The story about how much trouble industry people make and will make for me with every progress I make is well understood but they wholly rely on Public transport idiots who now hate my guts making me smell every time I show up in public places, because it is overwhelming to look after the health so as to keep a Job and to look after the mind so as to keep writing Books. All said, it is still an old story whereby they can show up in my face and get me into trouble, keep off my television, keep off the Media as it were. It is easy because they are stupid and like to issue the threats because they simply cannot shut up; we all know they do nothing except peddle my life to ensure they make more money with money they already have but whenever done, show up with Cars I am supposed to acknowledge are more important than my religion, so that they might steal even more of it to make some stupid lifestyle that will make some more too, claiming it is what their parents had in the past, looking for trouble and whenever they do it is always global and distracts to a point where I cannot spend my own energy working for the Money I need all together. In the end of which when I then go off and mention it, we hear the animosity continues and needs to be resolved, of which the reality is still that we are not mates and they need to leave me alone and keep off; there is no business here being drawn up under the shadow casted by the stupid contraption they put together to rip up people’s lives and I have gone and said so because I am being helpful too – the option is what I do not have leave of time for at the moment i.e. grab those Industries and rip them to pieces in order to recover my property equity which will also make them understand but we all know they are so stupid they cannot keep their Mouths shut knowing if I lose everything I will have revenge in its place. The part that causes public worry is all together the most easy aspect of all i.e. this is all trouble over nothing and that is what I have just explained – if they do not rip up the life of those they think are unable to fight back or likely to forgive, in order to build up prerogatives of power that they can sell on because they are unable to sell anything else and then get off wasting every reserve I have to a point where I will absolutely need their help, so they can tell me an entire empire stands under the shadow of what they invented into the world and that they want to see it serve them or cease to exist, that stupid industry of theirs will completely fail to make sense to them and so I do not think myself responsible for pain they have suffered on my account and there is nothing here to resolve – we are not mates and they need to get lost.

The other side of the story is of course that people have died on my account and yes they have – mentioning it of which will not get me into trouble in any way since when I am just a Christian, people will know the claim that neither God nor the Devil exist is a lie and turn up to do the devils work for him by attacking me to the tune of a light that gets in their eyes – half will then become the idiots who start an original provocation that politicians are supposed to protect from justice for them and the other half will start an attack based on how much I provoke them because I do not do anything bad lest I offend somebody, meaning I grab attention. The former will then later evolve into profitability of violence industry scum that cannot let me breathe and the latter will evolve into the idiots that tell me the problem is that of the number of times celebrities cannot get things off me free of charge. So that when it becomes a matter of State Office, it ceases to be a story of me and the Police and those that are committing crimes and becomes a matter of me, the Police getting around being hated and Media /Industry, looking for as much trouble as it wants to find all of the time. They hate my guts today because of the current state of their clubbing and partying lifestyles that means they are always attacking people – the Politicians too due to the fact MPs grooving time does not necessarily go hand in hand with ripping up my life to make nice little earners with Industry idiots but they are all still at it, making up reasons to continue as they go along; issuing threats when they invade my personal life and do not wish to face me in public, as the reason they feel like they do is my fault which needs to stop or there will be trouble – feeding it into claims people are picking up my activities to hurt other people with.

They do say I have lost a Royal Commission without knowing it but nobody knows why renting a place from a trouble maker will result in his gossips and what he wants to do with me on account of it ends up somewhere near Buckingham Palace but when we put into perspective what security guards will do to those who deny celebrities what they want etc, it makes a bit of sense why such a thing did happen – either way of which they have now lost jobs and positions and the need to pay attention when I want them to stay away from me has become more important than ever before. We are not even at a crisis stage at this point either; for instance of which it might be said that all I have said here simply exposes me to more trouble, the reality however is that when it is not News reported by my Court, then I should not listen to it because those who are reporting do not want me to; except they soon get involved with my Court and tell me how they are feeling about their confidence is my fault and then that stupid self seeking lack of principles and greed confidence will start to talk of threats and rally bad people around where I live to make trouble while they show their stupid faces on media to taunt me in order to get a reaction, so I have to respond to it; it is pretty much the same when the simpler things I do can easily involve finding out how the so called trouble makers live considering Law enforcement have jobs to do on my account and the threats they issue will be based on Media and Industry speaking of me getting off upper class to find out how they are doing that their stuff in order to govern them, when the era of things such as myself is a bygone one and it becomes the only Public things they want to talk about while I am left wondering which ones I actually paid to run publicity for me all together anyway.

They love those stories about controlling me and how I am a spoiled little twerp who wants to do whatever he likes all the time but first of all which they are not actually controlling anything, since it is The Queen Herself that ensures I do not have any unfair advantages when it comes to what they want to do with the money they have saved up from years of employment which a certain amount must be deployed for bullying others without reason or purpose, that is except we eliminate the need to create a process where people a down and there is a reason and that reason is sellable to any scum who has money and want to buy power as well; so they really do want a piece of me and we will find out if it is possible for them to get it too.

