It is now said that I need to watch my narrative and that it is bad and dangerous but there is nothing wrong with it in anyway whatsoever – nothing wrong with black people finding out that following me around to play practical jokes and then being the ones to build a reputation for me that I smell is very nasty and abusive and damaging stuff but which they generally do because is a push comes to shove scenario with respect to how they are to get about stopping it – same as the business of wrecking my academic work with these insulting involvement especially from the women who have men that can beat me up as well as disrespectfully as possible – same as the business of knowing that I broker equities with other companies and have a certain publicity put up for me to sell my Books with but they will show up to absorb it on media in order for the brothers and sisters to express their stupidities and pretend they have got rights. I am now dealing with financial complications alongside owning an empire for all these behaviour and some days ago I had stopped blaming myself for not looking professional enough over my Book and the sale of it because I had it all sorted out and then they did it again and turned every thing toxic which has got me to this resolution to start hurting Liberal people very intensely until this matter of their abuses and bullying and vandalism of my property and public life is no longer confusing in the mind of the public as an evil and wicked thing to do, to say the least.

Its not that I think I should be working for my fame when I am already famous as such; I already knew they were busy tearing up State provided security when I work on my public image or do anything with it, likewise tearing up public image when I was busy serving State security and National security people; so at the time it looked a good idea to stop myself looking all professional for my Book sales but now it is obvious they are simply going to create another one where I work on the Books and they tear up the finances, when I work on the finances they tear up the Books, which they can add to the above, hence there is nothing wrong with my narrative and I need to start hurting liberal people for my part as well. I really fancy the other bit where they are always performing acts that amount to people getting into trouble while any justice worked on it is transferred to them as well, making the problem spread everywhere, which adds up to the business of learning my Royal Order to fight their enemies by with none of the problems attached, just as we know they could never stop lying.

I understand it is said I have a lot of problems at the Monarchy but they are no problems in my view; it’s the story of everybody who marries into the Royal Family expecting to be Princes or Princesses which is not how it worked but generally I tend to get into trouble when I mention it, until they had created a crisis. So what we see here is their need to play up Fashion and Celebrity and Media roles since they got married into the Royal Family because Princess Diana did it as such and I am being persecuted because I am responsible for setting out the idea they were not Princes and Princesses – the fall out being their high society ageists making a mess of peoples bottoms because they want to destroy lives and careers in order to provide themselves access to the lives of talented people from where they can pinch ideas and genius to do well at work with, which gives way to those insults where people tell me I have got not my tummy sorted out but thing I am capable of anything with that big mouth they have got. They do this obviously because if the Fashion and Celebrity and Media was all about HM then they would not have gotten a share of it and I believe I have now done the business of showing why it has to be about Her Majesty in the most painful way imaginable, next stop will be when I return to the University and they followed me around again, I do suppose I might once again underestimate how seriously they take themselves for a second time round as it were. The problem is this sense that I am sharing my Royal Estate obviously, where it is either my work or a derivative of it that is showing others how to become Princes and Princesses and upgrade their positions as Dukes and Duchesses but it does not work that way, as we can see that it also means that state provided security cannot do anything for me – so it becomes obvious that whilst it is fun to play with Liberal Trouble makers and the Fashion and the Celebrity and the Media thing, being part of the Royal Family is just as challenging as getting a job at the White House if people worked in the USA. I have had my Office years before they married into the Family but the insults of their position being more important than mine it seems will not give me a single 24-Hour break for obvious reasons that they are not as it were. So as mentioned, the current plan is to tidy up and return to finish my academic work, if they follow me around again like they did before there is going to be trouble for it too. I mean I got my Estate Ex-Parté; so it was a case of meeting some brick walls and then being informed that I had to comply with what HM demanded before I could move on and for each compliance I had a door opened to me, this has built up over years to make me who I am, their insults on the other hand is a new phenomenon – such that whilst their case was a very public marriage, they are the ones who have deviated from the business of making the Country comfortable for those who came to it on State Business and doing the work of the security services to a stage where their tummy gave up on them in order to have a Royal Public image, they are the ones attacking me to play with Celebrity and Media and Fashion people lest HM has it all. The general idea being that Princess Beatrice and I will never get together and this is generally where I think they are bluffing too all together; I have allowed their Liberal stupidities play up around because they tend to win arguments and so we have cases where it speaks of wealth distribution and when given a chance spends my time preserving itself and finding somebody to oppress, so that it might be able to measure up to the rich and then become even more proficient at oppressing people, however the problem begins when I want to know what the bottom line is, whether they have by their tribalism raids made things better or worse – same as the fact what really churns my tummy is detachment from Princess Beatrice as one us need to hold the line of showing we are in a relationship at any given time and since she has completed her academic work that falls to me a lot of the time and especially when she has been detached, which has happened numerous occasions when she has gotten into a relationship with others, for some personal reasons. Then again setting out these kinds of facts makes it very clear the problem with our relationship is that I appear to be lacking in academic success, but we can see that apart from their insanity, there is nothing stopping me from taking it up in 24 Hours, having had it worked out so well they have almost detached me from HM Protection all together, whereby I am aware my work is to serve the Queen and this is how my very public image at a Public Office is created but I really needed to show that they do not scare me, which is why they have attained this stage where they fundamentally hate my guts as well i.e. next time I attend an academic institution and they followed me around or their high society vandals did, there will be trouble for it too.