Hence they have become obsessed with that old story of how I am of the opinion that the way other people view the world is actually illegitimate and it is utter nonsense as well; typical occasion will be that he is eldest of his siblings and so even if they had opinions about the effects of his behaviour it wouldn’t matter, likewise the effect of the facts his parents do not put the foot down on him – this means he grows up and gets into the world without being concerned about Public matters, develops his disposition into a means by which he is an A Grade student excelling in everything but I still am at a loss as to where it meant he needed to get stuck somewhere to cut me off from Book buyers at this point. The Women are a different story, usually everything is the same except the bit where they were feminists and are here to make series of demands after another along the lines of the need to get rich and the fact they can hurt me if it does not happen to them. At this stage their way of seeing the world is mostly that I sit down at their local communities breathing a word that ensures my intellectual property is protected, so they get onto Politics and Media to try and ensure things are done to make me shut up and so I really understand why I do not recognise their view of the world but then it does get a lot more serious because crime is good and people should be able to commit crimes but what happens when it is committed against them is that they assess their physical abilities and get themselves together to commit some too – so these are views of the world that people really should keep at home with their families as such, not turn out to find out if I approve of it. We see this all the time and everyday; it’s never really been a crisis or problem I cannot handle i.e. the goons and their Politicians from the US who want to set up warehouses and same as European ones and same as the ones with Communist connections and each want to live in a world where they tell me what to do and my Business Empire falls to pieces while they divide up the market for themselves, hence they are clearly not the only ones who have matters of crime and law enforcement happening around their lives and offices as it were all together and I want them off my Books – if my bottom keeps hurting I will find a reason for it really soon, they however need to bear in mind they will never buy my Books and have no interest in it and need to start giving me reasons regarding why I am being cut off from Book buyers very soon too. I mean, you see a 70 year old with a diplomatic job, a 3 million pound saving and a retirement fund that is a little bit more than that, with Russian connections and a Warehouse Communists look after getting on Media to end up with wistful eyes on account you did protect yourself and work which is his own all together as it were, from him and so you develop the conclusion that it will never ever stop unless you stop it yourself; these fools will definitely grow up to be the same thing and it has become really important to me that they send most of their need to discipline people on their own families so this one does not blow up in their faces all together. I hear they say I am rather cooperative with the Monarchy, which is quite true, they have their own social arrangements that stand up for them without reason and target me all the time, show up around my Business with plans to make use of me in alternative ways and not pay for my products when they make use of that too – of course I do not resist the Monarchy a lot and their own isn’t hurting badly enough yet as well in my view. It’s never really been a crisis, just the way it is said that I care nothing for other peoples view of the world – II mean it’s an old story whereby we are who we are and have the right to set out the way our Country has built our lives as our property; so the Politicians needed to know if I have taken all I have from the Country half the time (all brewed by stupid journalists on self appointments) and the other half the time they are being their real selves, showing me the many forms of evil that they think I need to be educated about over the prerogatives their society idiots have given them talking about money in everything which has nothing to do with me and does not belong to me but exists to ensure I can never feel good; so that it does come right down to that point where my Books were their own and they have got a fucking perspective I have corrupted and must now set straight all together. That stupid perspective being the best way of informing me about their wickedness that they think an Arch Prince would know nothing about, since it is normal people that get into government buildings to preach the evils of religion sermons and divide other peoples personality to set it up on Media for others to be glorified with, when processes of making fearless preachers quake when they are around because they are the government, had completely failed – so that it does actually come down to that part where they can follow me around when I attend a higher institution again as it were – along with stupid threat issuing CEOs who get millions of pounds in currency payment every year but have not once been seen getting around anywhere to re-establish a relationship between the Companies that pay them and the Consumers that had been cut off during the recession. What they have all turned up here to show that they want to do is set me out as somebody that can do it by making use of my person and my Books as if that was what I actually promised or offered as a product, which they claim amounts to an insult on my part – I mean setting up a business during a recession is risky but the effect can be that if you know what you are doing, you correct all the faults that would have come by if you did set it up during good economic times long before the business had been set up, in my case I didn’t even suggest that offering a service that helped them breach the gap between themselves and consumers was what I am doing and this perversion of my person has continued to be their problem with that stupid perspective they say they will recover at my expense with a big mouth, clinging to my Books and