Now I am told that my Books are fundamentally linked to the way that people plan to restore US leadership and its utter nonsense as we all know there is no US leadership to restore, just a handful of very stupid individuals hanging about at Government buildings to deploy the jobs they find there for private business, some of which do not make any sense whatsoever. I mean, they have not yet told us if they had a full account of the number of people who have been killed via decisions made at Government buildings over the past 100 years for instance, they just let us know they really enjoy fooling around with Government buildings and stifling my earnings while doing it.

So it is said that I am able to pick up these matters at any time while most people cannot do it but it really isn’t about most people, it is about me; American Politicians have not yet explained of all the stupidities we see them exhibit at Government buildings, the exact purpose of a process where what I am doing with Publishers is where their fame and income is to be found, the way Celebrities employ criminals and send them out to target me over property use and patent breach while they patent bits of my life to their stupid names and tell me that talking about it caused a problem they controlled on my behalf to get out of hand, a losers career crime stupidities nor indeed have they told us the exact purpose of celebrity fools telling me I cannot withdraw my concerns from them because they cannot stop trashing my career because they were in a position that allowed them to determine exactly what I did with myself of sorts, which position their stupidities have not got and many other forms abuses as such which set my work out as the means by which they will fulfil all their dreams, I just know that I am not one of them even though they think they can make me because I am not white etc and that they complain they wouldn’t like their children to deal with a degree of bottom hurting that ensured they couldn’t concentrate at school, even though they had become accustomed to bashing me and boasting about it to boost the stupid self confidence that provides them energy to chase their daily concerns and I was quite certain my Books did not cost an arm and a leg, talking nonsense about their power whenever they think I cannot push back and working on me every time they think I can with a big mouthed media salvation, that expresses how little they are able to make sense of the thing they enjoy screwing with so much.

They claim they love the way I nag since I am unable to do anything about them but I don’t nag them in anyway, the stupid perception is created by their Media salvation gimmicks – the truth of it is that I ensure all involvement with me was incredibly expensive for them and it does love to threaten me all the time like a handful of idiots who are stupid like a big explosion or are stupid like they had a child’s brain, speaking of how it feeds into my women in the head without which I cannot function properly mind and the way I talk resulting in outcomes where they never took me seriously, of which parents never really think of their children as people and part of communities, they think it’s the child they brought into the world at hospital who grew bigger. The threats usually tend to suggest there is nothing I can do about them and the reality is that they have spent time trashing my career and the incessant need to get involved with mine and make a mess generally has developed into something of me starting to pay attention to their own careers and it has begun to build up this picture where my biggest problem is that they had everything really – the outdoor parts of my career have been savaged and there is now swarming with people who worship their money, the indoor parts of my career have been trashed while theirs is swarming with women who want to provide them sexual pleasures on my social life and everything else in the middle for me is wrecked while I find them delivering speeches at Industrial Fairs and Media insulting me all the time – they claim they were clever people while we know clever people are not actually able to rally local hoodlums to wreck people’s lives the way that they do, this is because stupid people will have noticed you were a bit clever long before you did and it always leaves you with a dual personality where one side wants to concentrate on what you are doing and the other side wanted to handle them which made you look like somebody who loved to fool around. Their case is a handful of halfwits who just concentrate on what they are doing, have no idea what they are doing with other people to show up here and punish me for something I had already achieved by putting their stupid selves in charge because of their problems, and then those of them who are sick in the head will hang around somewhere looking cool and claim and threatening, talking rubbish at me – I am set now to give them a real task of keeping those careers from me and their stupidities had better been clever enough or they could keep away from my Books and the literary business.

