed to government; hence when Politicians spend money on them does not harm or help me in anyway and is in fact none of my business since it is not my money as well for good measure but is a case of the scumbags that turn out to use them to do my job and my career and my Business and then show up in public complaining in search for privileges of injustice when it turns out all those loop holes in my life which can facilitates such things are not necessarily open to their fucking use.

So eventually they do say the Politicians are the ones I cannot handle for obvious reasons but then again, no other group o f people are insane enough to graft themselves into my personality and get about provoking me until I react in order to tell me I can react like that in front of a racist if I have got the fucking guts on a daily basis like they do. The reality has always been that when it comes to career and academics and finances, the problems is never how hard you have worked or how well you have done it but Politicians and what they get up to and it is this sort of bragging that will move this matter from a process of making sure that for each scumbag that turns up here on their instruction to make trouble for me, they deal with problems associated with what these scumbags learn from me about their behaviour too – I have done it to a point where it has become public knowledge that if they wanted their breakfast and lunch and dinner to amount to £200 each a day, with their perks and salaries, they would still have been able to pay off their mortgage during their time in parliament but are unable to cope when these games they play is turned on them a few times like I have – this kind of bragging is the kind that will make me take steps to ensure I do not have this problem anymore permanently. I understand they do speak of the kind of society I mess with being the issue but I do not know why it is always one sided in their view, before we see them show up to complain on Media anyway. Just like the issue I am said to have with black people whereas everybody else knows that unless you are a very moral person and have lived your whole life that way – the chances that black people will turn up to persecute you, claiming that in all your family you were the one set aside to have your life filled with and to handle and perform cultural evils is virtually nil – so you tend to get to a stage where you realise it tends not to stop unless you hurt people back when they hurt you but then have to pay attention to the fact that revenge is not necessarily something you have spontaneously. In the end the Politicians who like to brag about me provoking those that can actually cause me harm have been there from day one when these scumbags went from grooming me into the gay people take things from until they take his life and need to stay the fuck off my Books and try to keep the bragging quiet if we are to have these kinds of conversations; I mean, even their stupid children are more rooted in the land than I am and it is not as though I handle them in the same way just yet anyway; especially the part where everybody’s business is to create me such conundrums as tends to mean that my whole business empire is the job racists should be doing in order to stop being angry and show up on Media all the time to blab about the ethics of my Books and what should become of the character of those who buy it as though the fact their insults are about the Country tends to make it less insulting; especially the one that means the ability to control the weaker sex and the women also means the ability to control me and hold me down to commitments when they are not necessarily homosexual.

The Industry ones do speak of the fact I will pay for anything I have done to hurt them but we all know that nobody in their right mind would trade the ability to exchange a process of being bullied by them for a process of causing them to be so distracted from that stupid Money that they actually end up with painful regrets as well, which encumbers their ability to make them; in my case there is the added one where I chase my Royal Property and recover any that has been handled while they chase the lifestyles they used to live claiming it is what their ability to make money hinges on as a result which is strewn everywhere too but in the end, they are free to keep provocatively going about employing criminals in neighbourhoods and cultural communities and allow the Women to sit about abusing me every step of the way, to secure prerogatives that can be sold to them to facilitate a prognosis of the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer if people have the money to buy power; they are soon to blab and find out what I am willing to trade my own in for as well. If I take Public transport my head hurts and then my tummy and then my bottom and then there is a bad smell and then it will keep getting worse on account I brushed past them and affected the image they have spent years perfecting in order to exude the right personality which allows them shake hands with clients and clench deals – if I stay at home, I will never be able to release  money from my Royal Estate because they are peddling my public image and the Royal brand to get rich – so bragging will always tend to mean I handle them again as it were – cracked up out of my league and very rich and really enjoys changing my quality of life. Even now, there is no real way in which I am chasing them up when my Royal property ends up at Industry for people to feel conveniences with, while handling me all the way to the US for it with that big mouth that says I need to take my Books back into my tummy and ensure it stops existing, which is a function of the Satanism noticing I am blessed with the ability to issue wrath and to recover it as though the victims had never offended me and time has been reversed, which they should have had if they were out of my league to ensure when they punish people and find out they were wrong, their stupidities can make it right again but they are up in arms against my finances and well being when I try to recover it and are all asking including the ones above and their Politicians too, why I do it.

They say I never respond to Public matters in the right way, especially the Americans but I actually have no business with Politics and all Public matters were settled via the Books they have been fighting me to keep from the Public everyday for the last 8 years since I wrote it, claiming the problem is that I was too powerful when I did not have the Money and nobody knows what will happen when I do have it, of which nobody knows as well why they have not answered the question of the reasons the power becomes necessary if the money is available. In the end however I have made it quite clear and it is a simple reality that all I have learned from their politics of vandals and cowards with a need to affect millions of lives without showing their faces in Public on a regular basis, along with the Celebrity and popular culture and tabloid vandalism, has shown me how the position of those who pick up the mess for me here has to be facilitated and funded. They do say I am now the moral person that is doing all the killing but we all know it is pretty much the same as the claim pour controversy on my Business and blame others for, without having to explain of which the picture is building up already of what these money fools consider a past time; in effect of which to clear it up is the reality that when it does come to a weapons based show down as a result of their need to bend the law getting to a point, which is clearly all over my Office especially when it comes to their stupid Celebrities, the outcome most of the time is usually that of what will happen to somebody else most of the time but also to property, if he or she does walk away from the situation with nothing having changed of his or her character but in terms of pouring controversy on my concerns and blaming others however, it is still the game of being able to watch my back but not taking the processes seriously enough to secure attention from their abusive insults that they later sell on as prerogatives to those who have money yet, for now of which the reality is still that they are reeling and there are no controversies on my concerns, just their impudence and that old story of what their entire stupid communities want to do with my life.