We are not at crisis point here; the reality is still that when you do get about losing your temper without locating where you anchors are, you end up being made a mess off i.e. you start to think they are making money by taking advantage of you, whereas its all the  extra funds they get from being promoted at the work place and this extra funds they want to deploy to facilitate oppression of others, really love to excuse it with a few top freedom and democracy nonsense but by far the most popular is their so called dignity. Hence in my view that stupid salary is safe for now and meanwhile of which I will ensure it is the only thing they have got too.

Its all in the mix of that favourite issue where somebody else is responsible for another persons actions, even if they have amounted to murder with Media; personally there is no reason for me to allow others pillage my life and create prerogatives of power that can be sold to idiots who have money and seek power and they understand as well that there is no aspect of their culture and society which I fancy and will very likely destroy it all given half the chance; hence it is always that old story of trends – for instance 200 years ago, the only group of people who did hit man style assassination of other human beings were Tyrants but since then, because of these idiots provoking others down the route of such things, people have had it in the head and want to work for drugs and gang goons who want to exercise power performing such tasks, then they get on their usual stupid media to throw around the question of whose fault it really is and that of how the problem should be solved, in order to secure more victims that have property but are not co-operating with their stupid needs.

The important fact they always refuse to bear in mind is that I am Royalty and they are nonentity basically and should try not to talk into me or address me as such; what happens with it of course is that their behaviour towards me is always intentionally violent and that means that even though they do not carry out the violence, the effects will build up on the fact I have a life that requires me to listen to what Law enforcement and Armed forces want, including those that are secret engagements and have to listen to the required duties the Monarch wants me to perform as well and that means that their society and community idiots will pick up and make distant violence out of it; apparently they have no wish to stop until they get seriously hurt.

This is usually where they bring up the question of whether I really do think I am worthy to have people fight for me, which is the result of their stupidity not recognising my Royal position when it is not required of them but the reality for instance is still that I have the problem of racism so firmly under control that I am making regular problems out of it to ensure the Books I have written as a result do not lose credibility at Market and I mean dealing with racism for White and Black people alike in order to get to that stage. They do say there is no credibility to such claims naturally but credibility is not what matters, evidence is what does – such as the fact they are always complaining that I fight women, whereas a very large proportion of women which are at their service are so stupid they want to build themselves a life of stealing my Public image and that of my Company; the assumption being that if they are Women, then they can clearly behave in anyway they bloody well wish. Then half of them will become the ones that want to take over all I own and take care of me because they are democratic, especially the American ones who always want to show me I will never be accepted by republicans and the other half will simply have the one ambition in existence of making sure Ia m scared of them but it is the same as the claim I hate homosexuals for instance, whereas the real problem is that they turn up to make me the one person it is okay to inflict suffering one and then show up somewhere else at a different time to seek LGBT rights, which I take away from them as well to see what they are made of. The Women one are just those who never stopped blabbing right  up to this moment of how they would call the shots if they were in a relationship with me and apparently of which it has not turned out that way as ‘nobody likes a smart arse.’

 I understand the tale of the other Women I have at Court and whether I handle them in the same manner, which I don’t; we are just getting along the way that we should and I calculated it all into what it has become by manipulating people to such an extent Black people have joined racism as well; this then means white Women end up in my Court – I mean I just love the ladies eh. In the end they say I cannot do anything without Women and I challenge them to ask them women why I do nothing without too – since we all know I have a problem with idiots showing up on Public places to simulate my public life and image, handle my property and seek to control my finances, so they can blab about being more important than I am, while the Women have always had an issue with small gangs on the right hand side, which are the reasons they are important. If these guys  attack me without reason or purpose, save their needs that is, it is always as a community and yet there is always various others on standby to gain from anything I do about it to better myself and make me go without – so the fact I am a manipulative individual is not be understated. Especially so, when those increased salaries as a result of promotion at work, means getting round industry backyards to rip up my Business Empire and discredit the products they are buying to improve their lives for meeting daily needs never the less anyway; products created on my Public image and equity Asset and the Duchy and we all know there is nothing out there which is as destructive as their Middle aged stupidities; my most favourite being the vandalism and insulting childish lies and accusations made by Media idiots and male television scum whose need to pay mortgages and buy homes and Cars depends on my self confidence, while their stupid Women stand by as well and the foolish children will grow up to be like too, they love to excuse it on grounds that I am an impediment to a condition whereby they are happy people but we hear it all the time about immoral idiots and their freedoms and democracy and we all know this story will change if they feel they have gotten what they wanted too and in like manner I do not blame myself for what I do about it too and hence will not tolerate any stupid convenient Political leadership as well.