I do not hold the view that British fighters who are fighting the Assad Regime in Syria are likely to become Terrorists; I know it may sound like going against UK security services but that sort of claim is placing property and information and work in the wrong places. The problem is actually that Assad is such a narrow minded individual that he cannot see that a religion where people believe that there is a set time in which you must defend, support and protect the poor will produce people that will turn up from all over the world to fight him for a sustained process of killing people, otherwise regarded in the conditions as innocent civilians. The one he knows is the part where the middle east will burn if his Government were to fall apart and yet of which it was always so easy for him to resign his office and conduct elections to avoid that – when mentioned he will claim people expect him to sacrifice much to help others in return for nothing but that would not have been the first time he had displayed clear signs he is not a professional Politician i.e. one such would be people who expect to serve under a good Politician and advance their own careers into public office and from there expect to advance into some international consignment and perhaps end up at International Communities chasing causes for the rest of their lives – if the question were to be asked that is about the exact direction Mr Assad Career is heading and most of all whom he would have been helping exactly if he resigned his office and conducted elections in Syria to tell bad companies to clear off and avoid a process where either his country or the middle east blows up? It is a matter of reaching a certain stage where you must do a certain things and then getting them done and nothing to do with helping anybody.

This story of fighters in Syria turning to terrorism I can understand is more about concerns on people being scared by the fighting there and having a disillusioned view of British society but that is as I said gathering information in the wrong places and or placing them in the wrong places as well. When a religion says a set time arrives when you should if you must put your life on the line to protect the needy and the poor and the weak, it should be seen that what people are doing in Syria against Assad will never turn them to terrorist as it is something that comes to them naturally. The only way that terrorist can turn them over would have been if they got there with heavy artillery and held them up in some way perhaps not directly and then recruited them into terrorism, in which case there is no going back after becoming one but of course they despise terrorists and terrorists would not want to recruit people who despise them on one hand and are armed as well on the other as it would make a case of grasping the air with the hands. The other way they can turn to terrorism is if the story continues to spread that they are terrorist and terrorists feel that they have been owed something, move into their ranks, play games and take things over and they cannot get out, in which case we are following that line of action of making sure it happens terribly well apparently.

Personally it blows me away that we see shops spring up all over the place in the UK and operate successfully as a result, owned by Muslims and do not wonder how they do it, except that there are rich people who are Muslims and when they do the part where you must protect the weak and the poor etc as well which their religion compulsorily stipulates, at such a time it is really easy for people to get money off them. Now for the part where I have not said anything or done anything in the middle east for some time, the reality about that is that I expect everybody else to abandon it especially the Americans, let those who are doing a better job do what they must and settle the place, I am not saying they cannot possibly have gathered their intelligence if they wanted to I am saying they need to abandon the Middle East for those who are doing a better job and that is what I am waiting for e.g. British Muslims who have gone off to take up Arms against the Assad Government in Syria are a terrorism security risks; now the question is what the single shred of truth is this, yap yap yap the stupid insolent white men and idiots with a sense of distant fascism, greed, insolence and transferred problems. So I am waiting for them to abandon it and I think I am making progress with that too.