finances every day, while their children get into a habit of grabbing my Books and tossing it to the Dogs because it especially makes the stupid female ones feel like real girls; this has to come to an end really soon indeed. The media complains all the time but one moment all my concerns have been sorted out and the next an idiot will go from driving public transport and teasing me when I walk down to the streets to speaking with them in order to get them to sit down and have a conversation on my Public image to recover some lost respect and gain some money for it at the other end and tell me to talk to the hand and later tend to get out of bed to chase the same behaviour everyday while society idiots tell me they have enough power to flush my life down the toilet on account somebody else had some money and it’s all coming full circle now, sine the warning will not suffice that each complain they make comes as a result of making use of my work without paying which is actually not in any way other people’s business on account a journalist idiot has got a job on Media. They are apparently since the last time they developed a habit for getting involved with me to play games and learning something from doing so, by which to pose demagogue questions at Politicians and the Monarchy earned themselves what they describe as a position that allows them control the government, now apparently they are helping me too all together and I do congratulate themselves on the newly found use they have found for themselves (rather than get stuck somewhere making people think they are interested in public issues, in jobs and well being and so on when they are interested in being famous knowing they are so ugly they will never be but hoping to pervert people to make their own popularity culture of filth for it, otherwise people get bruised and brushed up when the fame of their daughters are interfered with) too but helping me and corrupting my State provided security like that does not really wash (I mean I am only aware they are perverting the roles of those who hold society together for the Monarchy) – it’s okay to stick around if they want to but not get on my nerves or interfere with any of my concerns, otherwise when that bottom keeps hurting I will find a reason for it that will make sense as well. I am not communicating with them, they will never buy my Books even though they show up around it and around my person to use both for other stupid bone head purposes, talking nonsense about my temper of which I have none, not paying attention to endless stupid questions about what a Man has got to do which they raise around here all the time and need to start giving me reasons I am being cut off from Book buyers as soon as possible; I mean it’s an example when somebody else’s Media job generally means his opinion about the way things should be build you a reputation for owning a business Empire that does not exist, so he can provide a certain bone headed leadership at the local communities along with his fellow financial bullying friends; Their view of the world apparently.

I understand the case made that I am such a waste on a daily basis and this has no basis on reality either; it’s like the story of security matters concerning Syria for instance where we all know that I did mention that all Russia has in the Area is a Lunatic who buys their weapons and now they have taken back Aleppo I am wrong as they all said I was anyway. So we all know that the kind of situations where either the Russians or Americans are dealing with terrorism and asking each other to co-operate is created in such ways. As for me, there are things I cannot do but we shall see when the European ones and the American ones and the Russian connected ones and their warehouses and need to pillage my Empire and get rich does not supply me answers as early as I need them regarding why I am being cut off from Book buyers all together. It’s an old story about these guys and the reasons they hate my guts; the first was concerning my insolence, so we are due for the one about building them a reputation for being stupid and useless people so Women can fight them back when attacked as well. I am not a waste; it’s the story of Celebrities at Court on one hand and Asset systems orientated with China on the other, which was built for me etc; so they can tell me I found it pretty easy to figure things out but an old story comes playing again, where if a person is China they will take some money and offer Countries cheap investment but if Russia, then something will definitely be invaded. So they say people think my Books are scary and so is all I do but it’s pretty much the same; celebrities at Court Asset systems at China, like when they say I have an attitude and I say I have anal sex with Women all the time too. So they speak of matters of Trade allies at the end as well, they speak of my delusion that sovereignty and Trade alliances are separate things and I cannot see what sense it makes; it has always been the case that Politicians need to control what they tell their own friends and allies, control what they tell Businesses they shake hands with if they are unable to decide whether or not these businesses can keep their full promises especially when it comes to job creation. I cannot remember any moment in which I have been a happy person when I have felt that I will need to travel outside of the UK at any point and they do say that Trade gloom looms ahead as well but I wouldn’t know anyway, if trade gloom looms ahead, they need to stop pillaging my Trust System as well and I don’t care which ones they recognise either for my part, when people deploy another person’s Business Empire Equity for Industry and Trading and do so in the interest of its owner, it is a fucking trust (with Middle finger involved); they need to tell their own. All is well obviously except with respect to my financial well being which then becomes such an issue and the only thing journalists and their ageist fools want to discuss that it picks up its own feet and becomes a made up problem that people can make use of in its own right – so it is as simple as when my bottom hurts, they provide a reason or I make one for them as well.

They do say it is time for the British to be taught a lesson of course and its very rich coming from people whose only idea of making a living is getting rich and famous; nothing tells them they are useless people when they fail to get regular tax statement from the government which means they are not linked to anything in the Country as such; their big mouth is ever thrown at those who have achieved right to the top and are not just a part of the government even though they do not appear in the building regularly but are famous for it. Just like when they claim I dishonour memory of War dead while they  are the ones messing up the plans service people make for their families when gone; I mean for instance, there is actually no explanation for this event whereby I have had to sort out a process of being hunted down and specifically pinned. This has always been their story, such a collection of nasty scum they spend their time trapping people and those who do me will not get off the government buildings and the Media and stop me from writing and selling Books, what they want is to pick a financial fight all the time and bring all the ageists in the land to bear on it. We see the same nonsense in Syria and Turkey as well; first there was public outrage and then there was public demonstration and then snipers killed local population and then the war was stalled by the International Community, during which time Hospitals were bombed Aid was denied and people were starved to death, now they have come to the stage where they bomb civilian populations to make the criminal elements submit, while everybody knows what the civilian population have are doors that are three times normal width with metal bars attached while they are the ones with Mansions and negotiating tables on which they have been having conversations with the so called criminal elements, so they are going to interpret the causes of terrorism according to their own rules and terms and not the dictionary definition, since that would say it is what they have made of others. We now hear that they are marking me for National service which I really don’t want to do, what I want to do is their Warehouses in the US and in Europe and the ones linked to Russian Oligarchs.

So they do say I know of all these things but inform none whereas what they are proud of consist records such as spending 8 years to settle up on an issue with populous idiots telling me to share what I have with those who are meant to add it to theirs and be superior, then get dominated spiritually first before I am allowed anywhere near finances and academics, all of which actually began by a statement about how I spend so much time on my faith that somebody else needs to spend time serving the devil as well to bring about balance endorsed by their Politicians despite the prison populations they already had and then this was laid out side by side with the black ones who had culture based evil powers that can make people rich or poor, endorsed by Politicians until it worked its way into mainstream living and serves as an excuse to handle people’s lives all the time. Obama in the US however has spent the last 8 years ripping up and stifling my Book sales, now they pass accusations around when they need to stop Russians in the Middle East all together; so I really don’t know why they cannot see the picture here, they need to do it and let me be; it’s an old story the people who fought for their civil rights and I dare not mention it lest normal people are exposed to violent problems and it’s the same with Guns in the US, get rid of it and there will be a blood bath over a race to the top with knife crime – they fought for black civil rights apparently but there was a time before racial segregation as it were and nobody has yet accounted for all that sex across the board and what it was supposed to have accomplished. It’s not true I am stretched out and few and far between either, I am only largely interested in China Asset base and trading with Celebrities at work with me, especially those I have at Court; everybody else is here to make me very unhappy unless they are here to pick up a Book I have written.