Of course time and again we hear that the one issue with me and my concerns is that it is out of touch with people but I do not have a problem with it in anyway whatsoever; the reality is that people have problems to make my Books relevant not so they can shed compunction from their stupid lives like a shirt and turn up to desire my personal life to feel good with; it is the point where only the Politicians have the power to keep my Business door open to trouble and when they do the facts are usually because I pick on those that according to them are more powerful – this I do not have a problem with either; the day before I wrote this piece, they were more interested in talking of what I intend to do with all that power I have now gathered up against everybody else of which I intend to ensure that at a point how increasingly vicious I become with their insults and the need to handle me and wreck my business and finances at government Office will be a matter of how much time they have left me to figure out a sustainable pension for myself too. The reason being that I do not see myself setting out the fact I was born before somebody else as an advantage that allows me to deploy my savings and job as a means of making sure they cannot earn a living unless they have sex so that I can derive a new Country that will be a republic by playing up the gap between my Office and the prison systems on his personal life with Media and Public appearances and Celebrities claiming I am rehabilitating him for his disobedience when I am unable to handle my own stupid children because I am so useless that I cannot and therefore leave it to the justice system and civil service where other peoples families pay the price. It’s not a crisis for me as such; they have obviously not declared themselves to be evil people, right through to ripping up my finances to make me wait until they had adopted a business position that can facilitate punishing me for gaining from my work and any victories I win or anything I do successfully and these things are things I do to ensure they practice their evil in the real world and have a go at me like these, so that we can find out exactly why a human being will get out of bed and get dressed to get to work, where he spends most of his time thinking it is amusing to get about turning people off somebody else’s livelihood trading and then make excuses for every other fool who have their own lives and personality to deploy for entertainment and merchandising the way they think they ought to be handling other peoples own for it all the time. The main issue was that I am out of touch and the reality is that the Queens Office is really not as controversial as to say that somebody can grab my fortunes that his family can afford and dash them against the wall, to make excuses that he wants a new Country that will be a republic for it without consequences, it is not that controversial; I am going to calculate how much time their Minister’s vanity has left me to secure a pension with from my current qualifications and then the deficits will be offset on whatever comforts their government Office has afforded them. As for being black Men’s Mouth piece; the insults have exactly the same effects all round – they are supposed to practice their twisted wickedness in public because I made them and have a go at me with it so I might gradually develop myself into a high headed Upper Class scum to handle their own as well; what I have handled so far is raising stupid girls that will have the right to spend my income with me by setting out they should have my privileges on account they have more capacity to protect people than I can -obviously which the insults know no limits and they always have problems. So this is the door shut; they have these problems to facilitate my Book sales to get involved with me and now that we have come full circle it is still impossible to counter the disputing of their institutional stupidity. If they push me further I will find another means by which to open it again, so we can run this course all over again from the very beginning.

I mean my challenge here is nothing but insolent fools in expensive Cars pinching my property to buy more and dazzle me with, so as to pinch more of it to buy more etc and then pretend they are more important, so I have to think about society goons that support Celebrities and the Celebrities they suck up to, who will get on Media to keep my finances wrecked for them to feel good after they had done the damage. So if it is their money that gets to their heads, peoples idiots sons in parliament who get out of bed and get dressed to go out and find women to take advantage of, then make out what women do to complain about it was the problem society faced all together will not do. The lower class ones are better managed when you speak of Men not getting what they want from your life etc and then picking up the pieces because they are cowards that go back home to attack women but these other idiots from Pubs and clubs and football parties and Parliament backdoors need to keep their Mouths shut as well as it is obviously not a War yet. I mean they do say I should not expect to get away with ripping up peoples plans for getting rich and important after the recession and I can understand as well but what they can do to avoid such things is to work on their jobs and not on me or my Business Empire; of course I can always tell which is which because having a Family is full time work and having a full time job as well is full time work – you cannot say that you still have the time in this conditions to get about realising facts of life every blessed Day on account somebody else has a Literary Empire bringing his finances and progression to a halt permanently unless there is a lot of cheating somewhere and you are a very destructive self preservation bastard who needs to keep off other peoples income – People do not get involved with this business empire to speak to them and the opinions the Negro ones have about the flaws in my Books are completely irrelevant, they need to go to hell. I mean when they get around with friends and spend money and see what life is all about and feel exclusive, it is not a Party I let myself into as such, so I am sure they can understand – especially for those who got elected in the last election campaign etc which then in their view is supposed to have made them any less of the idiots we all know they are. Gathering up whole communities at me and using government office to keep me down financially like that does not prove any of the victories they brag about to send their stupid confidence sky high, which foolish confidence is also the source of all my problems too because I cannot concentrate on anything else provided it exists.

