I am said to be in deep trouble in the Monarchy at this stage but I am not; its all an old case of opportunity and weakness which all villains fancy – I mean there is at this stage no reason black people should not be led off my case if they have to get into a fight with storm in a teacup far right movements at the Military anyway, there is no reason the Politicians should be spared the prospects of having to fend for their own personal security due to criminals characters in the neighbourhoods getting out of hand because they spend money on those and then some more of the tax payer funds wrecking the lives of any character that shows up in Church or apparently owns a personality they wish to confiscate for their purposes as stupidly as possible, no reason trouble makers in the Monarchy should not be spending time with the Celebrities until it really kicks off over money issues; so the fact it is not happening is the opportunity and weakness they have always dreamed of, until when the part does end and not in a good way.

The other part of their story being that I provoke women of course which does not make any sense to me since its an old story of them showing up here to make out they have problems to solve which I am about to gain from and by the time it is half solved my whole life and career lies in a wreck while they keep their own and start becoming abusive towards so called low life men that their stupidities can do whatever it likes with but then again which in the end its incredibly stupid and I am in charge so I decide what happens and they do not. Never mind the other gits they have brought in from overseas, full of hot air doing their stuff all the time and blowing off blame culture all over the high streets to make people smell on account they were building shopping centres and so on, so I have made enemies with them is suggestive that I have not had enough of them and therefore incredibly annoying. They always claim others will be doing my fighting for me because I am a coward which is utter nonsense; what we know happens is that they are always reliant on the ability to grab peoples valuables and take it into a fight with the owners, so either way you lose and it can also be used as a means to ensure when hit, you do not get to hit back and they understand that I have a way of grabbing their own valuables and taking into a fight with them for my own purposes too, they want Politicians to do something that lets them dominate me if they wanted and will not give it up, so we rather find them claim I have never been in a fight, while their women make a case of out being super stars and celebrities when they are working in other peoples Office, which ensures I am sore all the time and comes into its own when Simon Cowell shows up in Town with an insulting bandwagon that he cannot control. The reality is that nobody is afraid of them like they make out people are and I do get told this is not really true but in the end, I for instance may have some Church activity to concern myself with and then my studies and then any other jobs I have and then writing my Books, I have nothing to prove by getting into a fight with anybody, the point of getting into a fight with them will largely have to do with clinging to my income margins by showing up to make an oaf of themselves at my expense until I fall ill and the purpose will be to ensure they were writhing in pain for it somewhere in order to effect some deterrence of such stupid behaviour working itself at my expense all the time – the business of coming through from parts of society occupied by low lives to do these things for the purpose of making sure people are afraid of them only achieves superficial fear, when its full of hot air doing its stuff constantly to stay sane.

It’s the same behaviour they targeted me by at University all together but then again it is usually a matter of my personality being something they want to own while they think I do not matter, the same way that access to fear and weakness allows every villain to support the theory that they were superior by claiming others picked on them when they were ill prepared for it – such that the body of knowledge that I had synthesised and garnished into my mind to create such a personality was not supplied by them even when their stupidities are superior to me while they need it. Then again I cannot blame them entirely as the whole thing is usually started off by people who have a certain amount of influence, for instance a lecturer or head of department – I have now reached the stage where they can tell me it all happened because a twerp like me was going to show up and become part of the illustrious history of their Country with nothing to show for it apart from some Royal cynicism but I am just a Hermit and the main problem is still that they enjoy making a mess of the fact I was given a special living condition and a royal commission about which I could chase up some academic work and acquire tools by which to work it as needed and I do not know why every Public sensibility they create is about diminishing my social status except if I explained it according to insulting nepotism of some stupid Politically treacherous women, whom when it comes to the sex bits have for their type and when it comes to age have got their mates and I fit into neither category all together, however the positive news is that wherever this is heading would still be the second chapter in the business of insults that have to do with their self-advancement at the expense of certain effeminate men that their stupidities can handle and we are getting nearer the part where the idea it will never be punished and the fact they are getting away without punishment will be a history that needs to be undone. Hence we are where we are because although we know it is the usual case of ageists and silly women that act as if they want to fight their own battles without the men all the time while your finances and career and personal life gets completely destroyed at a stage you least expected it to be as a backup plan for their stupidities, we must respond at a Government Office or a Royal Office when the general Public complains too much about it; hence I am not in trouble at the Monarchy at all, its all a series of activities that have nothing to do with what actually matters.

In the end I do get told that I criticise Americans but am now facing difficulty on the same issues which makes them very angry and it is utter nonsense as well; what really happened is that the USA went into war in Iraq and the Middle East by defying UN regulations on which it relied and allying itself with a Media that wanted to obliterate all religion while using those who practiced the religion as a knowledge base for customer service, which when added to their wickedness will mean they magically ended up with wealth and power – the biggest problem now is that they have not won the war. So it is quite obvious that it’s the responsibility bits that was the main problem all along and quite the truth that if we did make a catalogue of each occasion Americans are cynical we will end up with an Encyclopaedia of what Americans really should be doing, instead of clinging to peoples livelihood as a contact point by which to manipulate people on the basis of what really matters to others.