We do hear they say I think I am famous when I am not but the big problem with these fools is that they think when cool guy cannot attend the loo and then complicates it further by singing your life and work to get attention and make money, he ought to threaten you every single time he is about to put some millions he carved out of your public life with popular culture in order to sell the Music CDs and so on, gets to mean that everybody in the entire world knows who the hell they are. So the kindly part of the story if when you tell them they were not born like this or raised like this and this is not what people know about them and they need to leave me alone but the part where you fight is the bit where your Christianity is controversial and must be controversial for the rest of your life hence their celebrity is controversial as well and they cannot escape it so you might make millions from that too before it is allowed to settle otherwise it never will be since you were the weak link all along. So it is the same story all round with celebrities, these attacks are things they do as a fundamental sense of being ruthless with a business they have devised which it seems has to do with selling the lives of other people and it wants a piece of me all the time especially with those stupid threats they cannot stop making to talk nonsense about having gotten the money and being back for power etc. So I might think I am famous but I am not alright, we do however need to assess their own and the more famous the better as they cannot stop ripping up your markets to put up some millions to sell music CDs they have made singing you instead of themselves in order to escape the problems associated with being famous that they clearly want to be as it were and it makes you feel from time to time that they are devoid of any humanity whatsoever. They have always laboured under this misconception of what I think of their celebrity but there are celebrities and there are celebrities – you cannot be more famous than those whom you cannot stop stealing from – they need to keep off my books and my public life; there are celebrities and there are celebrities. They speak of the things I do to others as well but jobs as far as they are concerned is poison, all they know is being a menace that targets me financially; so it plays out that they are worried about getting through life being nervous so when they are old they might have become bed ridden and cannot control what their bowels do, however while they are young they want the perks of my job and cannot cease to target moral men and violently too after they have taken the money just as a basic nature of existence – so I wonder if it is the books they are worried about and we have not even begun talking about their friends in the Police and in Politics who really love to give them some reprieve on sexual abuse epidemic so as to find out if I can take them on my big mouth suggests, what we hear is what they are complaining about while they want my income because it suits them and the perks of my job because they need it is something that constitutes a need for them; it is impossible for them to be more famous than I am when they love to steal from me for everything; so their fame is all controversial and everything. They do speak of being rich and of how I rub shoulders with them of course but that does not apply; it’s a matter of whether or not their millions are controversial and whether or not their German friends who normally lead the way when it comes to inventing new crimes which is why they like to target he that got a Royal Estate from a Monarch in the last 2 decades or so then ask me why I think if the world was a country the Germans would make up most of its prison population etc; so they made millions and all I saying is that it is controversial – I do not have to act the part of a Royal Prince lest I forget who I am in anyway. They do say I want to be Royalty but with none of the problems which does not apply either; everybody knows the challenges are concerned with people doing your job but that is what fans of Royalty do – they do your job and then you end up doing their own for them as well, it is how to run a realm and how to run the sector given you by a Monarch and so on; they however I do not recognise, I know it is controversial whatever it is they are doing with any aspect of me and that is all I know about it. At the moment I simply want to enjoy what I own and I simply want to sell my books and that means putting everything that is concerned with how people can make money through me or my work under control – it is not as big a task as they presume it is and I don’t owe them a thing as it were; they are not buying books here so we really have nothing in common. How to be a celebrity using my equities, how to do Industry using my equities, how to do Royalty and Politics using my equity and so on even media and Diplomacy have to be reigned in, as I said; I owe them nothing and they are not buying the books, so it’s simply time out – it’s the being famous and rocking the world thing we hear all the time, they think they have and its entirely delusional i.e. they say it is my lack of commitment that constitutes my biggest financial problem but it turns out the reality is that one moment they speak of their privilege that allows them to pay great attention to detail and the next they say mine is a lack of commitment – so it’s the same old case that those claims they make at the Banking Industry and at Celebrity being ruthless and stock market making my Christianity controversial because they cannot do anything without doing so that they are rocking the world is delusional – the truth is that they cannot keep off peoples personal lives and Royals do become intolerant at some stage and they need to leave me alone as such.