They claim it is all a matter some issue I have going on with HRH Prince of Wales but there is none. What really happens is a handful of culture and society gits handling me all the time over Political instability and then when I give them some real work to do, they take up the idiocy of Celebrities that have found out the reasons the Head of State lived in Castle because they have been able to buy their own big Houses from which their insolence on the stupid media they run off for a job all the time, knows no limits, interfering with any connection I had with nature, talking rubbish at me all day with a big mouth, as a measuring tool by which the Prince of Wales decided that he wanted to plan his reign with them by his side. The outcome of this was a case of me hanging around at University, dropping out over and over and over, so I had to respond to it, especially considering that The Prince of Wales had once suggested I ought to be made to hang around somewhere being groomed into a hoodlum that had ideas on how to be a real man in a Kingly position, by which his reign will be assisted, so dropping out of University suggested to me that it was a continuation of this thing which I look upon as something they have echoed, especially their insolent celebrity stupidities with a right to address me all the time, from a distance. In their defence they say that I am unable to grasp complexities of Political stability which is not really based on reality, the reality that we never ever seen the good bits of planning for a King reign in this Country, we always see the bad bits because it is assumed the good bits are bits people will want to pinch but the bad bits are absolutely not – to worsen this, they have announced their interest in Celebrities while we knew that involvement with Celebrities was something about which a Royal Office holder may gauge Public affection towards them and their Offices, with respect to the activities of Celebrities that they can definitely say is friendly, it’s not something Royalty does save they want to wind up people at the Armed Services. In my case, after years of running the equity system that also helps to support younger people in an academic environment with the involvement of Celebrities, I can say that considering the mess associated with claims criminals were better people than I am and the fall out that it brought, this business of supporting younger people in an academic environment stands out as solid, so it’s an example of the ways that I will get involved with Celebrities if I did so; the details are that it might seem like the best idea to chase the diversity bits and draw up a banner on it but if you did, you would be caught unawares when school authorities travelled overseas to tackle somebody that has been messing with their business for instance, besides which the benefit is that when you bring Political authority to bear on it, matters of National security can be decided a lot easier.

They claim the way that I respond to these matter is erratic but it is not, what I have done is to ensure that I am so full of it that they have ended up entertaining the idea that it might be best to just leave me alone but cannot because there are Political consequences, hence I don’t have to work so hard on making sure people respected my space and let me be anymore. It’s the same as those stories I needed to spend money to make money which is becoming a third factor in what was originally an issue involving culture and society gits playing practical jokes with my career and Politicians fooling around with criminals on my social life, theirs is more like the gang of Men who appoint themselves at the Train Stations to decide that handling the above two issues was not allowed because it made them think about their lives and they were at risk of churning their own tummy, so I was not allowed to move on with my life thereof, progressing now to a case of picking up my broad based trust incentive business to kill off my income and trash my career, so they might round me up like sheep and tell me I had to spend money to make money and now it is becoming a complicated situation because they are at risk of respecting somebody who made money without being bent to serve their will, in this game where it was all fine when they did it at Market but if I can no longer engage with people I have brokered equities at a Trust system with, then we had a problem. They do say it had grown into a mocking bird situation and yes it has since HRH decided to spend a lot of time getting involved with my concerns to trash it seriously and I had decided to rectify every mess very publicly, outcome being the recent stories that HRH will want to be me, which is just dangerous for everybody. It’s the same as the claim I make excuses while we know that their gimmicks are always about money issues, then they make contact with those they had taken advantage of later on, to consolidate statements that they now agree with the idea we must work to avoid conflict, after trashing people’s lives to make it and such victims usually do not want them to agree to such things at that stage anymore – moreover we know that money issues is handled by a specific pattern; you learn, you work for it, you get your tax statements from government, when you retire, the local government runs your life mostly and you had a lifestyle which fundamentally decided what the local government did, so you need this history not celebrity lifestyle that wrecks people lives to make money and make sense of the reasons the Head of State lives in a Castle, to ensure that your working life ended in such ways, the Celebrities have therefore got their point and trashing my career to make money is now growing into the idea that they are a one thing and I want my own one thing with respect to their bank balance as well. They do claim it’s tough working with something as rude as me but it’s an old story where what really happens had nothing to do with rudeness but the fact Companies will broker equities with me to build products and a handful of people will take the Celebrity gimmicks of patenting bits of my life to their names, up to a stage where they spent a lot of time interfering with the business of Companies to build me a history for having lost something important and it’s never clear why they found it impossible to be investors if they were one or continue with jobs if they had work to do, instead of bugging me, what we do know is that they claim it’s a threat but all I had to do is run a campaign, get things out of my system and then ask them to repeat the process of they were hoping it would end in their favour.

