Now they say the Politicians need my Books to resolve matters in Europe which is never going to happen either all together; I mean when we look properly what we actually see is that over 90% of the Male population have decided a life of hoodlums for themselves and no force on Earth and beyond it will change that, turning up around my concerns to make me deals all of the time, whereby it is the issue at the heart of their problem with Women. The case here is that they are now super confident that the Media will supply them a  daily routine of campaigns where somebody is responsible for other peoples actions and that the Politicians will find crooked ways of giving them money – nobody needs my Books for anything; to be clear, what they really need my Books for is that condition where we are now 9 years into a recession and company idiots still have no plans to work on their various businesses because they want my public life, public image, income and business empire for it, so the Politicians need my Books and are always in need of it whenever they had shaken hands with these scumbags and brought their problems into the National Parliament. It is much the same as the old tale of how my problem with black people is becoming more of an issue when there is none – the only thing I have with black people is that I came to the UK and spent my time wasting the opportunity by being a moral person and not doing absolutely anything it takes to make money and send it back to Africa to help others who need it and that the world is not a place for moral people who must be made to have sex first before they can get a job; the result as it stands is that I ignore black people to a point where it is becoming physically painful but rather than leave me alone they have taken their need for involvement with me to a degree that amounts to criminals stalking but since it is done by entire communities assumed to be above the law. Now it has reached a stage all together whereby they complain about me but still cannot keep their hands to themselves and their stupid fantasy to that effect besides the part where I share a skin colour with them and can therefore never be free of them and their stupidities, is the benefits of the profitability of violence associated with their seniority and the fact that they have discovered I want them to keep off my Book sales so I might make a living and that their disobedience can become the answer for everything, whereby they get to tell me I have control of nothing and it will move onto the part where we find out what they are made of all together as well. It has never really been news; everybody knows what happens with black women is that when they lived in Africa they had no opportunities and therefore if they have my opportunities there will be justice and we all know that they can do nothing about the Men that took their opportunities in Africa and that there is no way they can have my opportunities either therefore, so it is simply a sensibility that is not worth making into a conversation with those you care about lest they gain some form of financial growth from it; except that these useless fools have made allies out of them at my expense, especially the white boo Boys, that are helped to absolutely everything by the Politicians and although they want to lay their problems and burdens on you, absolutely hate it when you tell them so all together, looking for trouble all the time, so that the idiots can show up at the shops and throw around insulting blame cultures from there but for the blacks however I had cut up that popular culture Empire pipeline that was supposed to run from the US through my Royal Estate into Japan but they still have trouble keeping their hands to themselves as it is. It has never really been a problem, they are likely to say anything I do about the women means they can do whatever they like with me and it is an old story where being a Christian means that the sins you commit become the answer for getting rich, so that social pressure might be all about making you do sins and evil, because they want to extricate decadence they can sell and also enjoy from your Christian personal life – this time, since personal life is safe, it is about accusations of behaviour that is not in keeping with social norm, so that their prime disposition becomes a process where they make money each time I act in such ways and hence because they need to make a living they all set out to make me act in such ways as well; hence the old tale of spending money on and setting off to Media to make it profitable and link processes of getting rich to such nonsense while getting the Politicians to stop me from defending myself, being that the certainty of compliance from them parliamentary idiots is usually almost 100%. I do not have a problem with it as a whole because they are supposed to have been the idiots who spend most of their time laying a path which facilitates a condition where Industry idiots employ criminals from peoples neighbourhoods and families and make sales based problems for everybody else on that basis but they need to keep their hands to themselves on my account, especially the blacks, otherwise it will continue to progress around this condition whereby they are doing some new damage when they have not yet recovered from the part where I had shut down the left hand side because of the old ones becoming a question in its own right. Nothing I say about one group exposes me to the other; I am supposed to have a condition where I sell my Books and then people buy them to a point where some are fans that can make a living from being seen around my operations, in order to have to deal with these kinds of problems and will continue to pervert their own as well for every involvement that takes away the possibility of this condition being the way things work around here, so they can tell me it’s the problem associated with fools like me trying to run before we can walk whereas I need to release funds from a Trust system that is not their property and have no wish to tolerate their involvement with it or deployment of it in their own interests any further.  They do say I have spoken of it and it therefore means that the pain black people feel because I ignore them has given way to a condition where their lives which is usually 101% problems is to be brought into focus at my expense, of which I could never make out exactly why that mattered anyway, since we need see that one moment and then the next get left in wonder over the extent of the demands they make of other people as a matter of what they think is their bloody right all together and hence anything therefore happens around this juxtaposition which suggests their lives being so full of problems that they can throw it around and extricate sensations of convenience by hurting people having been an outcome of the way other people spend their lives for them as well either was a bad thing necessarily or should be disputed. They do say I am not doing well with handling the fact people hate my guts of course and I can understand but people ever only hate my guts because I have created the conditions for it; I mean if people threaten you because they have no money and you get hold of their cultures and societies and make them so deeply disturbed that they get out and get jobs and careers, even though some do fame and fortune with everything that you make friends and get a social life with and like to claim you keep even more fame and fortune that belongs to even more of them, then set about making a conversations out of it on a daily basis, the conditions are right for people to hate my guts and it was not their creation either. In the end some people claim I act like I never offend them but it is a matter that needs to be laid to bed as well; when we are talking about getting around Industry after ripping up my academic work to pass their exams and return to Popular culture waiting for me to try again, while White Lower and Middle Class bastards who meet with Mohawk goons in the US develops film Industries that basically strangle my finances with the aid of involvement based squander and a claim I exist as a result of an existence that was their existence alongside etc – we are talking getting around Industry to set up conditions where their entire lives are about telling me nobody knows who the hell I am and deploying my own Business Empire trust in their interest – I mean it is like Mercedes for instance is happy with me having a corner where I can display my Books every time they have a festival and the guy who is unhappy with the fact he steals my secretes to go off and work for Mercedes not being happy with it, therefore sends them out to behave in such ways around my earnings but is a lot more serious because I share a Trust System with Mercedes in which Equity is brokered (it is the reality around these things which at face value is completely astonishing but when you know the facts does not bother you that much i.e. it is the one badge for global operations companies like the large Auto ones that are so Honest they cannot deploy my Trust in their own interest, despite the fact that everybody there even for small festivals have to be very fit in order to do the physically demanding work that is needed in the Industry, never mind the racing seasons where it would be very difficult for me to look people in the eye and have a conversation about my equities being handled but the small fashion ones with multiple badges fundamentally feel that when they handle it and strut catwalk it is gone for good – hence those who claim I offend them need to research their own facts properly and stop assuming the right to address me). Then there are my personal favourites that like to claim Political problems in Europe are my fault and that of my Books when all they need do is buy a copy of it or stay the hell away from me lest it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy all together.

