I do get told there is this problem of me describing people as stupid which is nothing unusual as it’s a matter of criminals having a go at me and making it look like Law enforcement is doing so – they need it to progress any processes that facilitate their criminal careers and since last their Celebrities and popular culture goons started threatening me for money I have ensured they had none to foster my personal security. Now I am just left with daily media abuses and if I got decisive at this stage it would become a squeezing balloons situation, I need to build up a habit of hurting them first and then each time it makes those comments or does damage to my career and public image I will let them know by handling their own in the same way; so we hear it happens because they suffer mental illness on my account naturally and I dropped out of University in 2008 because of them, while I have only started taking action in 2018 while they got off blabbing of kids at home that can handle me the whole time; so we see all is well sometimes except that they get off claiming my Blogs and Books are things I say to avoid getting into a fight when they have set me out to be bullied by abusing me until I am different, wrecked everything here and I need to start getting into a habit of my own as well especially as they have started blabbing about my big mouth looking for trouble while we all know if I started a campaign against their easy life I would gain the right effects on the matter to begin with.

They do claim I talk but will likely get into trouble which does not bother me at all; I am not a Law enforcement Officer and do not take the Law into my hands (besides which it is important work and the Government pays over £20,000 to first day Police Officers anyway - we know it is those with criminal records who have since grown up and had children but continue their bad behaviour never the less, who seem to be the biggest headache of top Officers, while those badly raised children are the biggest headache for front line Officers - hence a pretty important job which I want to ensure their stupidities do not get me interfering with on account they have Publicity to play with) but that said, we have seen the Media and Celebrity interest in my concerns which gives way to Criminal community involvement take a turn for the worst at least two fold since 2012 especially as a Collection of trouble makers had become keen to get involved with the Monarchy and get society and culture trouble makers screwing with my Public work (bearing in mind I ensure their criminal career routines are never secured due to the fact they never stop threatening me over money and fame): we can then see that in all that time, there had been financial destruction to contend with from a collection of goons that will never put a penny of theirs on the line for the fun that can be had when Media loves to tease Royalty and for me it has now come to a stage where I must take some action to put a stop to it. We see the same of the Industry ones; when I first met them they loved having two activities linked to paid employment and none of it was about sorting out the sociological matters that affect them and the processes of having a job while picking on women, it rather involved one of the activities providing them money to insult people with while the other provided them the means to ensure others cannot get a job too – so when they met me, they had seen it was an incredible responsibility but their ego made them decide a third job was okay – apparently which when they have a go at me I will give them a fourth one too. So I get asked what my case with them is but it’s the old business of Industry where they claimed there was wealth inequality, jumped on my Public image to get involved with the Companies, when they got there were told there was property equity broker with me but they knew me before I was a writer, built their lives on that and wrecked the academic work, so this is the life that is being run as top manager of a company about which either way my empire exists in my head, giving them the right to damage my property, they have no business with my Books and my public image for it either. Thus their tribalism raids has made the wealth inequality problems much worse and all they have gained from it are insults that slow down peoples body metabolism to get ahead with, which as mentioned before, if I attend an academic institution and they followed me around one more time I am going to waste everything that facilitates this nonsense and any means by which media uses my public image and career to pillage whatever they like around the Country.