They do claim this was all a test and I am nearly done with it which is incredibly annoying as what I do apparently important but does not place any stress on me, showing we do what we do because we can do it and do only what we can do – however I am still strung up somewhere literally, looking like the age of 60 would be a luxury for me because of these stupid tests and it never really works unless I had picked up a bad neighbourhood which helped me write my Books. It’s nothing unusual and I don’t know why they take themselves so seriously, there are always disobedient people in every population – their bits ought to feed into the usual channels i.e. Celebrity practical jokes with people’s lives and careers, Hoodlums with communities that get imagination up peoples private parts, the gits that fight peoples battles and churn the tummy all day and I don’t know why they are always trying to make it something more anyway; something more as in when they don’t like my Books, they take up 5 years of my time to groom me and a handful of nutters allow them access to government buildings for it and I end up battling a process where they had rallied media and young people to decide how the public responds to a Book that dared to prick their feelings, instead of walking away from it. The same story as ever, that they are really good at creating the problems and never listen when told that grooming people into these kinds of positions when the problems had existed, made it worse, at the same time which they were the champion complainers who never stop doing the problems all together as well. I have given them their exit on this matter; they do need to stop handling me if they have now resorted to telling lies that suggest my Books are responsible for tummy issues while their disrespect and need to handle me when they do not have the ability to, was responsible for it.

They do claim it is the kind of interest that the British exert in the world these days which does not apply at all. What happens is that the Germans are into dominance, the insults abuses, talk of the town berating that shows up where people had done the best work for their career and short insulting practical joke videos they claimed added up to advertisement but they do not want German society that really loves a good spectacle to show up where they had done the best work for their career and that big mouth blabbing at me all the time is due to the history it has with me and the fear I might want this to show up where they did the best work for their careers, the same way their stupidities show up in mind to blow off the big mouth as though their word was law. Hence due to action that has been taken on grounds the German government is left grappling with Diplomatic relations they had with the British while they were busy with this dominance thing, none is stopping them from returning to their German interests at this stage, they simply think that the British dared and I too think that bumping into a handful of scumbags spending my work on themselves to run off short insulting videos that they claim added up to advertisement at my expense, which pushed off statements about the coward that I am indicating I was undeserving of my career hence the justification for what they have done, is about to get a similar response from me as well. There is the American bits as well where China was docile enough until the Americans got involved and now that they spent money and publicity on China, such as made it a threat, when China became a threat, it became a threat to the US and was a really big threat indeed – interestingly, the way the US has responded to this, is to set about trashing British interests, which gets feelings running very high at the Monarchy. The most remarkable fact at this stage being that Obama created this problem, Trump offered to fix it, they got rid of Trump and we are waiting to find out what Biden thinks of the problem.

