Now they say I would never believe anything I am told about my future at the Monarchy which I simply cannot understand for my part. What really happens is that what The Queen says about my activities are usually motivational but if people bother the Monarch, she would decide I must have lost something important if I had not fixed the problem. What these people then do with each of those remarks is make a case out of the business of exhibiting themselves at my expense over my finances and Public image with intent to cause me some real harm all day long. They claim I am disrespectful and rude and I cannot understand it either, what I know is that this is all fall out for the consequences of them handling me abusively – the young people had to completely destroy the academic pursuits making statements at my expense on how I am supposed to tackle gangs and criminals while they passed exams at University, and I had to keep to the threats I issued and wait for them to come through at the Jobs markets as well – the society men are now the big problem, theirs is about organising pockets of meetings where they develop some violent lasciviousness that they run all day and facilitate people getting imagination up my bum with, now looking as though they needed my help to shut it down and cannot shut it down by themselves, so I am likely to give it to them too. They claim people make a lot of trouble on my behalf at the Monarchy which they don’t – the main one presently involves the Duke of Sussex where people have eventually settled up on a process of making themselves accused, judge, jury and executioner, which is then all about me as well and yes they do say every Royal with Authority faces such reality and I do as well but mine is not a matter of European Boys who are in love with Royalty getting up to all sorts, people talking about doing peoples stuff and other gimmicks concerning superiority, mine is more a matter of the fact I have to put up with the insults and abuses of Celebrities all of the time and all day long, cannot understand exactly when they transformed my Bookshop into a tool through which I got into some fighting to help them feel safer and more secure but it is quite obvious that if I were stuck somewhere running a Bookshop that got into a fight to make them feel safe and secure, there was no way of getting them hurt and killed by extremists and violent people whose life they wreck in order to develop disposition that facilitates any business which helps to teach pipsqueaks like myself a lesson and of course every time they had established a relationship with me, it was likely to be against my wishes and was always going to indicate where my money is actually located at the Market place. Then there are the rest who facilitate most of the insults, the insults about which if I did not get out of a Hermitage and take leave of the position accorded somebody who serves the Church, to tell them the only problem we had here was their insults, which can be controlled if they kept away from my concerns and their media people shut down the comments made about my Public image and Books all the time, whereby responses on my part are repeated and used by very stupid self-exhibiting fools to make themselves more important in the eyes of the Public, talking nonsense about handling me as well with a big mouth –The question however remains exactly what then is likely to happen if I did not get off my position to say so all together; so the business of people playing up the accused, judge, jury and executioner roles because of my Office does exist but the part they are referring to here has nothing to do with me, rather to do with the Duke of Sussex and the matters surrounding his activities had now been settled at this stage, however which the fall out continue – such as European boys blabbing insults at threats at me randomly on the streets, Society idiots chasing my personal life and public image over their money problems and another group of fools who want to see me find myself a partner to build a relationship that will ensure I was lesser than Sussex are still at it. At this stage Sussex have had their position well settled and it is said mine causes an interference naturally which is not really the case. It is the classic Heir and Spare issue but The Duke of Sussex believed he was doing himself a service by getting involved with all the obscurity goons in the land overseas, whom he has now left his Family for – the question here being that since The Duke of Sussex is trained soldier, they have not explained their position well enough and that way ought to know where they really belong.