So I hear the question of whether I can do any of the things I promise and I was never aware I promised anything anyway; the reality being that these are a bunch of cowards who fancy themselves bullies as well, so they have detached themselves from their own personalities and are living on the pros and cons of my existence while explaining every process people think is questionable with everything about me that they envy especially those they see in public and we all know when push comes to shove they expect the angry poor boys on the streets to do it for them instead. So at the end of the day it has always and had always been an issue that the problems associated with their need to get hold of somebody and extricate a process where the person could make millions but had none, so they can trap such persons and collect his secrets in order to get wealthy as well was always going to develop exactly the same results as it has done in the past i.e. the Woman Banker who used to have to deal with bully Men is now dealing with racists who obviously want jobs in the City centre as well on account somebody has opened up Mobility for them. None of it surprises me since Nazis were a direct product of socialism, it’s just the bit where if I said some of the things I have said today the result would have been that the Labour would not have gotten off to Africa to find more trouble makers that will bother me, so as to have a means of enforcing their will on me through distant violence on the basis of what I am supposed to do considering impending outcomes and consequences of not doing them but then again they have done so and have been able to do nothing here with it too, so I win again and their bottoms are hurting just as much all of the time anyway; same idea of starting a fight with somebody they will deploy public funds to make poor so that they might find out what is detaching them from culture and society that is supposed to create inside of them a fighting spirit of nobility and it is actually the stupidities leading to an outcome where they touch my Books which constitutes the problem as it means that any resources I would have spent chasing up this particular crime at the Law Courts has to be spent n advertisement for my Books instead, which means that as long as the Books are not doing well at the Market because they are turning people off, they can keep doing these things; hence damage is not competition and they know that Media and Parliament and Society have not won a competition against me either and that I can do anything I want to do but I have financial problems because they have plans. Eventually it comes to that reality where I need to snap out of the idea that things women do to complain is actually the source of my problems whereas we all know that these guys and their Politicians actually are and I do not wish to snap out of it regularly anymore, so I want them to live with the fact that Women have to be able to damage culture and society when people threaten to beat them up, it simply has to be equal and that is an end to this particular story as it were – I hear of the abusive women thing but it has no basis on reality as it does mean two things only and one of them is that they need to keep their distant violence to themselves and continue to get involved with female society if they want and the other being that their celebrated idiots at Popular culture whom they claim can get the better of me all the time are supposed to have been the fools, whose disobedience at home they have made profitable on Media; this is the correct result not peddling nonsense on my public life. Besides which no stupid girls get the better of me in anyway – the reality is still the same old case of the fact I do get stuck in a place where I end up fighting for these things that I actually shouldn’t and of course having done so, it is all for nothing if I do not have girls getting powerful with it and when I want any such girls I will chose them; I do not wish to tolerate their crap any further than I already have. We are all westerners and our minds are primarily developed to seek to express ourselves in Public and to get famous; I want them to clear my space and cease all explanation of their stupidities with what they find of my life as it were and then they can tell people they are famous which is one of the biggest insanities of our time – failure to comply will lead to that outcome where I do their own again as it were – it is not their Book and it is not their own lives and that their stupid feelings can be pricked with the result of an outcome where nothing whatsoever actually happens. I understand it is said I give away important things at British culture and society of course but it’s just all a case of seeing how it will turn out when people make a living at Muscle Beach one moment and the next they find Books written by Royalty and want to become Princes because it is the USA etc – I mean it has to be a realistic plan as it were but then again they have declared themselves evil people and want to discuss my security all the time and it’s not going well as Intellectual Property Administration means anybody that turns up to tell me about problems associated with his feelings being pricked or girls that get the better of me or people that are out of my league is generally looking for trouble.