So the story of Europe is what is noticed when I say such things of which the reality is still the same; there are various regions in the world; take for instance the Nile Basin in Africa, because so many Countries depend on what happens in it there have been wars and there are still talks in the UN to this very day but you will never find any engaged in Industrial scale murder but here in Europe not only do our issues becomes a global story, it has to be this single Country at the heart of it every single time with solutions and final solutions and so on; they start off with this crimes they will invent and commit for years and just when everybody is fed up they change their reputation on media and the whole atmosphere becomes what normalcy is hence their version for everybody as it were. So that these Tory scum we have here in the UK can get off pretending they are the boss and that they are leading me in the way out of Europe as if they need me for that in the first place anyway; it has never been an issue but Tories have continued to think their insults mean they are being Politically powerful and we see that all the time with fat boys that had lost their hair or something picking up on the Policies and state of affairs set off by the idiots who lead that party to talk nonsense about what have been left for them to do to people of their choosing on the ground and excuses they have been furnished with – their concern had long shifted away from getting the bastards to win them a clear majority so that they might be able to in the first place, they have become hasty all together and I think they are bluffing as well. It’s never been an emotive issue; alright it is impossible to control what you feel when people have shaken you up several times and held on to the history of causing you adverse feelings and now they are using it to build up an atmosphere of fear they claim is yours, that said, you must build your own history with them as well and the same applies to other parties and their members and various interest groups that show off on media all the time with harm that has been invented in my direction because they have seen some possession of mine somewhere that they wish to claim as their own – which is how we have ended up here i.e. they are famous I hear but it is all so controversial and they can start by keeping off my books so that this fame can be seen by all – so generally I think they are bluffing and of course I say everything I write wherever it is I may live temporarily because their community goons need to know first before everybody else. It is not true in anyway that I think I am hated by Politicians but I would not get involved with any in a personal way because that will create Political crisis; that said, I have to differentiate from a process where people are hurting me or doing things to me which are intended to cause the most harm and a process where I work towards detaching systems and structures of Government and Country from the part of society that is violent; so the two dispositions that describe it most accurately is the men clinging to a sense that things should be done according to what he who shouts at his loudest voice says which I am to be forced to take part so they can chase my heart and break it and so on talking nonsense about democracy and freedom, while the women are more interested in a condition where I am supposed to live in the knowledge there are people that can beat me up and cannot shut their gawb - so it can lead to an outcome where I build a public life on it too - we all have limits and their own is not hurting badly enough apparently, it seems they have recovered a little bit and are off again. They do say they have to deal with people who hate me but the simple bit has always been to keep off my finances so those who hear them speak of how they do not believe in morals might not think they have a license to attack me and if the Politicians and Media goons do not come through they will do what needs to be done by themselves; the more difficult bit being the reality I do not owe them money and they are never here to buy books as much as they are interested in their contributions to their wickedness with their civil rights and a need they have to exasperate me with it - they will always make enemies on both side each time they plague me with their civil and criminal disobedience in order to sit in a corner to chuckle themselves away thereby feeling young and free; the Celebrity ones have been pillaging my finances to make themselves feel comfortable over the last decade while we prepare for a fight they will never consumate as it were and yet they cannot get on their media, keep off me and shut the hell up - not yet as it were (cannot do television shows unless they threaten me, cannot sell music CDs unless I have been threatened and when I mention it , they suggest it was not a trick and so the whole thing fails to improve; I am well within my right with these finance hoovers of whom nobody know why they seem to have a need to blow it away at the gym instead of continue feeding and get obese as it were speaking of their eating patterns alone and we all know it is never enough; some mad fool having told them they are famous: of course the big old case is that of how I mess with their culture and society as well but it is largely about making them understand what it feels like to settle civil rights fraud around you at 19 and then have to deal with it all over again at the highest levels of Government at 21 while they continue to get on media to make fame from it by thinking it is funny to do for the last decade and a half which then enables them to buy expensive things and turn up to threaten me as well, then fail to see that will lead to a whole new kettle of fish all together - its a great old story about the biggest barrier to employment being celebrities because they the big clients of the employers are using my life to get famous and rich and I am less than cooperative, so that every time an understanding as been reached about not doing their advertisement or any of their media appearances by making reference to me in anyway or my public work or public person or anything pertaining thus, the result is always that because they have the money there is nothing I can do about when they get to get away with it and so it becomes a matter of how you take that money away from them hence the story of how to put celebrities out of work too; again of which threatening me will lead to a whole new kettle of fish and that is guaranteed. So they do say I have the same behaviour towards the Monarchy of course which is utter nonsense; I tell everything I think before I write to the Community goons because I only have a duty to protect the interests of The Queen and not their own and so when I say they need to keep off my book sales and finances in order to avoid dealing with people who hate my guts considering they are complaining about the responsibility for which I am not paying as it were, it becomes another thing they wish to play around with to exasperate me and chuckle themselves on the media oblivious to the fact obvious thus that they have reached their limits).