I hear now that I have caused a stir by using a racial slur but right up to this point, no person that takes a look at my Business would ever have been inclined to believe that somebody owns and is looking after it and so had I also warned of an impending fight with Politicians and Media and Industry goons on the matter, as I am left with no other options for getting the Books sold. The Politicians do think they are uncontrollable and nobody moves into my right hand as well, so we can find out if that is true – the Media ones on the other hand are the same old story that there is no peace and quiet for the writer, either at the Office or at Home as long as the grown up scoundrels exist and so it is a theory that we are going to put to the test too but for the Industry ones, I had made myself clear as well and when they are finished with their insults what we will see them do next is the celebrity routine that will keep my finances down permanently and then we will find out what they are made of as well. I hear that complain that this is a difficult matter to resolve but the question remains how people infiltrate another person’s renaissance, as per he is here and they are infiltrating it somewhere and what degree of insults and abuse are we supposed to quantify that for anyway? It has been a simple matter to resolve i.e. when they want to make a stupid person famous which is a habit they will never stop; they might want to think about doing it on their own Public image instead.

They do ask why it happens of course and the answer they do not like is that it happens because it is a habit, a very stupid ad expensive habit which they follow on by finding ways of building up Publicity through which to make out I am the illiterate Royal that is stupid and hence all that is wrong about Monarchy but I was selected to support and Assist the Monarch while I was still a student and that was done Ex-Parte – I have since had that stupid need to extricate success the Fathers will find respectful because it involves getting off to count pennies until they become millions on somebody else’s Public image, completely destroyed, which is why they can now keep their insults where people appreciate them and have had their freedoms broken. I am only educated to A Level in Law because they have been ripping up everything else and yet I am still able to discern that turning up around my concerns means sharing their stupid bad history with me, when they have not signed confidentiality agreement which can only end when I manage it for them and sell some when I have needs as it were – the one where I take up their culture and society and ensure they are always in a race against time to find out who will be homosexual first while chasing their dreams to ensure people do not steal it from them, like they are obsessed with doing to others and then take out a means of making sure others are scared of showing up in public to demonstrate over their civil rights in order to achieve balance and win again. To this they say they want to have the same mind that governs how I select tools to get things done as well but I do wonder what they supposed it was all about complaining earlier that I used racial slur? After all they need to select other peoples tools to achieve what they want to do as it were and whenever they childish select mine to feel special, it is always the public image and it is always the business image and it is always progress made only when they squander my income – people do not get involved with a writer to select his tools, they do to buy his books lest he selects their own as well.

The great ideas it seems leans continually towards that claim that it is my involvement with other peoples women which brings it all about – the Politicians helping idiots get famous on my Public life while Media ensures my Public image ends up in the hands of those I will be scared of and Industry fools wait to shut down my business when I react is not on the menu of course, when we all know that if I am miserable it poses a threat to customers and if I react it will pose a threat to those who sell my products for me etc. So what they normally do if they are not journalists that are planning to have writing careers later with absolutely no respect for those who have writing careers from scratch, who have to earn when it takes up all their time, not take out a job to fund their bills, taking the responsibility of looking after a troublesome kid so that something bad can be avoided, then it is the one about experimenting to find out if gathering enough information on media and perverting it can make them powerful enough to ensure what they say about me on the day prevents me from getting a job at all. So it is a case of an abject lack of respect and a process where they have found a younger person they want to treat unfairly all the time as a nepotism that is necessary for their well being; the industry ones use it to create a sense that the cliques they belong are powerful and should be feared which women take over all the time all be it with my help and it is the Media and Political ones that want you to believe they are champion idiots who know of the importance of people having an income as it were, without actually having to practice what they preach. I mean the Media ones I could  never get; when I get a control of society and culture idiots and put civil rights goons under control as I do not build peace and quiet at this Office for their conveniences; the Politicians will help them to get famous on my Public life because they claim it is their vanity, the Industry ones will do because they have a long history of employing criminals from other peoples families and neighbourhoods and doing nothing about the ones in their own, even so, Politicians might do it 5 times in 2 weeks, Industry ones might do it 3 times in a week but the Media ones have to come up with a new plan every six Hours, of which they say they need the way I think in order to question Politicians and make them accountable to the Public but do such a good job of it that I am then able to sell my Books and earn an income – they have since become little Kings and Queens snooping around other people’s business to gather information for an income, they hate my guts for this disposition but are still putting up the same behaviour.

