I am now told that I spend all my time going around being mean to people and it has never had a thing to do with being mean, it has always had something to do with sex and the incessantly abusive way in which they push it at me is what has made it quite clear they are trying to tell me and the rest of the world that their neoliberalist stupidities knows exactly what it is doing and that it is doing it because I am being bullied. So apparently for the purpose of making sure it can always show up around my concerns to play up the business of child stars that trusted the parents with incomes that were squandered and only need internet and Media to access my whole like for it, I have set out to ensure that although they can defend themselves when attacked or feeling insecure within the process of chasing what matters to them daily, as long as I am involved it will never be enough – it feels exactly like dropping out of University to sit around responding to the stupidities of their society that want to make fame and fortune from your public image before you had shut it down through some academic pursuit – it is how the stupid sex they deploy to show they are really important and to punish those who do not worship them basically by sending tax payer funds to wreck the finances and academic work and then groom me for sexual violence all day, making rowdy stupidities of themselves and finding they cannot keep their mouths shut on Media. I am not necessarily worried about a reputation for being mean, it’s that stupid sense of being important when it has no respect for anything and has not got a foggiest clue what it is doing claiming I go about being mean which causes me the problems here.

They always say there is nothing I can do about them naturally but it is complaining about the fact its sex imposed on me will end very badly when it has extracted money from my Public image and need to control my finances by damaging my property to ensure it is not profitable, so its stupid children can keep some money in the neighbourhoods to do peoples career by fame and fortune popular culture while telling incredible lies, showing up here to practice their finance based violent nepotism on me that they think they can get away and feel good with as it were. It is a very promiscuous disposition, it leaves people wondering if it was better to have a tyranny because it would mean a problem had existed, instead of idiots experimenting on me to find out what they need to acquire to become tyrants in the future. I have informed them they need to keep off my Books and stop following me around whether or not the Books were about them or they have expressed their stupidities all over my career and relied on my Christian tolerance to allow them do it to a stage where they have publicly positioned their stupidities to claim it is about them, it really does not belong to them. It is an example of the fact that it is rotten to the core and pure evil to add to the fact that it is incredibly stupid as well.

They do claim I really do not believe they have a right to work wealth inequality as such but it’s an old story where they have no clue what they are doing, never share their salaries and have only the one talent that damages peoples jobs and earnings; now what they do with it in an extra self-seeking move is deploy it to control other people’s finances in the sense that when they are backed up by some violent people, they destroy incomes and property and then try to keep the victims in such positions permanently, it therefore gives them a sense of importance that they have not really got – I am wondering for my part what kind of a person sets out to control what is another person’s personal finances anyway but as I have pointed out I am issuing these warnings till the end of November 2018, beyond that time, I will be trying to raise a family and then deal with their sexual context abuses that I tell lies about but the reality is that they know what they are doing and I am being bullied will continue from then on as it were if they wanted to. as for the story of not being able to do anything about it in its own right, I was not this angry five years ago, in that time they have done nothing but wreck my Books and get their fingers up my Bum to ensure I never finished the academic work because they had money that they thought should make them more important and love to tell me I am Royalty which they hate – it shall then continue from the set date into the future in their view as it were. I mean how do you write home to say your whole life was ruined by a collection of fools who made money off your Public image with Popular culture and set about getting the DJs that help them have a good time chasing your bum and making you smell like your loo to ensure they were more important than you are anyway; so it has become obvious their need to see somebody achieve to the top and then give it up to tell them how to get rich being enforced by a government that spares their stupid children while they feel my products and make a mess of it in the markets to ensure they had the power to control my finances has to be settled along the lines of me handling that celebrity and popular culture the way they handle the talents I own which can make me right as though it was their civil rights to do whatever they fancied with and then when I rip it up, she shall see if they will not accept what they are offered. It feels like it feels when people are persecuted for having talents that can make them financially comfortably by criminal loving goons whose secret I can reveal all the time without dealing with any dangers and never get to share the money once they had gotten it at other people’s expense all together as it were – the bit about making sure they can fight for themselves but it is never enough feels the same as dropping out of University to sit around making them feel good by responding to the stupidities of their society fools on account your private diaries that help you manage their stupidities are actually quite full; so every 20 year old has 4 years to raise themselves a pension and I believe my warnings are clear as it were, whether or not they have explained that describing them as a bunch of fucking idiots would get me into trouble.

