I don’t know why people like to play the race games they love so much for my part anyway; I mean it does not lead anywhere to do it as such but doing it all the time can create a problem. It is important to get involved with these things and figure what peoples challenges are – it is a club not a Country and there is very good reason that we see black people gamble civil rights with gusto and set out people they want to blame for the results. Racism is something for people whose mind operates for 90% of the time in the direction of a need to bleed hurt and kill none white people. For instance a big white guy has had no sleep for 2 decades because every time he closes his eyes, some distant bullying means he is always seeing the flesh of none white people torn up in front of him and some neighbourhood black idiots have begun to use it to manipulate him financially and job wise and marriage wise as well, when he is driven mad for instance, why is that racism necessarily? I mean I understand they call it racism to lead the cause they follow but why should those who know better go along with the racism mantra as well anyway? So that if you said that each time you are facing a challenge its black women hurting you in some way which they really love to get fancy personal villainous fun from you would be right for 85% of the time every time that you said it; I don’t intend to hold public office in which I allow black people therefore to have corner of society where they can do whatever they like either – it’s a Country not a club and nobody is playing around with them here. Hence my challenge for instance is the same anus and penis and never ever feel good abuse that must be part of the history of my life from generation to generation but the reasons are a need to wreck my finances and hold me down somewhere until they dig up the history of my Christian living right from the beginning and build an evil version of each and every activity they had found from the start, right up to this very moment – the realise they should have spent time working on paying their way in this world instead so they start to work out means of selling it on to Industries as trappings of power and then the Industries can target me for more as well and use them as tools for it. So it’s about getting involved with and finding out what other peoples challenges are not making strange judgements all over the place; racism is not a white only problem.

So there is that question behind why they do it of course – being that black women are stupid and very destructive so in my case I know it’s a matter of being the guy who has a space in my garage where I stack up books I write and sell them, so that because they live next door and are inventive people and have smelled money, set up their own small business to bother me but where they are just running rampage it is largely concerned with putting up a product in the market place and turning up to weep and wail after one week of not selling it, then moving off to other ideas like pillaging a man’s life or appearing in public naked because they have a low tolerance for not being able to sell things and it will never occur to them they have not got a clue what they are doing, just that somebody else did it and they are inventive people and must invent their own small business and do it too. I don’t think it is a problem, just that matter of when Third worlds emerge and I personally feel like devising fun I can have that leads to unemployment and cash flow problems for black people, it’s a matter of being prepared for such things when and if after they have done these things, they build the economies and the businesses and you have no plans to allow them enjoy it too – so the sad bit is always where third worlds emerge i.e. how do we settle the anus and penis insults thing for example and the answer you will realise will mean that they benefit more from the consequences because you never had a choice, so that it keeps getting better and better and better with them while their white idiots and celebrities try to prevent serious action on the matter because they work and behave in the same way too.