It does encourage them to understand when they get handled like this as well; the one where somebody on the ground when things happen at diplomatic circles will speak of a Woman that lost all her children because a war broke out and they will turn out on Media to handle people and touch people and teach people lessons and cannot keep their hands to themselves, like the story of punishing me for 6 years so far every day because I want to sell a Book I should un-publish and rewrite properly with that big mouth. It encourages them to understand, so Politicians can fund popular culture that abuses those who burdens of leadership just in order to exist and get rich, Media can ensure peoples public image ends up in the hands of those they will fear on account they stop people from having freedom by ensuring others do not peddle their religious personality for any merchandising and advertisement and entertainment whatsoever and Industry ones can wait for me to react so they might shut down my Business and tell stories of how I appeared to be an extremist; it does encourage them to understand as it were. Here they say I speak of causing them to understand but speak of it in the wrong places and yet again another example expressed – since if Women spend most of their time having sex with criminals and rebels and terrorists and those who do not want to do the fighting had better let them be – what I do does not offer Politicians an opportunity to enforce the fact the government does not want a War on these fools anyway either and even if it did as it stands it tends to be that which they want to do rather than some discrimination in my direction instead; so I will give it three Hours and then I am going to do it for them, since what happens is that I finish the work and set it up on a website and when Middle East Governments want to chase some change with it, it is the Government here at home that screws it up so the wars continue there and terrorists turn up here and they get to tell me which jobs I must do to stay safe, through subliminal messages bandied around by their Public transport idiots who have needs. As for the resolution of my racial slurs however; what we have is black women claiming I changed into a white person and spent my time creating a war on Women – the reality is the same old tale of we are middle classes and even if your parents supported you, it is not the kind of support we get from our parents which means home is for growth and we have a competitive edge with academics attached, whereas my parents gave me that kind of support anyway, only that black Women do nothing with their time and stupidities except the achievement of cutting it up each time I step out of my door, so I might look like an orphan for not giving them sex – so it is the one where I am somewhere and they are infiltrating my Royal renaissance over there which leads to the racial slurs as it were and they are achieving their own bit too on a daily basis and I am doing my bit as well as per the Women in boardrooms of Companies and connections made with Industry idiots they will ever have in this life or the next – keeping abreast with the alliance they have forged with boo boys that means they turn up at the shops to find somebody to bully and go places for shaming all day long. They can talk of course of how I was meant to have said this to perform a service that will make Politicians and Media fools comfortable but yet again this is another case concerning the various things that occur around my person and work to encourage people to approach my Books and it does not work having these particular set of goons working up my personal life in such ways, plus the fact I have to take out an extra job to fund the Bills. I will here get asked if it is unusual for Politicians and Media goons to end up on my personal life in such ways; which it isn’t, it’s a matter of those I want finding out how my Royal Estate works and those I do not want to find out how it works but my view is that I said something and they said I should have said it years before so that they might feel convenience and needed to get off my Books and clear my space as well – just like they have been finding out about how my Royal Estate works anyway but have been doing all the things they are meant to do to show I am wrong by putting them into that category in the first place.

They do say I speak of people who should never know how my Royal Estate works but have gone off to make a career knowing how peoples civil rights work but it’s an old story where they want to have double lives and double jobs – one jobs for earning and the other just to keep and ensure others cannot find any – so it’s the old tale of the absence of peace and quiet with grown up scoundrels running around and it will become serious when I am done with this career bit and become really keen on showing them what it feels like not to have the peace and quiet all together, starting with the Politicians, where I say nobody moves into my right hand and I say it to find out what it is exactly they are going to do as well. It is not a matter that needs to go on and on and on; it’s just simple reality that what I have fried up very well at this stage is the left hand side and their behaviour needs to change soon, so I can earn from my Book sales and move on, otherwise I am moving into the right hand side, so they can find out what it would feel like if they had no peace and quiet when they drive around stealing workers and peoples business image on account they have needs and seek conveniences and feel they are better than others with money to show for it. They however do say they have shared that my property anyway and it is utter nonsense as I have cut them off in Asia and China and Europe and at the Global Stock Markets for the sake of my sanity alone never mind other reasons, so it beats me what it is they have shared save the fact industry idiots are making their own contributions towards making stupid people famous on my Public image as well, while complaining about me all day long and stealing my income alongside doing so.