 The point is that if I wanted to act straight away, it would be a case of dragging whole Political Parties and Media and Journalist and Celebrities into the Law Court over patent breach and I do not have the time for this, what I have the time for is that they have something that makes them financially comfortable to an extent where they wonder if they deserved it and I will rip up as well as a sign of wealth equality, I do not get around being mean, it’s about sex based abuse and they can destroy anything and black mail anybody they wish to get what they want by it, besides which it is shameful and does something to me that is as twisted as hurting myself with the very thing I make a living by and then the bloody arseholes will claim they were famous and important in that way using narcissistic popular culture canopies that allow them spend time with friends and family in a way that makes everything I do toxic. They did say that I claim to have something I never had but the behaviour that has not been punished here is the need to show up and detach the public from my Books then get about feeling it and handling it, making a mess of it and refusing to pay for it before it follows up the business by threatening members of the Public that are interested and starts to show up with Politicians and foolish Popularity arrangements to claim my Public image as their own – the positive is that this is serious career and livelihood pulverising that is not getting people beaten up so we should all learn from it and keep violence by our hands away from those we are able to dominate, such as wife and kids and so it is like a school in such matters. However I am an Arch Prince and if I had a certificate that says so, it matters in certain places, no idea why those to whom it does not matter take over my concerns all together but we know they love the criminals so much and these sorts of behaviour is not something that festers in our imagination as a general Public all together. My point is that I just want them to live in an understanding that if they are too lazy to work for their money, making an Arch Prince work for it has no place in reality; yes they do say my need to ensure people say they have a job and a family and it is their main concern is the business of forcing people to be professional but I am not – I have these problems because these idiots have a part of their minds that say while at their jobs, they are more important than I am and can be me if they wanted, so I need point them where their jobs are and then where their families are and ensure they kept away from me; the rest of the time I have got them where I want them and it is clearly no longer the 1980s.

I do get asked if I behave the way I do because I do not want Law enforcement to hurt people in my neighbourhood but I don’t – what happens is that criminals do what they do is secret and there is an art by which law enforcement people stop them which means that to them, law enforcement works in secret too; these goons are the ones that get in and buy the organised crime products, give the trouble makers arms and mobility funds, then shove service people into the frontline, to ensure that somebody got killed because their bottom hurts, of which when it does is usually the stage at which their stupidities took a turn for something more serious for a change. It’s like my reputation for interfering with Law enforcement business while I don’t; what really happens is that those who criticise the Police and Military less appear to be the ones that then go home and tidy up and build a neighbourhood others will envy, the ones that cannot are the ones that want to take the jobs from the Police, so they really enjoy tackling me and I enjoy reminding them that Police Officers do fabulous jobs too and when they push it I do get to twist them in such difficult disposition that they can only make sense of themselves by showing I am playing with fate if they got shot at by the enemy fighting my battles at a limit , so sometimes I do say Police Officer did a fabulous job the last time they were in this neighbourhood and an Officer will drive by and do the don’t do my own routine and this is what makes people think I interfere. For the Media it was always a simple case where nothing I do work until they had become a full time daily concerns for me, the purpose being to discredit all they do about my concerns and then it will get to a security stage where I will start to snipe the jobs of some really persistent idiots in order to recover my breathing space as well, then it will change something to tell them off; hence the question of whether there is a big button that can be pushed to make it all go away and it’s the same button as ever I.e. they stopped following me around and kept away from my Books alongside their Celebrities – when I said I did not want them getting involved with my concerns and intended the same should apply to the foolish women and girls they got around with, most people agreed I was being discriminative and it was fun, now I am sure they will agree as well that I am right and that what I am doing is a good thing: no more ogling the guy that will not take the plunge and do a little bad thing in order to achieve a greater good as before. Some will think this is a matter of selfishness but it is not; what happens is that it is impossible to keep a job and look after a family when women can visit sexual violence at you all day long, telling lies about the reasons they do at as they went along – so they had to learn why I am tolerant as well, when it is clear that it is not that they are unable to fight, it’s just when they involve me with their insanity no fighting is ever enough to afford them security they need. Same as the society people who need to be safe from Celebrities and Men who need to be safe from society violence; it’s never enough when I am sore due to the fact they have needs – there is a sense apparently, that these people are always in need of something that others own but they cannot live without and the sense that they can never get by without trying to acquire and own something others have with the owners have refused to share and hence that once they are allowed to do as they please, others will be put through an experience akin to a process of them flirting with torture at other people’s expense to top up their finance based nepotism and Tribalism raids where they think riches are located.