I am told that I am being punished by Politicians which is very well understood, as the reasons I am always being informed about one calamity over my finances after another – it is a story of how people go from wanting to make Politicians spend time with their government work instead of showing up at Industry to trash peoples finances when they think such peoples social life would allow them win elections all the time because the respect bits had vanished with a crowd attached and their Celebrities were entitled to get rich fast on the social life and personality of the victims – to characters that cannot stop themselves being corrupt, so the financial margins of Politicians and the incomes earned becomes a main focus of imagination, the need to take public control away from Politicians soon follows and then it all comes to a conclusion over a process of blaming Politicians for every problem because they really were elected by the Public to provide leadership for it; it is usually one of the most convenient ways a person may resolve personal problems created by personal decisions but as we can see, 12 years of nauseating financial complications are not on these basis a matter of personal decisions, looking for a conclusion. We see the same with the Media as well and their case never really improved until there was a clearly set out statement that they needed to stop addressing me like some servant of subordinate that their stupidities had accounted for financially, especially when it created controversies by which they extracted an income from my social life and public image and then once I had cleared it out, I would ask them to attempt another and find out what will become of their stupidities. They do claim as filthily as possible, that I encumber their access to fame and popularity but I like to take on the argument because it is possible then to remind them of their obsession with the Royal social life and Public image which has caused nothing but trouble for the last 15 years so far – the boasting suggests that this is where I am vulnerable naturally but the reality is more a matter of the fact that when I think I do not have control of the way they handled my social life and public image, they would not need an introduction on what is the recent cause of all their problems, the other option being that the idiots can get on with their own lives and stop handling me and none was stopping their stupidities from doing so – naturally of which they usually match it with a tale of having an amount of money that I cannot really go up against and it is fast becoming a problem that needs be rectified. It has got everything really; the career social life is now being used to net women and make stupid speeches when it enjoys its freedom of association, stupid speeches that suggested its superiority to me, interfering with everything I do at this Office, while mine has been completely trashed – the career personal life now exists for the purpose of being seen around industrial backyards where the politicians cannot stop shooting the dirty mouth at me and set about doing my career, while mine has been completely trashed – the private personal life exists as a means by which I am of no harm to their stupidities, so their families were blissfully unaware of this nonsense I had to put up with all the time while mine is full of feedback for the consequences of their foolish personal decisions; it claims I am afraid of there being a British republic while we know it’s a race that is fundamentally linked to their stupid sense of superiority and it is currently looking like its stupidities has everything because of which it is becoming my one thing that interferes with all that matters and I am becoming a character that wants my own one thing with respect to its bank balance as well. They do claim Politicians want to put fear into me naturally and we know it’s the same stupidities that led to the first fight over their right to enjoy a civil living where they claimed their incessant clash with men, meant I was at war with women, the imagination of idiots; this time, I guess the men got on their side all together and they had become powerful mean cunts all together, talking nonsense about the way I reel from the first time they tackled me while what really happened was a process of picking up items to do with armed forces operatives thinking I had the right tools to help them with work on first contact issues where it was impossible to say one person was friend and the other was enemy, having found out which the idiots then set about opening their arse to some society gits, to show up with injury that facilitated stupid statements in relation to German influence interference in British interests, talking nonsense about a threat they pose to me every time I cleared it out with a big mouth but it’s not really something I want to talk about as such since Politicians were having to pick up the pieces every 24 hours. First time round was when I would walk down the streets picking up subliminal messages that soon became violent forms of lasciviousness targeted at my tummy and my anus, which concerned the way their stupidities were my parents and I was their son on whom their foolish future depended, then it progressed to personalities I stole from those who were really able to handle applicable issues and had to hand it back, setting the stage that allowed their stupidities show up where I had done the best work for my career to punish me for leadership I had already provided after putting their stupid selves in charge, talking nonsense of the way the peace and tranquillity in it was something they deserved for making decisions that affected the lives of those who were incarcerated, progressing to these threats that are a product of showing if they didn’t have it their twisted evil stupidities would ensure I didn’t as well, wrecking university studies in the process and now this. If it is now possible to discuss the way it does not stop until I picked up from here to develop my own processes of making narcissistic happiness that provides me with sales by causing them a lot of suffering their families would get a feedback for and how it plays into the fact I am making the point at this stage that I am able to control access to my social life and public image which if I didn’t have will let them know, it was possible to pick up my own life from where I left off naturally, as it became quite clear that far from an important issues, this really was an intensive community organised abusive behaviour orchestrated by a handful of low life’s on Media who claim they were surprised that I wanted to torch that stupid celebrity culture for my part as well. They love those stories they tell to back up the way their stupidities invites themselves into people’s concerns to put themselves in charge and punish those who are already doing a job that their idiocy creates public problems because they needed desperately – in my case they say I think I am right but hang around somewhere encouraging wars instead of getting into a fight with gangs to make their stupidities feel important like the famous idiots they think they are, while what really happens is that armed forces operatives think I have the right tools for things they wanted to do and I needed to show I was emotionally involved. It only brings up those questions about sugar daddies and their babies which will make them financially well off when they passed insults at me, added to the gimmicks of their stupid women who have boyfriends and pick me up as means to spice up their sex lives – a response which usually results in tackling the finances of Suburban US Women and Asians.

