The Problem with most Tyrants is the ideas they come up with in actual fact, they never seem to respect the fact that it betrays them. 

 My experience of what this is all about is a case of finding a group of people to stigmatise and attack regularly for whatever feeling you get from doing so but when a time comes when due to these things happening over a period of time and changes in society these feelings do not seem to come forth any longer no matter how much these things are done, then it is time to find an International scapegoat in the form of a Country, perhaps a former Colonialist; whereas the real issue had always been that those who perpetrate these crimes have enough money and luxury to travel to The UK for example and in the UK they are more often busy making out a lot of time to find people who have things for which they want to get angry about the fact they do and then they will be off to their Home countries where they find vulnerable people who look the same way or seem the same way to trap somewhere for black mail, so that when they had returned to the UK to bully people such people will have been deemed to be risking the lives of people they had promised to murder in their home countries depending on how they react to such things and how these people who hurt them are treated for being Bad. Hence the never dying argument of the guilt of former colonialist has no basis whatsoever.

The bottom line is that they expect to get rich from the evil aspects of their culture and those things are supposed to make them money by hurting people but they also expect that when they have finished with what I have stated in the above Paragraph, they will bank on the unruliness and insolence of the media to help them find ways of making out permanent ideas that each time they hurt people with those aspects of their culture, it actually works in terms of making them riches and a better more glorious life; hence at the end of it the argument that the whole process of rallying the country to take back from colonialists what was taken from them by colonialist, which is simply a function of being convinced that new grounds have been laid in the world for new perversions through a new world wide faith.