So they do claim I am not in control but we all know when you start to split it up into certain Africans from a certain part of Africa and other Africans from areas where people chase peoples anus and penis to ensure they have their success of insolence and generally have a problem with when other people are important; it becomes a slippery slope that the stupid things white people do will not be thankful for, when the end result becomes much too much emphasis being placed on evidence that you drop out of University and end up with a difficult time at the jobs market while daddy is home, showing you all about your Books annoys him unless he is making some money through sales man pyramid scam etc because these are very stupid people from tourism economies where they are really disrespectful so that they might save a little of the rest left over to please those who will pay for it, which getting involved with you to create such an effect in your life was none of their stupid human right in the first place. I am in control and they are not; it’s the White Man’s madness that says he ought to solve his problems by taking out the insults on anybody that shares a skin colour with them, when I do not know them or where they actually come from, we are not related and I have never seen anything like them in my whole life all together – which does turn it into a big thing all together. This reality re-enactment usually leads to outcomes where they claim their behaviour was developed to highlight the real nature of the characters of persons such as myself, thus being at a loss what they love to be seen around my Book sale business and to get involved with me like that for, never mind jumping on a CCTV to corrupt state provided security given me by the British.

Hence we hear the blabbing all the time about how Brexit is the end of the world when it is just a miniscule thing as a whole – just the UK being unable to cope with the problems thrown at it in the EU and we all know they are not real challenges too. So the reality of it is the one where British attitude has cost people their jobs and businesses which people are now having their revenge for it but when we peel off all the layers like when the Germans tell you they want to move into your right hand and you need to move out of any creative sensibility and disposition on account they simply want to use it to make themselves comfortable and sell it on to make a better world, what you are left with are questions about what exactly creates this outcome where decisions made by German Politicians affects my financial well being here in the UK while my politicians do not make any decisions which affect German people in such ways and then the way it will all play out will be one in which whatever I said and did was never said or done on High Media and Government Office, therefore is simply something others can shut down and make me shut up, which is being said in a condition where the prevalent fact that crushes other realities are instituted, will be that my attitude costs another person their jobs and business and the reason for it will be that I failed to see what my place in society actually was. It’s fair to say whenever I see that stupid culture and society and its used for that self appointed restricting nonsense they work all the time, it will be the last time they see it too and they always say I make it up as I go along and do not have a set thing that I hate, while the truth is that nobody knows what it is with them and some need to provoke people and then bother Politicians into taking decisions on their behalf anyway but we all know it is very time consuming and there is no way on this planet or beyond it, through which this my Public image will actually belong to another person for my part as well – which they always say I am completely unable to back up but we all know I can easily borrow that Country of theirs again until they give it back as it were; the story we hear at the moment is that I have taken everything right down to their Nazi history where they play up these games to take up peoples time and then when they see you understand that letting them do it takes up their time and make them sick at a later date when regrets give way to depression if they have found out that spending their time on paying their bills would have been the better thing to do and it turns out that they work this hate nonsense so well, it feels like one of those times a person has got an equation worked out so well at school that they can invent their own method of getting round the same mathematical problem, which is not found in the text book i.e. they know when depression and regrets hit, racism will become a lottery and to survive you must have spent your time during those years of bullying and time wasting to work out how to depend yourself when it comes to that, so what they do is stock pile weapons while they are doing it. I do not think that it is a crisis as such, it’s the old story we are familiar with where they provoke people and get Politicians to make decisions on their behalf and it sound like they know a lot about that corruption they seek and it will only likely stop when they have ended up in a situation where that stupid ugliness becomes a real problem and they are stuck with it on the left and right and those who love them for it love them for it over very strange reasons, while those who hate them for it have access to their money and just when they wished nobody would create a society that separates between stupid and clever people, human being become obsessed with doing that, it will become a serious matter for that stupid racism all together as well. I for my part as mentioned, am said to have taken all from them right up to their Nazi history etc but I am only borrowing it and they need to relax – apparently doing so is time consuming too as we can see and indeed very tiresome all together.

In the end it is like the idea I am having a difficult existence and people are worried sick about it but I am not having a difficult existence – the reality is that if these money mad fools feel that when they imagine themselves becoming something or being somewhere there is high probability it might be that way, others will not have the right to experience any kind of normalcy and so each time it strikes my bum I rather think his problem is that sales he has got to do and those clients I have not taken away from him just yet. So this is a very serious thing to engage in and that is why I am giving them time to stop getting involved with me, which damages my Book sales and stop stirring controversy that prevents clients from picking up my Books or enjoying the read because something about my business is still incomplete, considering that completing it is not necessarily in their interest all together as well and my favourite bits being the insults that change my quality of life and mean that I cannot administer my trust and those times when clients are confused about our products usually lead to abject powerlessness and then followed by financial losses after which the clients find out we were doing the right thing, especially at Fashion because they will not keep their bloody mouth shut and try to spend more time with their own mates. I am not experiencing a difficult existence, they are making the most of their grace period – I simply have to ensure that during this time, things are running as normal the way that it largely should and that is why they learn lessons over their insanity all the time concerning how much they enjoy seeing people suck up to money and get insolent about it, way too much for their own good. One of the lives they have chosen needs to be no more, as we can see that it means when I eat or take a bath or make any movement I interfere with something they are doing to get rich, so somebody is unable to do anything about their concerns because a group of idiots have needs. The greatest reason for violence from them is still the same as ever i.e. the Client is confused about the product, you keep hold of it until they come round but it usually means all is well but I have lost everything including my health and I have no idea which text books people read that says their fucking careers can look that way; I mean I am a good listener which then means I were predisposed to understanding what other people want and then giving it to them like a good scared kid i.e. I am wondering which text Book says their fucking careers can look that way.