There is this very annoying story they tell that I want to ruffle feathers without getting into trouble, what happens which makes it unbearable is that when they buy products with companies they make a mess of my company, claiming everything to do with me simply irritates them and this was the amusing bit that has carried on for years – now that we have entered s stage where others spend money on products just like them and I needed to ensure those did not pay the price for my personal decision and their own alike, we have reached the stage where the blabbing that I cannot do a thing about them really isn’t founded on reality, as all I needed to do was to run a campaign, make a statement, get it out of my system and ask them to do it again if they were certain they would fancy the results. It’s not the only one and this is the reasons I find it incredibly annoying; there is the other where they claim their money ran the world and it cannot run the world without working stupid dreams of seeing me look like something that is linked to the Monarchy in the middle of a lynch mob. In the end they have no idea why somebody would replace a Mercedes with a Rolls Royce for instance and why it is that I need to broker and create creative equity because it is pointless to replace a Mercedes with a rolls Royce, in order to save 10 minutes to work and acquire a more comfortable ride that let you become more productive on your way, if indeed you were likely to return home to a washing machine that took ten minutes longer to do its job – their business is to build communities of idiots that have not given me a break over an interest in my anus and my tummy, about which they claimed they didn’t know why I wanted to burn the stupid celebrity culture for my part as well and then they put people up on a pedestal to grab start off arrangements to pile high and sell cheap with an insulting media presence, acquire overseas accounts and avoid taxes, whereafter they become confused about the reasons that such a selfish position generally means when they get around other people’s business, it becomes a larger threat that gets people to respond so viciously, since we can only live in a financially better off country if we did our part together and paid our taxes.

So I am told what provokes people about me the most is the way I spend a lot of time trying to get caught up with people that are out of my league and it’s so annoying because of the way that it allows them interfere with my concerns. What really happens for want of an explanation for most of these activities is that the black people started off their popularity culture abuses targeting me since 2001 and it has not given me a single 24 hour break while the communities that are created to make statements about my anus and my tummy grows larger and more violent and we cannot be free of their stupidities on one hand telling me I smell and it would get me into trouble, while on the other hand their media gits said their bottoms hurt after building a media presence for it and I am meant to make it better or I will get into trouble. Thereafter we know every response I have given to this nonsense generally develops into their news ideas on how to tackle racism, alongside the civil rights movements that will entitle the entire world to my Royal Hermitage as a means of solving wealth and social inequality problems, such that in the course of working anomies to develop creative equity for companies I have built business relationships with, I am now on course to make contributions to their stupid wealth and social inequality problem as they will never forget in a long time. It’s all like when we hear them say they thought I was done and finished with my career but the reality was that it had become so difficult to establish a link between trust activity and Clients reading my Books for which I have built and maintained an online community, every new week set to end like the previous one and it’s all due to the practical jokes they wish to keep playing up at my expense. It is nothing unusual, it has always been this way; their insanity and its consequences buzzing away at the background of my life unless some group of gits decided to build a media presence for it and tell me I would end up in more trouble if I withdrew access to my concerns from them – I mean from what started off as making a case of my personality as a tool that will let people get paid for being popular to this, they do leave out facts whenever they complain about me as well all together and the fact I dropped out of University was the big one for me. I do get asked this questions of what my real view of human beings were but there is no view; as I mentioned, these gits have not given me a day’s break since 2001 over the way my personality should be used; the ageist idiots who are champion complainers have only progressed to prospects of making sure I shared living space with hoodlums, due to interest those hoodlums showed in the businesses