They do say it’s all the talk of some disowned black idiot of course but that has always been the biggest problem i.e. it seems to be ever so impossible to get disowned properly around here, as seeing that if I were my relations with the Monarchy would have improved so much and things would have run so much matter thereof reliving me of the problems of which I seek it with every fibre of my being; they do say they have laid on their problems on me and I am supposed to go away from them and die with it to make it all go away and I am okay with it, just not with that of them following me around to rip up my finances and academic work in a bid to make it their own – it’s not the activity that those who have disowned a person should engage in. So there is that story they tell progressing from here of problems a Christian creates which he cannot solve and its only but when their case gets more advanced i.e. he is selling stuff and we must start an accusation that he is because he knows more about the country than he should and then Politicians will support that every single time and spend tax payer funds on them over wealth inequality; for me it’s a matter of once a year there is Royal Variety, once a year there is Carnival but for them this homo stuff is a daily thing provided their own jobs and finances are safe from it and this is not the 1990s. I really need to get those books sold and their problem is getting worse and worse to that end as well; all this circus show that makes no meaning – the need to hear me say something and find a place in the world where it has never been heard of which then forges a kind of media that does nothing but social and political instability at my expense etc and then they say a Christian creates problems he cannot solve when people have a problem with respect on the other hand instead. They did not fare so well in the 1990s as such I like to mention it because of that generic sense they have about certain people they have the right and power to crush of which this is not it. There is nothing new about it and it beats me that they think this is a hard case anyway – as far as I am concerned it is men and the destruction of young people and the having sex with girls that will pretend they are really tough and attack others until there is civil rights movement or a war, it’s never Christians starting problems they cannot solve and if I catch them on my right hand side getting up to all sorts this is going to take another turn too. It’s never really been an issue; just look at you in the mirror and imagine what it is about you that encourages the abuses and you will find none, then imagine yourself in their position and them or anybody else in yours and then it hits you that these are people you need to organise yourself and rough up seriously before these things stop and you stop getting bullied; do for me I need to get my book sold and I want them off it unless they have a problem with that – it’s a general lack of respect that creates a sense I am relaxed about life itself when nothing I appear like is out of the ordinary as compared with what I do or what I have achieved on a daily basis. Again its largely a matter of simple reality like the fact people don’t pay attention to it but head teachers for instance can be very evil people especially if they have children to bandy about as an excuse; so that in my case it’s those occasions of checking myself in the mirror and putting myself in their shoes to realise it is pure evil and I do not have such evil inside of me to do such things to others but it is the incessant and stubborn targeting of me as they have deduced I am a religious person with a gospel of none violence to live with and hence unlikely to defend myself while they have their fun and so I need to sell my books and am asking if that will be a problem with them all especially the media and the Politicians. So the general story behind religious people with a message of none violence to preach who get around provoking violent people knowing it’s a problem they cannot solve has always been that simple; that it does not mean a media fool can get on your TV to put a name to their face and bully you all day long and so I have made myself clear they can blow off their big mouth where it really matters and I for my part need to sell my books and am wondering if that is going to be a problem. It’s not unusual for me, I suppose being Royalty does play up a case where your privileges tend to make you sensitive to certain matters that very few people would have been able to notice or pay attention to, never mind the fact you have to be the best and that comes with a certain level of perfectionism towards everything you do and yes when I say so they like to make out it makes me vulnerable but again it’s a matter of having an open Court when you know you can handle it as it were.  Apparently according to them I am not until they say so and it will end really badly too; I mean they do say it’s a matter of free speech but there is nothing unusual about it as pertaining to the matter of how Royalty gets to clash with civil rights idiots – they saw and were articulate enough with enough free speech going for them that the books were patented, I don’t care if it has ended up in their heads and in their lives for the last Couple of years where it can be used because I don’t own them as well, they need to get off the books their fucking free speech. They have always done these things because we have always been more concerned with going into hiding to create products and get prepared and then get money and wait for a big break into the market whereby we can make enough money to keep our heads above waters because the problems they have with how much they like who they are was everybody else’s fault in the first place as it were and somebody’s personal space simply has to be sacrificed – I only decided I was not going to that, I was going to build and run all I will do for my livelihood in public so they can cry their freedom of speech. It was fun when they did racism the mobility it got on my literary empire to get involved with those who were my social mates at the Industries, now they are seeking out self improvements from it that makes them better off than I am with my work and seeking out connections too thinking everybody believes it is their freedom of speech all together; I took care of that mobility of racism and it is the only price I will pay over their case. It’s all entirely normal; you keep away from them and keep secrets about what you know and what you have to preserve their rights and yours unless they do mobility for racism with your Industrial connections and then that gets blown out of the window so they can do their free speech somewhere else.

They do say there is something addictive about bothering me of course which does not make any sense when laid beside the other case of how their abuses and insults are designed to make people feel so whittled they think class A drugs will toughen them up – which is why I end up explaining why they are the way they are when I ask them to and they had failed to do it and now they are taking the drugs ever more than they ever have before because they are missing me too and cannot do their jobs feeling that way, so I suppose they do accept I won again. I am aware they mention it’s about Muslims and Africans who want to see revolution in the UK but it has always been them all along making as much trouble as possible with the democratic con men we have in the UK – one moment they support war in Iraq and the next they are playing it up so when the Middle East blows up the UK burns as well and are failing in that every day while I for my part personally hate and despise every idiot that goes off to complicate those wars their bloody freedom of speech. Of course it is not true I am wasteful, it rather seems to be a behaviour the Politicians will never change i.e. deploy public office to help people who think neighbourhood violence, drugs, gangs and fame is what everybody should do with every moment of their lives to secure equality with anybody of their choosing and a different name for their behaviour devised to mean respectful save the reality which is deviant; so I really do not know what about me attracts them save my Christian personal life that can be peddled by women and industries and Politicians alike while they complain about my actions knowing well that it is impossible for them to do anything with others in a way that is not violent especially when they know their victims do not approve and they need to in order to make self improvement on media and we all know it never ever seems to improve or stop and now it has become a problem they have started to show they want racists to resolve it and that will never happen, especially so not unless they are not seen around my Literary Empire and Royal Estate ever again first.