As for men that hate women who can damage culture and society when threatened, they should be advised them to keep away from getting involved with such Women or indeed putting them up to popular culture – period. As I said before, it is the damaging of my finances by handling my goods when they too do have personalities that can do merchandising and entertainment but have no wish to use that instead, on account resources I should spend to chase it up at Court is better spent on advertising for my Books instead that is the real basis for all those questions of what I say and what I can do etc.

Of course I am aware most Royals do not like me very much but it is not an issue for me; I am only mainly concerned with controversies I have created around my work and person at Government because it tends to set out the sense I am incredible unpredictable. The controversies are supposed to serve one main purpose and that is largely the purpose of our misogyny towards change and how we love to brand others architects of change for bullying that we organise as communities right up to National Media etc; specifically it is meant to ensure whenever I finish a piece of task and Politicians gain from it, things change quickly and change all of the time because they have declared themselves evil people and are after the Monarchy and the Nation. So there is also this story that emerges from it having much to do with how people see me and how my work creates problems which I then ensure affects everybody else having no basis on reality of course; which is rather that the main problem is US led industrial espionage that targets me very violently all day long – here in the UK they are well settled with the fact I am the one with State Provided security based on surveillance, so each time they turn up to get themselves involved, corrupt it, do Wiki leaks and turn out in public places to dominate me on pretence that they are now located in positions of power they will end up complaining and nothing will save them from the results until it runs its course. We hear them at it all the time; something about how I would enjoy far greater success with what I do only if I provided them with daily energy to face the day, which of course is one of the basest ways of looking at the contents of my Books etc and one of the most destructive too; so that like the old story of my case on the problems of Women suggesting that I am saying that Men can take it and that women should be looked after, when they are complaining and mostly on such realities it therefore makes total sense; the case of the US and certain people at its backyard who know they are popular culture people and I am a Church pundit and that they can conduct their affairs without bothering me but have come to feel on the advice of their disobedient women looking for something holly to pervade for their own place in the world that it would not give them as much power if they did so. The idea that I think I must explain everything I think about and do is utterly false; there is really no such reality, the real one is that any neighbourhood I live in will have a certain degree of misogyny practiced towards me because I am a writer, it is an accurate environment for running a Book writing career from your Home but of course what happens is that a certain group of Politicians really love how I react when tax payer funds is given to them to create the idea that doing it makes people rich and those who organise it have the means by which they can make people rich through some spiritual force or another, while the media takes advantage of the vandalism at Government to place me on the benefits system and ensure I pay attention to it, to make them famous and extricate a process where I ended up in a  gang with my great brain to Marshall ways of fighting to make them feel safe like women; so no part of what I have just said is amusing and there will be no problems when Male journalists especially put an end to turning up on Media as gangs that exist for the sole purpose of extricating a nice little earner from my Public life because they must enjoy life and earn the respect of their stupid families and I actually do not matter when they are important and need these things in such ways etc; so they do say I block off the left hand side and the right hand side and yes I did and they can stop turning up on my Office and Royal Estate to make a few thousands for eating snacks and enjoying life and ripping up things here or they can do it again in the next 24 hours and they can also pretend it will suffice to make out I am under the influence of some incredibly foolish women who want to take up my life and run it for me and keep the best bit for themselves and stupid families while they are at it too. I do not think I need to justify what I think about or explain it; it rather sometimes become difficult to manage a personality that means I am juggling my Business and academic work with a process of making people feel their own violent distractions; it’s always all manageable until Politicians spend tax payer funds on them to give them a resolve and rip up my finances to put me on benefits in order to build their confidence sky high while they find ways of getting into peoples heritage to build their personal wealth to dizzying heights like they are nasty do and of course it becomes something I have to and need to handle when they get media attention on my account everyday because Journalists, Television Personalities and Popular culture goons want to provide that kind of leadership in their local communities.