Now we get told all the time about a terrorism deadlock of which nonesuch exists; what we know to be fact is that a pattern is emerging of Mr Putin of Russia using Syria as a Puppet to attack the West – where there is Russian involvement in Syrian Politics after every use of Chemical weapons by the regime and then lots of arguments by the west about consequences in the EU – so the result has become the fact the Americans understand people in the Middle East play with Russia and see Europe and the US as their exit, so they have decided that specifically with respect to people from those parts there will be no exit until they had started accepting that playing with Russia means war and death and lots and lots of suffering. What has emerged from it is ISIL, these are a group of people that the Dutch created and sold advanced weapons to during the Arab spring and they were Soldiers from the Saddam Regime disgraced by the Americans who took over, which was done as it was because of US Capitalism and the military was given its impetus due to the killing of American NGO Operators and United Nations Diplomats. Now ISIL wants to kill Russians and Americans and Europeans for Middle East people, therefore there is no Terrorism deadlock as claimed, it’s a very simple group of facts producing entirely expected results. We know it was made worse because Obama played around with Putin and was more interested like in my case with what he could do to rip up my writing career instead and Mr Putin had the opportunity to attack Ukraine and Annex Crimea and so Mr Trump has taken a tougher stance, made a statement on Israel and in the last 2 weeks since that was done Hamas has been gaining support and resources from thin Air while Iran has been locked down with a Nuclear proliferation debacle – that said, we can see that in the past four weeks alone, the Germans have been playing some games with Russia and the most unlikely of European Countries to play some games with Russia has been the French, happened in the past 12 days, while the Spanish have just made news by issuing an Arrest warrant for a British Resident that Mr Putin hates due to dissidence – all of these have happened in final 2 and a half weeks of May 2018. So the excuse will always be that Mr Trump is a mystery which is utter nonsense as we all know if Elvis Presley was President, he would have worked more like Mr Trump and the story of Mr Trumps racism is clearly always been thrown around by those who are saving up what happens when people live with murderous ethnic minority gangs whose ancestors suffered slavery and slave trade and every ill that came with it, to punish people who do not do their bidding – so I venture to set out that the facts are clear, about what Mr Trump has said on race alongside the realities of living next door to murderous gangs meaning a shadow creeps over you until the day it goes black and somebody has provoked you and you have pushed back and gotten killed, clearly enough thus for those who wish to convince me of Trumps racism to get on with it. In the end the same matter applies; when somebody lives next door to a murderous gang, saying he is one of them causes the gang to spend money trying to acquire his membership and hence the wrong and abusive thing to do, likewise when a white person is described as racist and yes I get told it is the cowards answer to the problem most of the time which I do not mind, as we all know that whilst there is no rule or law setting out that people have to be so inconsiderate, 5 persons with a gun against one is pretty much decided but when the one joins them, it makes 6 persons with a gun and then we will see how far the big mouth stretches. I do get told for my part that I wish to live on the freedoms other peoples built which is utter nonsense; we all know if Prison is a rotten place and there is an incentive that helps people cope when they end up there, such an incentive was never going to be found in the lives of those that are likely to end up there, which means that crime and the way it works is a system that punishes most those who have committed none. So when people say they would like to stab me because of the sheer exhilaration of stabbing a body like mine and a media idiot builds up my Public image to create detachment between me and it – same as they come to academic institutions to do with my research and the actual academic achievements that facilitate it, what will happen then being that I will build their own up too, so people will have to kill us both and then it shall be possible to as well, making sure it runs completely wild and the media has to be responsible lest I set up their own and get them killed so I can get away with a crime myself all together; its not freedom others built, they are out of their depth with the stupid media – they are learning how the mind of a delinquent works when they play practical jokes, they are also learning about the character of a criminal that is also a victim of crime, they are also learning about the character of those who are described as jackals. For me the case is that my life was not meant to be a case of one fight after another which is really isn’t; Royal Office means being able to operate as somebody that is trained to do the stupid stuff of handling stupid people, likewise being able to operate as a celebrity as well at the same time. Obviously, Mr Trump is racist rhetoric goes right to the top.