Now I understand I tend to blame all my problems on Media which does not make any sense whatsoever; I returned to the UK in 2001, found myself a job 3 week later, ended up stuck with black people playing up progress based practical jokes, decided to give up the job and have it all planned, ended up with a factory job some years later with busy body radio waves popular culture opportunists putting the back into persecuting me, became redundant on the first job by 2003, returned to University in 2004, where it went to hell and back again ending with me fighting it over three years and then dropping out as well; during that time I warned them I will wait for them at the Jobs market and it was never taken seriously, during that time the main practical joke was one about how every final year student would bow out with a piece of my life, during that time the means by which those who were prepared for education by insulting parents that tell them they were meant to be celebrities before they did everybody a favour by attending school and decide what the neighbourhoods will look like by passing insults at me which says I pick up jobs more qualified and older people should be doing and cannot stop wrecking peoples lives by complaining and then build a crowd that will help ensure I am dominated spiritually first before I can get a job, to add to the black people playing practical jokes, by which they can now make me smell like my loo with the help of Politicians and Public transportation idiots, in the course of building shopping malls. So, it has been a systematic process of picking up another person’s existence and then setting about destroying it step by step over the course of a certain number of years, not me blaming problems on the Media.

I do not think it is a crisis either; the outcome is that they are so happy they cannot contain themselves with respect to the fact they have made popular culture riches with my life and on the issue of keeping those riches now require me to co-operate as my whole live revolves around them; so have I set out what I want as well and will get it at any cost to them too; they do always say I cannot and I suppose that will be measured by the false sense of security their stupid parents have been giving them again with respect to my personality being a factor of those who do National service of which I have done none, concerning which they need to move into my right hand and then when I am being killed they will be making references to that, supposition being that I will not likely turn it on its head if it shows up here with a threat and that big mouth to show for it again like it did with my academic work to start with as it were. They are not my main problem you see, the Politicians are; they are acting because I have been setting out structures that help me control and modify their behaviour, the Politicians are responsible for claiming they were nice people who just only needed money, the same who have been shutting down my life by stifling my earnings and copying my business model – so it becomes very obvious that if there was a reality in which it was clear that I do not get along with anything that walks into Parliament buildings in anyway whatsoever, these problems will simply become a humming at the background; however blabbing which of what I want I have set out that I cannot ensure I get like they are getting their own off me as well, will only lead to outcomes in which I want to prove myself on the matter too. Its not an emotive issue; it will do these things of copying and abusing and attacking and stealing careers and will succeed because of its Muslism superiotiyu and its white superiotiyu and its black superiotyover a period of five years, then take up another ten to end me up in a place where Industry people are complaining about somebody who does nothing about his enemies, so he gets taken advantage of by individuals who show up at a pride and job to tout talents they do not have and get 6 to 8 figure salaries for it – which feeds into the Politicians blabbing no deal Brexit due to the way I work being needed by Government and it will not be the first time something has to be done with me before I am allowed to complete my academic work either; this will just progress to the government Office racism that is usually a function of their incompetence finding out if I studied mathematics and how it relates with my talent to play up a thank you very much I will have that attitude and then hold me back and it off on all the subjects I know; it is obvious if this is how they are running the no deal Brexit, I will need to breathe the free air at some stage for my part as well. It does feed into a case where it is reported that the Bank of England Governor has set out that getting rid of Pennies will bring about inflation and they think that it will not, much the same as seeing the manner in which I go from thinking Money exists to make Government and businesses comfortable and not for me to pay most of my attention, to somebody who wants to live like celebrities causing Global outrage but will show up to pass around insults that cause people to avoid me like a rash at the Monarchy on account I am broke; so I guess it wants my low brow opinion on this one too, the bit about wanting to find out if they are blabbing about talking louder to be right when the Bank of England Government has provided an assessment on a curreny issue because when it is Five pence and Ten Pence instead of One Pence and Two Pence that becomes the lowest denominator at the Money markets, it will make things more costly for everybody else because of the way we are paying our way in the world as a Country but not for them. We see this insulting nonsense going from blabbing about talking louder to be right instead of a simple answer as to whether paying pence instead of penny would be more expensive is something that they have had evidence for and wish to show everybody is happening, to a business of Americans and Eurpeans having a problem with the success of the British currency, to a point where hoodlums in their Countries get off and build ditigal currencies on the matter all together – so it goes way back to the case of Europeans claiming that if the British had fully integrated, all that currency stability will work for one big happy family, which does not make any sense whatsoever but is continually being touted by arguably the most insolent Politicians in the world who live in Europe; reality of which is that the UK has an unwritten constitution for instance and they have never really paid attention to the fact it would add up to Tranny if we fully integrated until Brexit made them listen to what others are saying to them for a change. In the end we find that the behaviour has not changed; we have a history of fighting Spanish and French and Germans, when we are not fighting Pols, they suffer the most at the hands of Nazi Germany in World War 2 – same as we see it is very simple for their stupidities to stop making comments about my Books and Public image but they have decided doing so is as difficult as listening to complicated science mathematics of a sort, made out my Books insult their parents who think I should be dominated spiritually first before completing my academic work, which is how their stupidities get to look like the ones that need the best jobs more than everybody else and therefore cannot keep their insults and intrusive abuses getting what it wants, where people appreciate it, looking for a drug so to speak.

For their part they say I am angry wealth inequality campaigners are becoming more powerful; reality of course is the above facts showing it is fun for me to end up thinking I nearly just got on with livelihood on account Intellectual Property business guy cannot protect his own from Politicians – that each time I meet society people, they are the ones spending money on products while Business owners are making friends with a low life like me and the feeling will be similar i.e. nearly just got on with a livelihood – same as the educated ones not keeping their insults and comments to themselves which is the only thing preventing me from selling Books to my clients since last the Politicians cannot control their own powers and so even when wealth inequality people are financially better off than I am, I am still being targeted for it while they blab about me having a Royal Estate as it I am being investigated for the fact it was a crime to have one. We are here because they have seen the way I chase money and will not desist for getting me into such a position by making sure what may work itself out does not; somebody who believes money exists to make businesses and Government comfortable has ended up adopting a disposition that says he wants to have celebrity lifestyle because they do not spend time with their mates while complaining about the consequences, we are here because they will not shut down their daily stupid and insulting comments about my public image and my Books which stops the clients buying and reading because of the nature of those abuses – like Bitcoin, I have never blamed my problems on the Media and there is nothing here that operates in such ways.