So they say I am having financial difficulty while I support rich people and its all incredibly ridiculous; its utter nonsense, the reasons are that I have not had what I do laid out such that a lay man can explain what it is but what has become my main concern is another group of idiots getting involved and their involvement being about making sure they are telling me when to earn from it on a daily basis i.e. threatening and attacking people who do business with me because the Business is not finished and so it shows up on Media for that all the time and every day. It’s not finishing a business that is my problem, this gimmick is; if I want to make it work I will have to finish the business and tie up any ends that have to do with where I was exposed and people took advantage especially concerning those that have money to throw around but these idiots are fans of mine for running intellectual property administration at local level, such that I am safe from society goons whose whole lives are about trapping younger people financially in order to make them do things they don’t want to but their fanaticism is such that they want to control me and are starting with my finances on that stupid Media and as a result each time I have it finished, it’s a mess again while they think their insanity is becoming amusing. I for my part have to make this judgement where I do one thing and if it does not pay enough I take up another – what they do sets off such a storm around my Books that it takes all day to clear it up, just in order to find out if the Books are the right approach and means I have time for nothing else and it is the reason I do their own too; the present state of affairs is that they have the Media jobs that gets to their heads and my position is that losing it will see them transit into an absolute nightmare at the other end and they always love to tell me I cannot back it up which is entirely my choice to decide to do so or not, bearing in mind this rubbish gets people off their Church and spends their day on money issues which is something we Christians do not actually consider a worthy activity.

So they do say they really love to make me focus on the money issues and I have no idea anyway for my part; we all know everybody has a persuasion and some people love to make others focus on public matters, still some make people focus on Political matters, so I am sure they are aware the way my mind works, in case I hammer their own again and they claim it’s all amazing – I mean it’s like Brexit and they couldn’t even win the referendum if that pride and joy that gets to their heads depended on it. They do say it’s an example of the reasons I complain, when they make me have my fill of Brexit and its ramifications; it’s an old story I have warned them about before, where they find themselves today has to do with telling me to o-operate or else I will have to deal with racism and the chances of walking down the streets without being abused by racists used to look better before they chose their version of fun over me and I would like them to know there are people in this world who have had enough of media insults although most journalists and television personalities like to think otherwise. So they do say I am a loose cannon, attacking my friends as well, which is utter nonsense; like society, the case of me not having my security sorted is largely a matter of a group of idiots who behave exactly the way they do about which I do not want them making decisions about my finances any further than they already have – so it used to look good around the racism issue before they showed up around here. It’s a familiar story, whereby they know if I broker my equity with five actors and they broker their own with me as well, it will cease to be financially viable for me and the five actors but will get off and do it anyway – so if this kind of conversation progresses a little further, we will end up with a new complain of what has happened to that stupid freedom this time; they do say it’s the way my personality encourages it all and I wouldn’t know anyway, we all know it’s impossible to reason with people who hate religion when your personality is something that is the way it is because God does exist – half the time they claim it looks that way because I sleep with peoples wives and the other half they claim I listen to people a lot and can discern their problems, such that if bullied will be fixing it for them like crazy i.e. if this conversation progresses any further they will end up complaining about that stupid freedom in a different way from the previous. They do say I have the wrong ideas about people which is utter rubbish; the reality has always been that when people see that a person has talent, they want to make them pay twice as much as everybody else for everything they buy at least – sometimes its motivational, other times its just painful and you have to suck it up; these goons however are enjoying a gimmick that says they want to make decisions over my finances but it has now come to a point whereby it is part of public psyche that they make decisions on peoples financial well being and needs to stop before it becomes a big thing; when rich peoples do it, somebody gains financially anyway, when these fools do it, the result is usually crimes that can be described as Murder and Manslaughter. They do speak of some leadership gap I am meant to tackle here about which there isn’t any; it’s a big world and there is nothing wrong with a Trade active China but if they will build up a Military and move in on American interests, we will find ourselves supporting the Americans even though the Nuclear Bombs will blow us up too – so Obama did spend 8 years making a mess of it after countless opportunities were offered to work with the allies and bring it under control which never really happened, now I am being told it’s what my people want all together while they have not accepted responsibility for it at the White House. I mean it’s the same with Economy where I spend time making sure the market goons made their decisions quickly; do they want to set up contraptions they call businesses but exists to hurt people or do they want to create jobs, do they want to create jobs or do they want to get jobs from others and need to decide as the rest of us have not got all lifetime but each time the politicians are involved it is turned into a story of we trust you sales goons to grab the Country by the scruff and drag it into economic success with a big mouth. I get asked if I am being truthful when I say these matters do not affect me which of course I am; they will hang around and make a fuss claiming I do not get along with people my age or younger because I am discriminating but when I tell them to do their worst this is what becomes of their integration and friendliness, that old insanity about getting rich quick and being free from work forever that comes with big mouth female celebrity stupid threats all the time with some security guards they pay for pillaging my public image in the name of popularity. Same with when they say Obama was caught up with Middle East issues, while it was clear it was all the same dumb students who do well in school and turn their partying venues into drug dens from which they can sympathise with terrorists and go off to do some suicide bombing for them and that it was clearly a matter that was right at the heart of US Global Leadership.