they set up to look over peoples shoulder in the local communities – thus stupid people will already have noticed I am a bit clever long before I had but then again there are huge numbers of financially successful uneducated people on this planet, which does set them out as a handful of characters who think they had manipulated everybody into a position that allowed them to avoid the consequences of their personal decisions and they really enjoy targeting me with it every day – it really is about to draw up another war on their right to enjoy civil living, since this assumption it was a defence mechanism from a gut feeling they had about me only means they put labels on me and made it worse – the kind of war that will ensure people understood they were not a threat to me if I picked up the gimmicks of those foolish women they send out to handle me and made sense of the minions that hang about street corners picking themselves up only when they emulate celebrities to blab about people doing their stuff, and then set about running down the criminal popularity backyard Britain with its television and radio waves, so that I might be able to decide that they cannot be free of the things that are likely to make them smell too, bearing in mind they do know what commitment is in the first place. I have been told that they have trashed my love life but they have not – these goons blabbing of how I chase them when they are out of my league are supposed to be the female version of big brother has seen your bum and from that day you have been unable to account for what you do with yourself year on year, so they must be the ones that torture and persecute the female community; what they then set out to do is ensure that I don’t marry the women and likewise, then progress to marry each other on the way I have planned my life and move on to torture me every day with the better side of homosexuality – so it’s just a delay but it’s a delay I am very unhappy with as this is not their lives. The daddy characters on the other hand claim that I am a coward who thinks others are responsible for whom I share a space with, while what they are supposed to do is watch their big mouth on what they thought my personality and the thought processes in my head should be used for but then again, this is the second time apart from the University drop out bits where their abuses had developed into something of their whole communities earning the right to access areas of my career where I had done the best work and to ensure they got to share it with everybody, for which I am set to teach them a lesson they will never forget as well and I should do my best to ensure those who wanted to see what has made the personality they obsess about for all the wrong reasons, got to do so for all the wrong purposes as well, addressing me the way they would never address their children whose bills they were actually paying – morons may give me more of the abuses and attacking behaviour, as there is no way that it will end very badly as such. They do boast that I am a long way away from help, like long way away from the fact that it’s always been their stupid interest in me making trouble for me since I left school help with a big mouth – all I really have to do is ensure each involvement with Clients was followed with a process of eliminating all that might affect my income margins but this was not a problem for me, the problem is that unless I caused Celebrities an intense amount of suffering for their own interest in me, I will end up somewhere looking like those characters who got out of bed every day to hurt people in order to build market, so that they might not have to dig deep for the happiness that affected clients over products they were convinced would boost the incomes of those who bought it, therefore we would not have made any progress whatsoever. Personally, I don’t know why these clowns get involved with business anyway; we know even when they have jobs it’s the business thing and then I am like a prized possession thereafter, an item that can be handled and consumed and they cannot keep their hands of over business dreams but then again so are we aware characters that are responsible for the deaths or disappearances of people who have invented great things always looked like this and likes to think I am bluffing when I say it needs to keep its distance from my Books and stop blowing off its civil rights big mouth all over my social life and public image, if its stupidities had a media presence to play with as well. they claim I created these problems for myself and yes I did, it’s simply not their concern to build it up on their media presence to run off at me like a bubble that trashes my income margins so they got to push their own thereof – the other ageist gits with ideas on what my mind and personality should be used for are now in a position where they knew what I knew for their part as well, so their stupid mind is now just as good as mine for the harvesting.