Now it is said I am stuck somewhere being forced to fight and it is utter nonsense; just a group of goons chasing and hurting my Bum until I did something stupid or got involved with National service but again if they think they have made enough trouble, they should know they have not been tackling black people for me or fighting my battles and that black people understand I am aware they want to rip up my academic work before they got off to get rich at Popular culture on account they wish to kill somebody and show up with a trophy that lets them grab peoples Public image through fear and that I would not have a lot of trouble with the idea of getting in touch with the families of those they hurt in order to ensure they understood they cannot have absolutely everything their stupid little heart desires on account that they are violent people as well; so the usual process was a case where messing with me generally means becoming too important to keep the day job that ensure the inanity gets to the head, while the children will get married in a hurry once I am finished; we have had enough of a certain people who make a mess of the way others at the Monarchy resolve these kinds of issues, claiming they have been fighting my battles as well, making a mess of the jobs of Dignitaries in the Country.

It’s like the story of me being unaware that the fact I am unable to get any rest is due to the media fleecing me but I am aware of that, aware of their financially deviant bullying which is facilitated by their Politicians, so as before, I plan to issue the warnings until the end of November 2018 and then I shall see how every fool in Parliament that likes either to invent stupid things and insert them into my life and career to blab about accountability and representation or generally may do it because they are stupid all together, plans to keep their hands off me, the way I want it or the way they want to. We know they spend the little things that help them keep ideological goons from making their lives hell because they are doing government work to tackle people with personalities they claim they wish to confiscate as stupidly as possible and have seen walking into Church and in my case they needed to pillage the finances and academic work over a period of 15 years to get a reaction and then I was the main enemy. In like manner which we see the stupid females claim the main problem is that I have a small penis and it is an example of what really goes on in their stupid minds; that they are unlikely to face any consequences if I spend time with work and family and studies and Church activity and then all fall apart because I am made to smell like my loo via the sexual bits that is the last straw which breaks the Camel’s back after each eventful day, on account they love their vaginal monologues so much and we can see why that stupid tribalism raids at Industry alongside its financial nepotism must give them the economic separatism their stupidities seek somewhere in hell. It’s obviously why sex is the absolutely worst sin in Christianity, as it is the stage where two persons become one individual and we can see even a little House Keeping game I play with some female journalists means people can feel me watching them if they stand in front of a Camera; so whilst their society goons are busy building pressure for my head and chest and tummy and bottom and I need to take my Church activities more seriously in order to cope, they do need to watch their insults as well but it’s not a do or die affair, as the only thing that will feel the same as ripping up my academic work and finances, getting society people to chase my bottom and see I never get it done after 8 years of tidying up, unleashing Celebrities on my Public image and sending out private security industry fools to tell me I may work for anything but it can be taken from me whenever others want to feel safe, should be the business of taking up the socialism that keeps that stupid party going and then ripping it apart so that they have such difficult times when they are campaigning to win elections, that they end up with mental illness too. They always say  dream of taking down the Labour Party but cannot and I do not dream of anything; reality is that stepping out of my door is hell because having them attack you is a given but there is the part where they take turns to stop for a few seconds and make ‘I did not think so gestures’, adding to their juveniles who hate Celebrities that have it all but tackle you because of it and the irresponsible Public transport operatives and the popular culture goons threatening you over public image, you are always sick every time you are seen and apparently they claim my academic work was the way I tried to explain or create another meaning into their actions when they know exactly what they are doing and were bullying me, so damaging the academic work is the one they are complaining about presently, the one where they can defend themselves from bullies alright and have had years of practice but it is never enough on account I exist basically. I mean their stupid tribalism and finance based nepotism has run off all sorts of nonsense in this Country such as claims the Royal family gets along with me to mock them since they were far more superior and continue to believe that this sorts of nonsense puts me in a condition where I am character whose person and possessions can be handled anyway that other people’s wish, it still appears to them as though I have not had enough of it so far.