They do say I am uncomfortable and I am not uncomfortable, its just a bit of work here – imagine somebody who has to talk about very angry and passionate matters all the time and people can just spring it at him by manipulating his Books on Media if they felt that doing so will make them feel comvenienced and when coupled with those who think he will serve a better cause if he was involved with some process of beating people up to make them feel special too and therefore had to be a totally useless person comparatively in order for that to make sense, which is the one source of all their problems demanding such things from me since the year 2002 when I started to look for employment – so talk about all these things unexpectedly, have little sleep and do it in a condition where somebody else can get the prise temperaily on Media and then you will look in a couple days as though you were uncomfortable and that they had created some form of ascendency for themselves in terms of social class but I am not, what I get from it is what makes up for the part where handling them and that stupid Media and Politicians who like to give Public support because others offered prerogatives gained from bullying me led to a process where I had not time to get a measly job from which I can build up my savings and confidence alongside, in order to secure this condition where their insolent stupidities wants to have a go at me all the time so I can pervert them as well all the time and find out which leadership they have proven I am not worthy to provide while they make use of at the same time like they always do – so, something had to make up for it and what this does for me is a condition where people do get to make use of my work without paying thereof as it were; the complains about professionals with hurting bottoms Nationwide all together thereof.

They had nor right auspice or reason to get after my Book sales; I am a Christian and they are Popularty goons and this is what they do – simply cultivate a narcisstic habit that comprises of a need to develop obfuscuates from my personality that means I need to be a celebrity and then set about making sure others claim it when I dont – at some stage they ought to have gone their way while I headed mine, except one of the careers was attacked and damaged and needed to be kept damaged, which is why we see them snoop around the Royal Family all the time seeking ways of getting a condition where I am put down because they were far more superior individuals. Then we hear them speak of the Politicians who like to imitate the Industry idiots by offering Public support when I am being bullied but unlike the Industry idiots that have money to spend when they offer public support to those who steal my secretes in order to work for them, the Politicians have to do some door to door campaigning for public office and that is usually the point in time when they turn up to tell me I must do them favours as well followed my a clause that says ‘or else’ – which is the bit that kills my temper all together as it were, hence where they have all ended up at the present day. As for the part about helping me out with Americans, its an old story that when the perverted Americans who can need things to a point where they make alterations to their bodies and even their own sex have my Royal Estate then there is possibility they will have no more needs and that homosexuality will vanish from the face of the Earth I suppose, since it was not a behaviour attached to the fact they were twisted perverts as it was attached to the claim they had needs but then again, I have no idea who advises these Media and Popularity idiots that I need their assistance anyway – even the makeup that is used on them is done on my temperaments and I was there when those of them that have become stars on my public image and are now behaving in ways that require me to get them off it were teenagers starting out on television and popularity etc; The Queen has a reputation for ripping up anything that has existed as a result of people offering assistance to Members of her family and others that are close to Her, so it is obviously not going to provoke that people have the right to handle me and my property in order to assist.

So they do ask if I do not need assistance then, which makes me quite angry as I clearly dont and people need to stop being so stupid; I am a Christian and although that does not appear to be the most important thing at the moment, it actually is and celebrity is what they do and should learn to do it without me or making demands and requirements of me and my Public image and life that goes with it, or else they can always take me on instead. There are so many positives otherwise; for instance when Politicians spend tax payer funds on them it is not necessarily a bad thing as rebel and local alike are led by the same Queen and she is largely only interested in those who make something of themselves, which is why Celebrities do find themselves getting about with Members of the Royal family when they had done really well but where do they get off achiving it on and with my Public image, then set out to rip up my Book sales with the income as well? Others do ask if being a celebrity is such a bad thing after all; which makes me angry too, as I am not a celebrity – I am dithering on the edge of becoming a eunuch at this point and if my Present lover ditches me, I will likely say goodbye to the world of Women and anything I do with them will from then on be purely professional.