I hear it said what I write on my websites are provocative but it is very rich I find when it comes each time it does from a collection of people who have declared themselves the best in the world for capitalising on the effects and outcomes and consequences of war; the Muslim ones do it because they are superior to me, the Media ones do it because it is a power trip and you can never work out what they are after and the Politicians have always been a group of bloody idiots from the very beginning. Now they are doing better than ever, they are more superior than they have ever been.

For the celebrity ones however we are getting closer and closer to the point where we start to get letters from each other about that last stupid show and why my public work continues to turn up to be ripped up in it, that last stupid album and how they can shut it down or pay for the damage. None of it is unusual in anyway by the way, these are all things they are supposed to do i.e. get in touch with their politicians and handle my earnings and tell me to bring myself out into the open so they can use me to make fame and fortune and I end up driving that process until it leads to wealth inequality and since they know that, they have gotten after the doing the wealth inequality first and so their version is getting after my books to the effect of allowing it to get sold only when they are sure that the more copies of it I sell is the more people I will make angry and the more trouble I will get into, while I am certain they want some of mine and will definitely get it and the stage is set for the kind of relationship I will have with the celebrities; so it turns out the idiots fancy a bit of tyrant themselves.

I have to deal with this stuff all of the time; we have our hands on your books and you underestimate the effect racism has on people and you underestimate the effect war has on people and it is something I feel they can do 24/7 without respite to get the wrong idea but sometimes I really need to show these fools they have become more superior than they have ever been through out history and that it is a democracy and most of these things were expected by somebody who runs a public office from which he is not paid by the tax payer i.e. every media idiot will want to handle his office for a purpose they think would have been much more beneficial according to their ideas as it were and hence need to have their hands on my books and finances every single day to that effect – all of it were expected and so this is what the little facts about the main problem being that they need to stay off my books and the sales of it story looks like i.e. we are media idiots and we love our corruptions of involvement because we want to be free and there is somebody where with a powerful office that should be solving problems at my every whim or the crowd will get him and I can get used it for the rest of my life too.

The story of some big manufacturing renaissance that is expected in the UK of which does not make any sense – the civil service corruptions of these idiots with needs they will have settled if they apply some violence on others is one thing but this constant talk about manufacturing renaissance is a process of doing my stuff and people need to get their perspective right i.e. if the UK was a Middle Eastern Country it would be Qatar and if it were an Asian Country it would be Malaysia or Thailand or something like that, the future of the UK Economy is the service sector and tourism and yes we do a bit of manufacturing here and there and these fools who fancy a bit of tyrant and intend to apply it on their fucking mates need to blow their top as well. Speaking of which there are manufacturing renaissance in the past and there is wonder thereof what ripped those up anyway -  their indolence, loutish nonsense and insults will not settle well with tourists and financial brokers nor do I see it make good neighbourhoods for their American friends it should be seen and it will be hidden away in boxes very soon enough as well.