Now they claim I have been getting around places where people were out of my league and so companies have been taking advantage of me while I thought that I had achieved something important; it comes up all the time while it was clear that I had already built enough footing to ensure if I felt I was being taken advantage of, I had a way to stop companies that were doing so in a short period of time. I end up cash strapped when it does because the Clients I broker with are to read my Books during AGMs, they are to read it during work, they were to read it during meetings and projects and not at home, so I simply cannot get through, the entire time we know the gits do not read Books because it was better to build a perverted interest in me on media that a crowd of fools will help their stupidities to enforce. When they buy products from brokers, they make hell for everybody and when others buy products from brokers, making sure peoples didn’t pay the price for their personal decisions becomes a fight for survival and it continues to get worse. They speak of the way I am deluded because of those business characters that would take your hand off if you put bait in front of them, while we know these characters are usually out for money and use their stupidities to make a mess of people’s lives because of this all of the time and I wasn’t vulnerable to them if I could run a campaign about it and get some statements off that got things off my system over their activities. It is the reason the only exit I have now is to cause Celebrities an immense amount of distress and suffering that developed from a need to stop them hanging about to build crowds that helped them make a complete mess of my career and find it so amusing they made money from being popular by doing so, which has now reached the gritty bits where they are a one thing with their interest in me and I want my own one thing that was an interest in their celebrity bank balance as well.

It’s the same story with hear with this punishment I deserve because people wo protect me and my interest are disrespectful of Politicians that run the world in the USA and we know it’s an example of the way the Politicians believe they can take advantage of me if they saw a weakness until I started digging the fact no matter how important, they were always common people who made money while I were an Arch Prince for my part. I do get told that as allies this was a problem we were meant to assist Americans with and we know that I have already written a book that did huge work on it as well but the Books are now the reason for all my suffering because they found it useful, of which I am well aware it does not cost an arm and a leg to buy one. It brews this question of the way we patch on while we hated Americans which is utter nonsense as we are the smaller ally in the partnership but they do not tackle us too much for the way we get after these matters so often, in which case it shows they understand we know what the problem really is; I mean people will simply get up and consider the US military, then decide that there are characters operatives thought of as a toy because they are always fooling around with the jobs or armed forces operatives, then people will get involved with the military in some way and run off their own counter campaigns to this as such and then they will win elections and get to the white House where they must now provide leadership in a federal system with its regimented system of power hierarchy, then decide that if they trashed British interests to make people comfortable, they could get everybody round. It gets even better when we consider that NATO forces for example are 60% American, there are Germans and French there as well and these other Federations that needed leadership from the US, so the question now is how a handful of characters that have won elections to build their counter statements to what military personnel who screw with people that mess with their jobs have said to annoy people, intend to provide leadership thereof. I mean the Germans fundamentally think that their word ought to become law for others outside of their Country naturally and in my case I am said to have had a lot of practice on how to tackle them while none can actually explain how it came to be that I was set out to be targeted when German society thrived on watching human suffering spectacles, bearing in mind their stupidities had nothing to do with society which posed questions on the way people are happy to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses but wouldn’t fancy their own being done as well – how it is that German society that is obsessed with human suffering spectacles produced a handful of criminals who progressed from new ideas about how to split peoples personality and cause suffering through wife beating gimmicks, to claims that an Arch Prince whose Royal order facilitated a process where we was able to punish society and culture gits that tried to wreck his life and career in order to move into his right hand and make sense of a position of power because of their size, had stolen German fighting skills and is now able to tackle them because he had spent time doing a lot of practice. The entire time there is this process where people get sick all the time whenever something brave had been done on their account by Germans, which does not inform them they are not brave but perverse and bold, of which whenever I do their own as well, they really have no idea how to respond – usually starts out as my own one thing with culture and society gits tackling me to block my way when I step out of my door and churn my tummy and ending with a one thing concerning the perverse interest their Politicians had in my person, with respect to weaknesses I could take advantage of as well, getting incredibly bold about it. We know this business of building communities that get imagination around my anus is fundamentally developed on a fear that I will respond to the damage they do here and their perverse interest in me, by bringing the way German society works, to bear where they had done the best work for their career, but they continue to tackle me and put up these abusive behaviour as a track covering gimmick, the same way their women tackle me because I set myself out as somebody that was vulnerable to gold diggers and now that they had taken years to find out I am not, they were stuck with me and cannot gold dig elsewhere in their lives. My point being that American Politicians love those stories about Punishment I get for disrespecting those who rule the world, which people who protect my interests do all the time but none knows how they will progress from here to providing international leadership on these sorts of matters all together. Their Celebrities have already advanced from the hush British hating Obama gimmicks that established their new arrangement with Germans, which involved dumping their dead wood personality on this Hermitage to make sense of their stupid fame on a Royal Hermits public life, built for National and Public service purposes, an example of how it begins before it ends with a hatred for the British, being famous and stupid if they get paid for being popular at my expense.