The other part of this case is the matter of the so called backlash for female society matters and its never clear where this is said to have developed from either – there is no legitimate backlash in sight the last time we checked but there have been a lot of those eventuality where a handful of characters who love to skewer very important public causes to make money are taking turns and so far it’s the women sacrificing others for their men, so the supposition is that Men will be doing next turn. They claim its always one story about me after another and yes it is, since the business of giving away contents of my Books before binding it for sale is meant to have been a gift to aid matters of wealth and social inequality but has made them enemies of mine while they preached freedom instead – apart from which they say we exalt and extol women which is part of the problem and its utter rubbish as we know what happens is that when nothing goes as Nature intended, it is a situation that Men invented, such as the abusive and corrupted activities of Celebrities and the people who get imagination up their bum both having something to do with me and the way I run this Office for instance, full of idiots telling me they will take my career from me, in search for a proper and appropriate response for it thereof, we also know that when people get imagination up peoples bottoms it’s the invention of men as well, bearing in mind the outcome is the logical process of getting them to deal with the gangs and criminals – so considering men are usually more experienced with matters of family finance bases and women are usually more experienced with social life and these goons are all together making it so difficult for people that some are selling themselves in the sex industry, there is a part of violence that is being directed at women and Children which is actually acceptable, bearing in mind they also expect that when they do solve problems ins such ways and get into difficulty with some hot headed guys, it is the other party that deserves the bad press for the outcomes. I for instance may have a whole Hermitage trashed by Celebrities but I can only shut down their access to popular culture and Celebrity culture not physically handle any person, so I am hard pressed to be convinced others are facing a tougher time with female society. The truth is that when women get off chasing matters of violence, what happens is that it exposes everything that we have set out as acceptable for society which really isn’t – its usually like somebody driving down a particular road and then takes a turn into another road, knowing exactly where that road ends, continues driving down it and lets everybody knows that is what she is doing, when there are women who do this without revealing in the course of doing so, anything about what we think is right about the insanity of society which really isn’t, then any backlash from this is not worth paying attention to. This is usually where I get told I have a narrow minded view of women and its utter nonsense as I am not fooled by the fact these goons spend most of their time offering others as sacrifices to other gits who spend their time doing peoples stuff, churning peoples tummy and building crowds that tell lies as per the reasons people smell, right up to the point where random violence is encouraged and their greed knows no limits-They enjoy serving this goons at the expense of general society but above all enjoy serving at the expense of religious and morally upright people. Then there is the part that actually involves me, being that ageist have their own pack mentality as well – they hate my guts because of my response to the mess they make of my public image and business of getting imagination up my bum all the time; so they would like to be free of me except when there is a crowd to cheer them on, then they knew something about me and were going to spend it on themselves to become more important than I am, whereby its difficult to tell exactly what the appeal of serving this ones is for them as a handful of mean cunts and what part indeed they are playing in the matter, just as it is okay to be annoyed when they are offering women to these goons they really love to serve so fervently because of their greed and wickedness. My point is that the last time we checked, they expressed their unhappiness about the fact my actions had resulted in a process of making these men they love to serve, responsible for their own female society issues, just the same as the men were not pleased with them about it and I intend to keep this going.

It is now said that I am encouraged to keep hoping and working and one day I will see the results of my endeavour and this annoys me so much as it were, since its largely a matter of the battles where Americans have only recently stopped making out Men with their families were weak cunts getting on their cracked up out of my league nerves, recently latching onto the great idea that Black America does not like British while we know it’s a different story where the darker parts of their popular culture where people are trying to be better human beings was concerned. It has always been about the fact its impossible for them to show regard for the fact that if somebody had suspended their career, they had every right to return where they left it and find it how they left it, for what happens to their family finance bases – they claim that this is freedom and that we British are do-gooders for what is actually as serious as the fact we have heard the Monarch mention that people are not supposed to help poor people, since poor people do get by without their support. For my part, it has shown up here to spend 6 years of my Bookshop time on civil and criminal disobedience, completed by a process of transforming my Bookshop into something they are expecting to engage in some process of fighting to make them and their queer stupidities safe at the market place, showing no respect for the patents save such times as it was more probable that a law suit against me for being myself on account a Celebrity fool had patented bits of my life to their stupidities was likely to be successful, which was going to be the only time that the bloody idiots got to take patents seriously. So what now lies ahead is the business of taking note of those times when stories of producers who made films on my equities asked them to find out facts about me gave way to parts of my life starting to vanish from my Public image, leading to some producers making statements about how stupid Celebrities are and that should one get the hands on theirs too, there is every likelihood every part of the issues they are concerned about will be done and looked into – the one where I got to keep all Celebrities off all of my concerns, the way that I wanted to. The rest are mostly the Politicians making stupid statements about how dealing with nauseating financial complications each time they get donation money and want to be successful with the use of my Public image which their opponents want to do as well, will be stopped the way that their queer communities want it too. The most invasive however is still the idiots who work in media establishments, repeating everything I say and do to prioritise their needs and make out their temper when offended by others was gods gift to the world at my expense, blowing off the big mouth threats at me and proceeding to damage property when I deny them anything as it were and it does seem that the banging on does not bang on when either the Media had stopped handling me and my concerns or my job had joined in on the practical jokes for my own purposes as well.