It is to my understanding I seem to have a problem with the fact the world cannot do without the United States of America – the answer is that Americans cannot reconcile themselves to the fact that when you are a Royal Prince and nobody would hold it against you if you became a priest because you have everything you could possibly want but then set out to a certain sensibility where nobody asks you to kill anybody to protect yourself or to protect women or to get anything done because all of that would be counterproductive and even the women are showing they are not asking of it as well publicly all the time, so you put yourself to making organised crime unprofitable and earning your state office pay from selling books which is the biggest problem Americans and their British friends have. Of course I would have loved to tell them I don’t expect them to understand, I just want them to stay away from me as every insult means I cannot get around with my own crowd and not selling my books means doing government work for free as well which does create the sense that criminals are now able to see I did the wrong thing but they would have told me it’s a no can do situation on that and so I rather prefer them keeping their insults where it will  be appreciated or it is a matter we will continue to put to the test: their British friends are the ones where blacks talk about racism and Police racism all the time and do not seem to be doing that elsewhere, while their white friends will tempt me one more time and I will break their insolent British balls.

All these liberal and society men have only this one behaviour towards everybody else i.e. their body language says they want to beat you up all the time and of course they feel as though you have no right to breathe, not because there is meaning or purpose to it but because it is a trophy with which to ensure that a certain space out there is clear and ready for them to get rich with at your expense and the American ones that like to lead on it are really crazy about a certain rumble they want to have with you all the time like you are their mate or something. So it is the same story about how I am in charge and they are not and if they are complaining about my activities which beggars belief and creates wonder as to whom they expect should listen anyway in the first place; they might want to take note of how much progress we would make if they watch their filthy mouths and the things they get on media to incite their communities to do to me and my possessions wherever they find them and how the fact the only relationship they can offer others is a homosexual one fits into that so that I can get bullied by it which it seems they do not recognise they will pay for every single time it happens and of course keep their insults where it will be better appreciated and outside of my office. I mean nobody will ever be able to explain why people will consistently on a daily basis get up on National Media to tell another to say something that will make the crowd feel happy and confident within themselves, it is not as if they have an issue where the money they earn is not buying them a detachment from these people either, it’s just something they eventually find funny and think will improve their decadence, until I ensure racists and extremists are protected from problems that may end them up in prison because they exist to deal with it as well and then we hear the complains.

One is aware of course of the claim I am responsible for the detachment people feel about Politics and more so especially in the UK but of course that is another assumption that things simply happen magically whereas there are sound logical reasons behind them - such as the Labour party and its alliance with my evil attention seeking mother to extricate a process of confronting me all the time with a condition where I will face life without the fathers that is them if they do not deploy my life and career to their own ends first before I complete my academic work and settle my career and then there is the best bit where they appointed HRH Duke of York UK trade envoy in a bid to confiscate my Royal Estate - so I have only stopped short of starting a campaign and spreading leaflets about the evils of the Labour party which if I did would mean one less problem for me when they can no longer win elections which if they do not will mean I don't have to put up with that degree of their stupidities. Then there are the Scottish Independence people as well who think their actions will break my heart whereas what has really happened is a process where people have now learned to stop being complicit with such stupidities as them. Hence it is clear that in a world where people do nothing else with their time except steal and cover their tracks on traditional punishments that are used to control them by setting their victims up for it as punishment for denying them in the first place in order to seek their day on media over whose personal lives they desire to make fame and fortune with and things happen magically and people are responsible for other people’s actions, you might be forgiven for thinking it is normal when they claim you are responsible for the fact people feel detached from Politics.

Now there is that case of an illegal war in the Middle East of course which is an old story but we all know what really happens is that the US is a vast Country and the Government can only do so much for law and order and security risks – so when the South Americas and Africa is full of Tyrants, the relatives who steal government money to get rich will want to travel to the US where there is more freedom, to enjoy it and this creates more security risks that then go right up to the highest levels of government as well; so the US generally wants to keep it under control and Russia generally wants to protect its interests and both Countries cannot see each other. That said, reality is that the Russians always make the first move every time something bad happens and it’s usually around the madness of their tyrant friends too – whereby the government is friend of Russia while those who want to trade with the US can be used to persuade the west in ways the west does not wish to be persuaded and then they will claim it happens because people think Russian economic interests are free pickings but what the case is rather is one of the reasons innocent people get cut down like weed i.e. some idiot who knows nothing about business wants to have a business on the right and because he knows nothing, is certain business can only be done when Government grabs peoples market and income margins for him – while the other self-seeking goon on the left wants to climb up other people’s public image to make fame and fortune; in my case however it’s an old story where people like me are out chasing Finance Culture of Central banking which means we are insulting and have no respect for Russian power and when my bottom hurts without reason I give them a closure in return for it too and they hate my guts for that like it is at the moment and we see it all the time where the powers of Russia people cannot say anything or do anything while they keep their fingers to themselves – so in every turn they always start first and even now, what I have said about the fact there is nothing wrong with tyranny friend of Russia where there are people who want to trade with the west and the reasons for it as only pushed me three steps back from my original post and propelled them three steps forward. As for the idea Russian interests are pickings; I am doing intellectual property administration for instance and since it is a recession, that point where businesses are trying to establish relationship with consumers creates an outcome where both become the same thing because they seek the same things but only the businesses are paying and the liability is astronomical as a result and I seem to have the talent and knowledge and ability to separate the two, go to the markets and keep costs low, return to support the businesses with a bit of PR if I have any and let them transition from a condition where they are talking to Clients to a condition where they are serving them, which will mean not just recovery but that they have their own liabilities under control but this brings me nothing but bottomed out sales of Books, brings me nothing but people getting on my public image to make fame and fortune, brings me nothing but threats concerning handling a business when I should be more concerned with problems associated with people of my own race and the list is endless; we are all left wondering why they do it of course but the fact the Russians always start the provocation for these illegal wars is not something that the Media and the Celebrities and the Fashion goons can deny any longer.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland