So it is said that I am an example of the punishment God dishes out on men for the way they have used religion to oppress women but that is actually not true; the truth is that when I was a young Christian, 17 years old maybe, I used to think I wanted to be a Christian without a wife but it was the fact I would have antagonised by parents that made me set it somewhere in my mind to get married. And to have children and to be humanly responsible; so it was first priority serving God without a wife and second having a family to please my parents. So all together I used to think it would take a very long and a very fast conversation to cover ground enough to convince me that there will be women in heaven and if there would be any only God and not I would know about it. As we can see, there isn’t a woman in the world that thinks about committing sins without making sure some of it is on behalf of a man who serves God because it will ensure that men end up in hell for the devil and you cannot really tell if it is the ones that go out to exempt themselves from criticism who seek convenience or the ones that do the devils work for him with their own hands that are most at fault and yet when they do become homosexuals it makes all the sense you needed to acquire and the goons that serve the devil have been having history with you at the end and you have been detached from God and that is the end of the story and your stories about how less powerful the devil is was utter rubbish. So to my amazement they really loved to antagonise me during my youth over the book of Timothy which did mention facts about how women should dress and that young Christian men are known to come up with ideas about the piety of women and must be suppressed; I was always amazed by it because that section of the Bible concerned them and not me since I was never likely to wear women’s cloths while some of them always want to be men and want to sew penises on and have sex change. Hence the big issue in it concerns why I like to do everything I do with women; the reality around that of which is that it is hypocritical i.e. fan of the Judiciary, Law student, believes in Justice, in a world where men think there is a place in a man’s life where there are no rules and that once you get there especially when you do with other peoples possessions in your hands, then you can start to have anything your heart desires, that the law applies only to women and children and the only point at which it does to men is when one man offends another and it ends up in a law Court?

So in terms of the issue of when all these will stop, its simply a question of whether or not time I have spent with the lower classes will be used against me or become something I am forced by them to give up like we see hints of all the time; I mean I may have done an odd job as a cleaner, cleaning their toilets and stuff but which part then makes the fame they will get from telling people in order to confiscate my future thing we hear; so this is something people would dare do if they have the guts and yes we see them around my books all the time when they will never buy a copy of their own anyway and nobody knows what their problems is therefore. Some do ask why it has become such a big thing of course but it really isn’t; I really dont care, the problem is that it is a behaviour that takes that need they have to build a hedge around the civil service to control the lives of young people and force them into odd jobs, so that they can get the best jobs in their class and feel famous and powerful to a whole new level – I mean I cleaned somebody’s toilet and it became an issue at the International Communities for example but they were there when I did, so what seems to be their point exactly anyway, nobody will ever know. They do say referring to people as lower classes already is derogatory but I have no idea what more they want me to do, since we all know it is good when it is good but you cannot mention it when you have to – after all there are advantages and disadvantages of getting around with all peoples but you have to chose which ones best fit you and it is the Middle classes and not the lower classes i.e. its all good to be aware of the operation of your faith, to be aware of wicked people Politicians spend tax payers money on to get around wrecking peoples lives, then expect people to live on Job seekers allowance and make a process where they have jobs ad careers happen anyway but at the end of the day you can have a safe place from which nobody notices you while you plan well what you need to do, however which it will go no where because the lower classes will do your stuff anyway, hence it never works but in terms of the Middle Classes, as it stands there is a problem concerning the protest of the Best of British being out there for the rest of the world to mess about with on account I have exposed myself and they cannot function unless I am protected from the rest of the world especially the Americans, so as it stands it feels like I have failed them already and in terms of getting involved with them however, the reality is as simple as the fact half of them really like to steal and the other half are mad about the decadence of the best and most convenient aspects of all you do belonging to them but in the end that decadence no matter how inconvenient would have also meant that you are always left to meet the challenges of your office, so with them you cannot get into trouble and there is everything to play for but with the lower classes getting into trouble is guaranteed: the part where what I have done already is my worst is utter rubbish since there is that part of the lower classes where they say you do not look for a King unless you have something to provide for it with and if I settle there and build and office, then add the part where I get around with the Middle classes as well it is not going to be pretty. Hence the simplest way is for people to just get off my book sales and stop being so silly.

Stories of my actions not being deliberate and therefore producing an outcome of questionable competence has no roots in reality either – they are deliberate actions and only not when I am stirring other peoples hysteria as well; make sense of attacking a religious person over a test of who can perform the most violence because he is on a fast and looks tired and now he must change what he is supposed to do according to his condition because he has been provoked and feels his life is threatened and so that you can start to keep it that way and especially when you are Muslim talk nonsense all over the worlds media as well about somebody who is being seen everywhere; so it can only be assumed Islam is so pure the devil does not operate in their ranks, all very well said but the results will speak for itself. I too am not saying this because I am aware twisted black idiots with a thing for defiling me spend all their time making filthy popular culture to provoke them and talk nonsense about the rise of Africa as it were.