They do claim I am destined to be alone but its utter nonsense – what really happens is that they invite themselves into my personal life and hang about on media insulting me for the mess they make of it; I used to think that claims I slept with them so their husbands may do whatever was needed with my work before the truth is out, was the worst thing I had to be worried about but obviously they had bigger ego. The truth of is it is that these are characters who need boyfriends that will get into a fight with people for them as soon as possible and I am not such a boyfriend, that they have built up the interest criminals show in my concerns to run off at me on media after their perverted interest in me wrecked University studies, is an example of the way Celebrities were convinced that there was no way I could visit consequences on them to ensure they had stopped abusing me over their money and lifestyle problems. They always claim my lack of success is the impediment for my relationships which is utter nonsense too; I have been working on a community that can easily be passed off as something linked to a Hermitage where I expressed concerns about the way people had agreed that changing human behaviour would bring about economic recovery than changing trading and industrial behaviour would during a recession, in which condition I am broke as well, besides which I don’t actually have to be so extremely broke anyway, it’s all some great idea they have got too i.e. it’s probable that their successes getting to their heads was the problem, not a lack of it on my part impeding my relationships. They do say parents of the women would not see it this way and I agree but I am not looking for women whose parents are unaware they were likely to go away from the family to live their own lives just like me – it is meant to be an environment where she and her kids which are invariably mine as well were a replacement for any interest in that part of my life where people could detach me from any connections I had with nature, allowing me to protect my family when necessary and to paddle those who mess with it as well, not live in a world where hoodlums and criminal goons were starting to suckle me well enough to create public problems because I was caught up with a self-seeking idiot that expects me to get into a fight with people for her and it was a panacea; I have planned it this way because I came from a divorced family and do not intend to work my finances outside of wedlock either because I think it will influence any codes developed to facilitate our social life as a family, couple and for business.

There is that story that I am a misogynist who likes to hurt people and come up with sweet talking in advance that allows me get away with it, the entire time dreaming of a process where it gained access to people that will do violent things to help its evil stupidities feel safer than it already is and issuing insults at me for taking it away from those who threaten me with theirs and it always comes from black women who claim they know me better. I do end up following on from the questions that are coming through at the Monarchy these days about my moral disposition, so I guess this would mean they are in a situation where they needed my assistance to get out of it and we know they have so many flavours for this nonsense including questions on whether I am on the side of Russians or Americans, something that allows them get on a stupid media and popularity culture to chase people until the victims thought they wanted anal sex and had to get there before their stupidities did, same as the city centre fools who have built an abusive interest in me that their community people echo to help them keep means that makes their stupidities very important talking nonsense about the way I will know what I know and still set about doing sex work because I was desperate for money – it goes without saying these fools ought to know that I am not actually likely to seek anal sex in a relationship or seek it in the course of a relationship, what is happening with the anal sex gimmicks at this stage is to send a clear message, that as long as this nonsense continues, their stupidities will never be free of me as well.

That my Books are worth nothing and make no sense was another example of the reasons their distress on my account will never end as well; I do not believe an architect who uses one of my hundreds of blogs as a guiding tool for building design would agree with them and the Books are actually better forms of equity. The interest in me really does need to change for something more respectful or I will be getting worse very soon.